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In the morning, he was a Qi refiner for Kunlun, and in the evening he returned to Shushan to be a sword immortal. I stole 3,000 methods from Penglai, and no one could tell me that I was a loyal traitor. There are ten thousand avenues in this world, all leading to longevity. Ordin.... Read more

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~ The new book "The Witch Receives Taste" ~ Epilogue: Work together to attack the Demon Palace (3) ~ Epilogue: Work together to attack the Demon Palace (2)

~ Epilogue: Work together to attack the Demon Palace ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in the Demon World (2) ~ Please leave, write something else by the way ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in the Demon Realm ~ None tonight! ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Penglai (2) ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Penglai ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Shushan (2) ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Shushan

~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in the Demon World (2) ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in the Demon World ~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Kunlun (2)

~ Postscript: 23 Daily Things in Kunlun ~ closing speech v10 Chapter 94 final calculation v10 Chapter 93 Chen Guanshui aware of the danger ~ headache, take a break v10 Chapter 92 merit poison v10 Chapter 91 fight v10 Chapter 90 The final stage v10 Chapter 89 spare his life for now

~ 1 day off v10 Chapter 88 3 Immortals can't fight v10 Chapter 87 3 Xiandou Guanshui v10 Chapter 86 3 factions gather strength, the demon clan arrives v10 Chapter 85 Wake up Chen Guanshui v10 Chapter 84 Fight against Heaven Raiders v10 Chapter 83 despicable decent monk v10 Chapter 82 work together v10 Chapter 81 Misunderstand v10 Chapter 80 Do it! v10 Chapter 79 The wind and the clouds meet, the night is coming v10 Chapter 78 Ambush, fair play

v10 Chapter 77 rebellious mirror v10 Chapter 76 old father gnashing his teeth v10 Chapter 75 From the dark to judge husband, dragon and fox looking for father v10 Chapter 74 The final battle, the mission begins v10 Chapter 73 Sky Throne tickets v10 Chapter 72 An Zhisu's Heart Knot v10 Chapter 71 final difficulty v10 Chapter 70 Tianmen Stone Smelting Diary v10 Chapter 69 The fox is charging v10 Chapter 68 no idea v10 Chapter 67 hidden 1000 words v10 Chapter 66 A critical attack on Junior Sister Xu

v10 Chapter 65 Junior Sister Xu can't think of a poisonous plan v10 Chapter 64 Warrior and Smart v10 Chapter 63 Picky Taiyang True Concealment Sword v10 Chapter 62 Don't even try to ascend! ~ 1 day off v10 Chapter 61 The first scene of Shura field v10 Chapter 60 Find a bad guy to borrow real money v10 Chapter 59 Arrived in the human world, just got off the plane v10 Chapter 58 He can always attract hate to himself v10 Chapter 57 tit for tat v10 Chapter 56 Junior Sister Xu is thoughtful v10 Chapter 55 Unify the Eastern Emperor and go to the human world!

v10 Chapter 54 coming v10 Chapter 53 born! v10 Chapter 52 Abduct your husband first and you will win v10 Chapter 51 of course forgive him v10 Chapter 50 Settle accounts after autumn v10 Chapter 49 Cooperate and be wary v10 Chapter 48 name rectification v10 Chapter 47 Be wary of some fairies playing emotional cards v10 Chapter 46 Free Ascension Dao Fruit v10 Chapter 45 someone playing chess v10 Chapter 44 Fortunately, I came to find Ah Jing v10 Chapter 43 Omen kills

v10 Chapter 42 honeymoon v10 Chapter 41 4 kings meeting v10 Chapter 40 A mirror, a mirror v10 Chapter 39 reunion v10 Chapter 38 An Zhisu kills with a sword, Shi Liuli comes to the rescue v10 Chapter 37 couple goodbye ~ Will be sent tomorrow v10 Chapter 36 The picture is far away Shi Liuli v10 Chapter 35 Fighting with Liuli v10 Chapter 34 10 Unforgivable People v10 Chapter 33 why save me v10 Chapter 32 Don't speculate, half a sentence is too much

v10 Chapter 31 Strength and Weakness Stone Liuli v10 Chapter 30 mud bark v10 Chapter 29 don't be human v10 Chapter 28 3 English Gathering v10 Chapter 27 block the door v10 Chapter 26 fox loading v10 Chapter 25 There is more than one co-author, right? v10 Chapter 24 check, check hard v10 Chapter 23 Is it the same person v10 Chapter 22 chicken talking to duck v10 Chapter 21 I'll give you 1 knife first v10 Chapter 20 chase and kill

