Because the ending of this book was too hasty, the new book has not been promoted after it was released, mainly because I am a little ashamed.

Regarding everyone's evaluation of the plot, I have read all the rational analysis, suggestions, explanations, pointers, hatred, and personal attacks, and I accept them humbly.

The reason why I didn't reply is because I'm really sorry, maybe I really don't have the talent to write fantasy fighting, which makes people prefer to read emotional descriptions, character designs, Shura field and so on.

On the other hand, the writing of fantasy fighting in the late period did indeed have a severe lack of inspiration. Sometimes I just sat in front of the computer and didn't want to move a word, wishing to give it to the eunuch... After thinking about it, I think that the unfinished ending is better than the eunuch.

Don't mention this, let's learn from the new book, and write less things that people don't like to read.

The background setting of the new book takes place in the era of interstellar civilization after the colonization of the universe. Of course, I learned from old books, and I don’t plan to write too many grand battles unique to Galaxy operas, such as the golden fleet beating Yamato ships, and the starfish fleet cracking the earth... After all, if you don’t like reading too much fantasy from me Fighting, that probably doesn't like me writing too much sci-fi fighting.

Then write urban love daily.

Or to be more precise, it is the daily life of urban love in the context of the future.

The story begins with the remote colony planet of the human empire—Kakamahara I, a cold mining planet.

As the name suggests in the Gaotianyuan Star District, more than 90% of its resident population are islanders. But because it is currently under the jurisdiction of the empire, the official language is still the Lu language, and everyone writes in Chinese characters, so it is not considered the Tokyo-style genre that is common in Qidian light novels.

The male protagonist Chen Ziang, a member of the Lu ethnic group, is a security officer of the Sixth Division of the Public Security Department, responsible for fighting against the mysterious factors that invade reality. One of the most dangerous types is the witch who has been corrupted by the gods.

A witch, a special woman who has been in contact with the gods of the abyss because of suffering from extreme pain. The more painful they are, the stronger the power they will draw from the gods of the abyss, but it is precisely because they are too painful that most of them have serious anti-social tendencies and are time bombs of modern civilization.

As a righteous security officer, the male protagonist naturally has to fight the witch to the end in order to protect the lives of the people.

There are struggles in every sense.

This time the male protagonist is not a scumbag, because many readers have reported that the scumbag is also tired after watching the finale, so the new book wants to change to an upright, responsible, hero-type male protagonist, and the emotional conflict may be easier to write.

Guaranteed not to make mistakes in old books, try to write as many as you like.

The new book currently has 100,000 words, so you can read it if you have time.

As for the readers who are disappointed with me and don't want to read my books anymore, I'm sorry, maybe I don't have the talent in this area.

The most painful thing for people is that the dream is too ambitious but the talent does not match, so I plan to lower the goal in the new book, and do not pursue any **** parallelism. Make the most of your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and make sure to write out what you are good at first.

thank you all.

The episode "Xiu Xian" will continue to be updated, and there are probably a few more chapters left to see if the unfinished ending can be brought back.

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