The latest website: A few days later, at the gate of Tianchao.

"Just a few of you?" Shi Liuli looked around.

A total of five people walked out of the moat, besides Longhu, there were also four monks, Zhuniao, Baihu, Xuangui and Canglong, but they looked strange.

"Say something quickly." Longhu said indifferently, with his tail constantly wagging behind him.

"Don't worry." Shi Liuli smiled slightly, "I came here alone, I didn't set up an ambush here."

"She's right." Feng Yan lingered around for a while, "There really wasn't an ambush."

"Thank you." Longhu thanked her with a nod, and looked at Shi Liuli again, with some surprise in his tone, "Aren't you afraid that we will turn around and attack you?"

"I'm afraid." Shi Liuli's smile remained unchanged, "But if I send a letter to invite you, it's really the dragon and fox who unified the Eastern Emperor's Realm, so I don't think he would do such a meaningless thing."

"Is it meaningless?" Feng Yan returned to Longhu's side and said with a sneer, "Not necessarily. Dongyou's divination ability is well-known in the cultivation world. If you become an enemy of my monster clan, it will cause serious trouble."

"I can't see it, but I have the potential to become the great enemy of the monster clan." Shi Liuli still smiled slightly, "But your great enemy is definitely not me."

"Oh, who is that?" Longhu asked calmly.

"In my opinion, the monster race in the Eastern Emperor Realm is not qualified to be the enemy of the human race." Shi Liuli hit the nail on the head. Haven't attacked the realm of self-cultivation?"

"Can't it be because we love peace?" Qi Yingzhu said suddenly.

Shi Liuli looked at this white tiger monk in surprise, and the other monster monks also glared at her. Qi Yingzhu knew she had said something stupid, so she quickly explained:

"No, I'm not saying that we are cowardly, maybe it's just that our internal situation is not suitable for war?"

"I guessed it a long time ago." Shi Liuli said calmly, "Although you collectively refer to the monster race, the differences, disagreements, and even hatred between different races are far greater than the relationship between you and the human race."

"Of course, maybe His Majesty can change the disunity of the Eastern Emperor's Realm in the future, just like your father did back then."

Longhu's face darkened immediately, and he heard the irony in Shi Liuli's words.

As strong as your father, in the Eastern Emperor's Realm, he can indeed fight against the human race (but what will happen to your father).

In fact, this time she decided to come to the world of comprehension to attend the appointment again, and the opposition from the monster clan princes was much louder than the first time. It was only because her father stayed behind to suppress that nothing happened.

To put it bluntly, the princes of the monster clan don't have much concern for the cultivation world. The world here may be the world their ancestors lived in, but they are completely unfamiliar to most of the monster races today, and they don't want to go to a strange world to fight to death just because of a boring idea of ​​the emperor.

"Speaking of which, where is your father?" Shi Liuli asked suddenly.

"Father didn't come over this time." Longhu replied.

If Emperor Yinglong doesn't come, it will be a bit difficult... Shi Liuli thought to himself.

As we all know, there are other huadazizai celestial demons all over the magic palace, and each of them has the strength comparable to that of an immortal.

Of course, the so-called "immortal level strength" lies in its immortality, invisibility and treachery, which are enough to make any immortal helpless, not that they can beat immortals in frontal battles.

Take the former Qibaoxuanyuan Secret Realm as an example. At that time, Qiu Changtian, who was only in the Nascent Soul Realm, was enough to kill the demon who had transformed into a self-absorbed Heavenly Demon... and then the other party was revived infinitely, almost squeezing Qiu Changtian's true essence. Dry.

Whether it is the Nascent Soul Realm or the Immortal Stage, it is actually impossible for him to be the opponent of the Great Zizai Heavenly Demon, because there is no aura outside the celestial sphere, and the true essence is limited after all. However, the difference in true essence capacity between the Immortal Stage and the Nascent Soul Realm is too large. Even considering durability, it is better to bring more immortals.

But if Emperor Yinglong can't come, I'm afraid it will be difficult to rely on your strength alone.

Shi Liuli sighed in her heart, thinking to herself, it would be good to have more strength, if not, it could be used to muddy the water in the end.

"Husband... Your name is Long Long, and he must be trapped in the Demonic Palace." She directly threw out the heavy news.

Sure enough, Longhu immediately became serious, obviously not ignorant of the Demonic Palace beyond the Sky:

"Are you sure?"

"Of course." Shi Liuli said calmly, "Doubt is meaningless. You can only trust me, you have no choice."

"But I need to be responsible for them." Longhu insisted.

"I can't explain the arithmetic to you." Shi Liuli was silent for a moment, then said, "But what I can reveal is that among his...women, there is a demon."

Longhu was speechless for a long time.

Although she has gone to the realm of comprehension to **** her husband, she is not interested in the affairs of the human world—neither is she interested in knowing how many wives her husband has, nor does she want to say hello to the sisters.

But even the Heavenly Demon dared to hook up with... It can only be said that my family Longlong has survived until now, which is indeed an unbelievable thing.

"So what we have to deal with is the Heavenly Demon." Longhu said thoughtfully.

"No, it's not just the demons." Shi Liuli said meaningfully, "You should understand what I mean."

"...You mean, let's join forces?" Longhu asked tentatively.


After Shi Liuli left, Gui Ling'er said:

"I don't think this person can be trusted."

"Penglai Cave has the ability to calculate the universe. And this kind of human monks who are good at arithmetic are almost all good at digging holes for people. In the words of our ancestors, they are 'seeking skins with tigers'. When the time comes I don't know how he died."

"What is 'seeking skin with a tiger'?" Qi Yingzhu protested, "From the perspective of racial discrimination, you will naturally feel that this is also a risk, and that is also a risk. Is it possible that these risks are all scaring yourself?"

"Sister Yingzhu is right." Qin Ye said cautiously, "I'm not saying that Sister Ling'er is too worried, but the main problem right now is... we don't have any other channels for news."

"Indeed." Feng Yan said after thinking, "The disappearance of that person is also a key secret of the major sects on the human race side, and it is impossible to get to it by ordinary means. UU Reading This Dongyou is willing to provide information. It is a rare breakthrough for us, but we must also be careful not to be fooled by her."

"We didn't have many choices, and this is also in her calculations." Longhu concluded slowly, "But she must have something to rely on us, otherwise she wouldn't have crossed the sky to communicate."

"This is collaborating with the enemy within the human race?" Feng Yan giggled, "It can be regarded as giving us a handle."

"Dongyou has a high position and authority in Penglai. No one will believe us if we instruct others to reveal it." Longhu said with a sigh, "The key is, if what she said is true."

"Then what we have to face is not only Heavenly Demon, but also competitors from Kunlun and Shushan. Adding these two sects together, it is not an exaggeration to say that they are half-human."

"Does Your Majesty have any concerns?" Qi Yingzhu asked suddenly.

"It doesn't matter anymore." Longhu gritted his teeth and said, "No matter how worried you are, you will win if you try your best!"

(end of this chapter)

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