~ send some heartfelt words v10 Chapter 19 Across thousands of rivers and mountains v10 Chapter 18 It must be him! v10 Chapter 17 really seems v10 Chapter 16 Today I know I am me v10 Chapter 15 Oh it's you v10 Chapter 14 huge copper pillar v10 Chapter 13 Plow Keeper ~ Lunar New Year 30, touch for 1 day v10 Chapter 12 reach a consensus v10 Chapter 11 Assault on Orthodoxy v10 Chapter 10 last 1 tablet

v10 Chapter 9 showdown v10 Chapter 8 too suspicious v10 Chapter 7 blame you v10 Chapter 6 fated day v10 Chapter 5 Alliance of Xuanwu v10 Chapter 4 love just makes people stupid v10 Chapter 3 There is no longer autumn in the world v10 Chapter 2 Kunlun Mirror also has a bottom line v10 Chapter 1 See you in the picture! v9 Chapter 135 wrong answer v9 Chapter 134 the bottom line v9 Chapter 133 i will send

v9 Chapter 132 Luo Daochang's true identity v9 Chapter 131 I'm just too responsible ~ take a day off today v9 Chapter 130 Can't miss any one wing v9 Chapter 129 exercise begins v9 Chapter 128 6 sessions v9 Chapter 127 4 Busy Wei Dongliu v9 Chapter 126 test the witch () v9 Chapter 125 Liuli is out, Luo Yan is depressed (jointly) v9 Chapter 124 Travel the Universe with Liuli (2 in 1) v9 Chapter 123 Swapping exam questions v9 Chapter 122 what is strong luck

v9 Chapter 121 1 bowl of water end level (2 in 1) v9 Chapter 120 sleek v9 Chapter 119 revenge v9 Chapter 118 Why don't you run away? v9 Chapter 117 ambush v9 Chapter 116 The **** also has the truth v9 Chapter 115 get quota v9 Chapter 114 I want to reverse my thinking v9 Chapter 113 stupid you v9 Chapter 112 think of a way v9 Chapter 111 His essence is not enough v9 Chapter 110 Get out of the way

v9 Chapter 109 Devil's Cult v9 Chapter 108 Clash of Mountains and Seas v9 Chapter 107 The strategy of besieging and killing the Taiyin sword master v9 Chapter 106 never insidious v9 Chapter 105 Insidious and cunning Ling Yunpo v9 Chapter 104 Team up and besiege Taiyin Sword Master v9 Chapter 103 Sister An is the first to go out v9 Chapter 102 make it harder for you v9 Chapter 101 Rat Thrower v9 Chapter 100 Lingyun Pojieying v9 Chapter 99 I am the head teacher v9 Chapter 98 Shushan's debt of favor

v9 Chapter 97 Send sheep to tiger's mouth v9 Chapter 96 Longhu has understood everything v9 Chapter 95 A new flaw appeared v9 Chapter 94 Sleeves v9 Chapter 93 road to ascension v9 Chapter 92 Must be Chaos Daluo Jinxian v9 Chapter 91 count you pass v9 Chapter 90 I won't pretend to be weak anymore v9 Chapter 89 He turned himself into a free demon v9 Chapter 88 Fatianxiangdi v9 Chapter 87 Fenbaoyan Secret Passage v9 Chapter 86 Omen comes

