As Shi Liuli expected, it was not difficult to convince Kunlun and Shushan.

What Shushan wants is to win the first place, and what Kunlun wants is to keep the leader. Neither side wants to have a real fight with the opponent, otherwise it will definitely not end well.

As for An Zhisu and Xu Yinglian, although they had already had some grudges, their relationship was not very good in the first place, and they didn't usually meet each other, so it didn't matter how much they had grudges.

At this time, I heard from Shi Liuli that after she calculated her husband's whereabouts, she immediately went back to the sect to actively lobby for a truce.

Now that Xu Yinglian is the headmaster of Kunlun and has the Chisong Immortal on the platform, he can almost make a decision in the faction. As long as Shushan is willing to cease fighting, Kunlun will not continue to fight with them, so they have to ask for an explanation.

An Zhisu, as the daughter of the head teacher, is favored by Su Jian and the Immortal Changmei. The master and the apprentice conspired in private that it would not happen overnight to shake Kunlun's prestige. Now that Shushan is on par with them, it has been proved Isn't our Shu Mountain weaker than Kunlun?

As long as there is no distinction between superiors and inferiors, such contests will be repeated several times, and the public opinion in the cultivation world will not be almost one-sidedly optimistic about Kunlun when it comes to Shushan Kunlun.

The two sides quickly reached a truce agreement, and then found Shi Liuli, asking her to explain clearly.

How can this technique of hexagrams and calculations be explained clearly? Shi Liuli was also succinct and to the point, directly saying that her husband was trapped in the Outer Demon Palace that day, everyone can see if they can work together to save him, and if they can't be saved, they will be pulled down.

"It's not that I doubt Fellow Daoist Dongyou." Xu Yinglian said coldly, "You just say that you are in any place in this cultivation world, and I will temporarily put aside the affairs of the sect and follow you this way." trip."

"However, the Demon Palace is so far away from this world. If there are no immortals accompanying it, it will be very difficult to reach it. If the calculation is wrong and you fall down instead, how will you deal with it later?"

"Mother-in-law, what are you talking about so much!" An Zhisu held the sword in one hand, "Dongyou, just lead the way. I'm in charge of Shushan, and I'll go with you to save the younger brother!"

What the hell... Xu Yinglian cursed inwardly.

You, Jiang Xiao, are a reckless man who doesn't care about his emotions, and every one of you Shushan Peak Masters is reckless. How can our Kunlun elders be so talkative, ready to leave after hearing the word "follow me"? How can I explain it when I ask in detail?

But she wasn't worried, because to go from here to the Heavenly Demon Palace, to put it bluntly - the joint efforts of the high-ranking monks from Penglai and Shushan were not enough.

The power of Kunlun is indispensable for this trip, and Shi Liuli is well aware of this, so she sighed and said:

"Fellow Daoist Qiongying, do you know that Wei Dongliu has a lady named Jiang Lian?"

"I know." Xu Yinglian said expressionlessly.

Husband raised many women outside, of course she knew about this, but she didn't ask in detail - why do you ask so many women, is it embarrassing yourself?

"That Jiang Li'an, on the surface, was born in the Heavenly Demon Dao, and the deputy suzerain of the Mortal Life Dao." Shi Liuli said, "But it is said that the real identity behind it is that he has transformed into a great self-possessed Heavenly Demon..."

"Wait!" An Zhisu hastily interrupted, "A monk from the Heavenly Demon Way is a Heavenly Demon?"

Although it sounds logical, but if you think about it carefully, there is nothing wrong with it.

"Cultivators of the Heavenly Demon Dao have always been manipulating and playing with demons for a long time. Isn't it normal for them to be bitten by the demons?" This time, an actor who loves acting came out, although it was unexpected, but it is not an anecdote."

Shi Liuli sighed and said: "All in all, it's probably because the Heavenly Demon lady saw through the truth and planned to overturn the table to monopolize her husband, so she used some means to kidnap him and tied him to the Heavenly Demon Palace."

Turning the table... Xu Yinglian and An Zhisu both fell into deep thought.

Although the husband usually stays with them twelve hours a day, it is not difficult for them to guess the truth behind it - after all, this husband does not only have twelve hours a day.

Some things, if you don’t think about it, you will feel fine, and life is still very passable; but if you think about it deeply, you will immediately have the urge to smash the situation.

Now that someone finally couldn't help messing things up, should he resent her for interrupting his rhythm of life? Or should she be thankful that she gave herself a chance to re-examine the status quo?

"In any case, let's find the senior brother first." Xu Yinglian said with a sigh.

These three women, one is called Husband, one is called Junior Brother, and the other is called Senior Brother, but they happen to be the same person, which is really unimaginable and unprecedented.

It is not difficult to talk about the sect, after all, both of them are extraordinary juniors at this time, they both have a pivotal position in the sect, and they have a lot of connections with many big bosses.

After questioning, Immortal Chisong and Immortal Changmei were willing to help, and some Elder Yuanying was willing to help.

As for the other immortals, since they are not bound by the sect after ascension, they can't force them to come to help them. Among them, the ancestor of the Guan family originally wanted to move, but An Zhisu advised him not to come— It's not that he doesn't look down on his rank, but that he is worried that he owes too much, and it won't be easy to pay back in the future.

In short, this time with Chisong, Changmei, and Wanxiang accompanying them, these three immortals would be invincible even in the realm of comprehension. There is basically no problem in entering the Demon Palace outside the sky, but the disadvantage is that they cannot fight a protracted battle.

If he is surrounded by five hundred heavenly demons and cannot escape, he will definitely fall into the sky, and there is no other possibility.

"The key to this battle is to fight blitz." Shi Liuli emphasized, "Kill to the Heavenly Demon Palace as quickly as possible, and leave after robbing people. Don't stay, don't love to fight, and don't be dragged down."

"That's natural." Chisong Immortal stroked his beard and said, "However, even if you fly at the fastest speed, you will definitely be spotted by the demon on the way."

"With the transmission speed of the Heavenly Demon, when we arrive at the Outer Demon's Palace that day, we will definitely be blocked by the Demoness who has transformed into a great free spirit. Therefore, the magic weapon to restrain the Heavenly Demon is essential."

"I have a bottle of heart-cleaning stone liquid here." Immortal Wanxiang said, "A few drops under the tongue can protect the Sea of ​​Consciousness from being eroded by demons."

"Purifying Heart Stone Fluid?" Immortal Changmei said in surprise, "Are you willing to take out that thing? I thought you planned to save it for later use in Ascension."

"The road to ascension is long and dangerous. A mere bottle is definitely not enough. It's better to use it in more valuable places." Immortal Wanxiang is free and easy.

The three immortals talked to each other, and many problems that had plagued Shi Liuli, Xu Yinglian, and An Zhisu were quickly solved in front of the immortal's rich wealth.

After all, everyone is preparing to ascend, so naturally there are countless ways to deal with the demons.

Shi Liuli also enthusiastically participated in the discussion, contributing her wisdom and not mentioning the secret cooperation with the Yaozu at all.