"There is the King of Zhenbei in the north~ the wise king Wanmin congratulations."

In the tavern, a storyteller was telling the story of the King of the North.

Long before the King of the North of Zhenzhen was still young, he ran for three thousand miles on a single horse and took the head of the barbarian patriarch.

There is a major event in the nearest north.

That was exactly the massacre incident in Luocheng in Border Gate.

I heard that in Luocheng at the border gate, all men, women, children, and 100,000 people had been killed.

There is no one living in the city.

At this moment, the army of Zhenbei King arrived.

For blood feud, the Zhenbei King personally led his army and slaughtered more than 30 tribes around the border.

The barbarian's blood stained the desert.

The first level was piled up to form a huge Jingguan.

Like a mountain bag, it was placed before Luo Cheng by the Zhenbei King.

To comfort the dead souls in the city.

This matter can be said to be very happy.

Congratulations from Manmin, the virtuous king was born!

The presence of such a wise king in the north is the blessing of all people.

Xia Yan and Li Yang quietly listened to the storyteller about the deeds of King Zhenbei.

After drinking a bowl of **** soup, Li Yang's complexion was obviously improved a lot, and he muttered absent-mindedly: "So it seems that he is a good emperor."

Xia Yan glanced at Li Yang without leaving a trace, and said nothing.


On the way, Xia Yan took Li Yang all the way to Zhuolu City, the largest city in the north.

Everyone met on the way praised their king.

Here is the real people only know the king, but not the emperor.

Although the conditions are difficult, they have also developed a hearty character in the people here.

There are no twists and turns when speaking.

In the north, some people even set up an incense altar for Zhenbei King in the street, praying for Zhenbei King.

It can be said that every household has the longevity position of Zhenbei King.

Xia Yan originally thought that Li Yang would be a little bit disappointed after seeing all this, and at least he would be in a bad mood.

However, Li Yang became more cheerful along the way.

She seemed to let go of the big rock in her heart.

This child, she doesn't want to be the emperor.

This is the feeling Li Yang gave Xia Yan.

"Mr. Xia, do you think this country will be better if you change to an emperor?"

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Mr. Xia, the world you are in, your emperor?"

"We have no emperor."

"There is no emperor?!" Li Yang opened his eyes wide, full of curiosity.

What would a world without an emperor look like?

She never thought about it.

She couldn't help looking at the blue sky, which was very high that day.

What does Tianwai look like?

What does it look like in the world beyond this world?

"Mr. Xia, if I say, I want to see in your world, okay?"

Li Yang said suddenly.

Xia Yan looked at her and suddenly smiled.

"Are you the second condition?"

Li Yang closed his mouth quickly.

Three conditions.

There are only three precious conditions, how could she be willing to use them indiscriminately.

"It's better not to go." There was complexity in Xia Yan's eyes.

Li Yang didn't understand, she had no experience of Xia Yan.

When Xia Yan brought Li Yang to Zhuolu City.

Here, the prestige of Zhenbei King reached its peak.

The people on the street can't do without the virtuous king in a few words.

Especially his most recent feat, the feat of Tu Satisfaction, to watch outside Luocheng with the head of the capital.

In the minds of the people of the Dali Dynasty, it was a terrible breath.

The King of the North is here, so they can live so confidently!

The king of Zhenbei, the king of virtuous.

At this moment, a little girl in torn clothes suddenly raised a fist and hit a man with a big belly in the face.

One punch knocked the man down. The little girl was extremely fierce, and kicked the man in an unspeakable place with her foot up.

"Oh, hello~"


A strong man completely lost his fighting power and fell to the ground and shrank into a shrimp shape.

The little girl took a sip and said viciously: "Devil! Devil!"

"You are all demons!"

"Whether a virtuous king is not a virtuous king, he is the greatest demon!"

The little girl was very fierce, and after kicking the man a few times in full view, she hurried away before catching it.

Xia Yan's eyes flashed.

He could see that the little girl's dress was different from that of the Dali Dynasty.

Although it is tattered, it has a different style.


In the eyes of the barbarians, Zhenbei King was a demon, which made sense.

It was just an episode, Xia Yan didn't care too much.

He and Liyang strolled around the street until sunset before finding an inn to stay.

The two opened two rooms.

As the store frowned, Xia Yan didn't know what the store was thinking.

He shook his head.

After bringing Li Yang upstairs, Xia Yan returned to the residence by himself.

Sat cross-legged on the bed.

Originally planned to take out the treasures of heaven and earth to cultivate, but every time he went to a new place, Xia Yan would subconsciously scan the city with his spiritual knowledge first.

This is due to his vigilance over the years.

After sweeping today.

Xia Yan's eyes suddenly opened.

"Huh? It's weird..."


Xia Yan was about to go there personally, and the voice of the monkey sounded in Xia Yan's mind.

"Master, leave it to me."

"it is good."

Xia Yan closed his eyes again, sat cross-legged on the bed, and fell into a state of cultivation.

The monkey flew out of the window like a stream of light.

Under this moonlit night, the monkey's speed is very fast.

Accompanied by the moonlight, he squatted on a high eaves and looked down at a little girl who was approached by several armored sergeants in the corner of the wall.

The little girl was dressed in tatters and had a dirty face.

He looked like he was thirteen or fourteen, holding a bright dagger in his hand.

Eyes full of vigilance, full of wildness.

"Agudo, the little princess of the Rosa tribe."

"The fish that slipped through the net should be killed."

"Big brother, wouldn't it be a pity to kill so quickly."

"I looked, tusk, this small figure is still pretty good, that small waist must be very strong."

"Hehe, the third child, you are a pervert, forget it, you go first, and then call us when you are done."


Among the group of people, a grinning man walked out and walked towards Agudo.

Aguduo's eyes exploded with cold light, and said in a blunt Liyang words: "Don't come here!"

But how could it not come.

It was also wild, and the man became more excited.

He lunged at Agudo.

Agudo's dagger did not pierce the man, but pierced his chest.

"Aba and Ama, I can't avenge you, forgive me!"

In the screaming cry, the dagger almost pierced the beating heart.

The reason why Agudo stopped abruptly was because a stick suddenly fell straight down!

The stick suddenly smashed the man who rushed towards her.

A guy with a hairy face and Lei Gong's mouth, like a person, but not like a person, pinched these big guys to death.

Then he smiled at Agudo that he thought was very kind.

"Little girl, my master wants to see you."

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