v9 Chapter 85 above the clouds v9 Chapter 84 rainstorm and stars v9 Chapter 83 Fortune Road v9 Chapter 82 Qiu Changtian predicts Wei Dongliu v9 Chapter 81 Chang Geng, what do you think? v9 Chapter 80 golden streamer v9 Chapter 79 Polaris v9 Chapter 78 7 Baoxuanyuan, the center of the sky v9 Chapter 77 Qiu Changtian trains his apprentice v9 Chapter 76 loyalty v9 Chapter 75 you will be fine v9 Chapter 74 leave without saying goodbye

v9 Chapter 73 3 bloodlines successfully merged v9 Chapter 72 Husband-seeking drama, is being booked v9 Chapter 71 the eve of parting v9 Chapter 70 Symptoms of blood pulse v9 Chapter 69 3 races mixed, His Royal Highness Dragon Fox v9 Chapter 68 Hospitality v9 Chapter 67 Entering Beiming Fanyang for the first time v9 Chapter 66 cod bay v9 Chapter 65 bluff v9 Chapter 64 coax v9 Chapter 63 Angrily arrested spy Qi Yingzhu v9 Chapter 62 west state march

v9 Chapter 61 Qi Yingzhu questioned Long Long v9 Chapter 60 The eldest princess meets Longlong by chance v9 Chapter 59 The eldest princess arrives in Xizhou v9 Chapter 58 Fox Fake Tiger v9 Chapter 57 The mountain of Qingqiu, the land of the Tianhu clan v9 Chapter 56 good son in law v9 Chapter 55 absolutely v9 Chapter 54 Running plan, start! v9 Chapter 53 Long Long, love and righteousness v9 Chapter 52 unbelievable v9 Chapter 51 connector address v9 Chapter 50 Turtle Beauty

v9 Chapter 49 showdown v9 Chapter 48 Planning to go to Beiming Fanyang v9 Chapter 47 1st shard received v9 Chapter 46 Treasure! v9 Chapter 45 ignorant of conscience v9 Chapter 44 Make a strategy v9 Chapter 43 Wandering Skyball, right? v9 Chapter 42 analyze v9 Chapter 41 sandalwood coffin array v9 Chapter 40 big monitor v9 Chapter 39 Kinsemi-ji Temple v9 Chapter 38 The hidden Buddhist temple, patching the sky fragments

v9 Chapter 37 mission impossible v9 Chapter 36 Jiang witch wants to be a good mother, Wei Mojun goes to the meeting in hell v9 Chapter 35 white face and red face v9 Chapter 34 shouldn't you be v9 Chapter 33 hold for a while v9 Chapter 32 Sister, you don't want to either v9 Chapter 31 1 bowl of water to level v9 Chapter 30 Catch the ducks on the shelves, forcing Qingheng to make babies v9 Chapter 29 what a good boy v9 Chapter 28 This son also has a talent for teaching v9 Chapter 27 Luo Yan, you have to shoulder Penglai's Taoism. v9 Chapter 26 I'm the man who wants to save the world

v9 Chapter 25 Grab prestige with Qiu Changtian v9 Chapter 24 Elder Jing Yun, famous for Penglai v9 Chapter 23 Longhua Returning Yuan Great Array v9 Chapter 22 Luo Yan's History v9 Chapter 21 broken v9 Chapter 20 Blood Puppets and Ancient Dragons v9 Chapter 19 I'm all for Tiangong v9 Chapter 18 Prisoner's Well v9 Chapter 17 Make you happy first v9 Chapter 16 teach each other v9 Chapter 16 Master the enemy's skills to control the enemy v9 Chapter 15 it's unreasonable

v9 Chapter 14 I'll take a break too v9 Chapter 13 Ting Ruo city v9 Chapter 12 long-awaited v9 Chapter 11 bully the small v9 Chapter 10 Elder Chang Geng, start! v9 Chapter 9 don't joke v9 Chapter 8 war is over v9 Chapter 7 surprise attack v9 Chapter 6 prodigal old lady v9 Chapter 5 Shi Yao v9 Chapter 4 The history of Jiaolong 1 family v9 Chapter 3 Is the surname Qi or Lu?

v9 Chapter 2 Jiaolong's Dragon Dragon v9 Chapter 1 Favored by many parties, hot v8 Chapter 97 scramble v8 Chapter 96 Bury the little white dragon alive v8 Chapter 95 Go straight to Huanglong v8 Chapter 94 do you have any idea v8 Chapter 93 Su Ming help me v8 Chapter 92 Simply invincible v8 Chapter 91 A mirror save me v8 Chapter 90 Guarantee all day v8 Chapter 89 Help a cheap master v8 Chapter 88 Nascent Soul 3 Disasters

v8 Chapter 87 I want you to help me break through v8 Chapter 86 How to wake up someone who is pretending to be asleep v8 Chapter 85 relive old dreams v8 Chapter 84 message v8 Chapter 83 no sympathy v8 Chapter 82 no cloud dream sword box v8 Chapter 81 I'm injured v8 Chapter 80 grab v8 Chapter 79 Wei Dongliu's Reasoning v8 Chapter 78 This demon is a fairy again ~ post later v8 Chapter 77 witch killer

v8 Chapter 76 dragon turtle monster v8 Chapter 75 Basalt Temple v8 Chapter 74 what about me v8 Chapter 73 Yunmeng Zeguo v8 Chapter 72 what is self-defeating v8 Chapter 71 Sword Master of Taiyin v8 Chapter 70 Reunited with Lady Jiang v8 Chapter 69 The leader of the Wei alliance called the heroes again v8 Chapter 68 Jiang Li secretly received 2 sisters v8 Chapter 67 installment ~ not yet written v8 Chapter 66 artificial fairyland

v8 Chapter 65 block the door v8 Chapter 64 maiden gang v8 Chapter 63 6 truce, the alliance leader is done v8 Chapter 62 Yuan Yang is not here, A Jing is upset v8 Chapter 60 Your own path is most important ~ Finally got it! v8 Chapter 59 The opposite side of Xu Shimei ~ Today and tomorrow 2 days, for the time being 1 update v8 Chapter 58 torn mask v8 Chapter 57 Autumn Changtian alone fights the group of demons v8 Chapter 56 explosion in situ ~ i just got home

v8 Chapter 55 have to talk about feelings v8 Chapter 54 Silly geese line up v8 Chapter 53 dragon fake phoenix v8 Chapter 52 Smuggling Fengyan over v8 Chapter 51 For the general's attitude v8 Chapter 50 Chain Map v8 Chapter 49 Siege v8 Chapter 48 Qin Hao with a headache v8 Chapter 47 drill camp ~ National Day to go back home to get married v8 Chapter 46 who goes who stays v8 Chapter 45 numb the ears and eyes

v8 Chapter 44 advance by retreat v8 Chapter 43 if i expected v8 Chapter 42 Can't believe it, Long Long v8 Chapter 41 being taught v8 Chapter 40 I personally command the frontline battlefield v8 Chapter 39 take over command authority v8 Chapter 38 Why don't I take command v8 Chapter 37 His Royal Highness Fengyan has already appointed v8 Chapter 36 inventory receipt v8 Chapter 35 Sword Master Luo Yan v8 Chapter 34 take it and play v8 Chapter 33 It's Shennongding

v8 Chapter 32 Invest in advance v8 Chapter 31 The Discourse Controversy in the Controller Circle v8 Chapter 30 Shennong Ding v8 Chapter 29 fire cave v8 Chapter 28 beast v8 Chapter 27 Peacock Rayan v8 Chapter 26 Yu Chenlei v8 Chapter 25 Ten Thousand Miles Water Vessel God Line Formation v8 Chapter 24 see also talisman v8 Chapter 23 7 Treasures v8 Chapter 22 Mystery sign? v8 Chapter 21 two-way channel

v8 Chapter 20 World map of red dust v8 Chapter 19 A cheap dragon doesn't deserve to be treasured ~ post later v8 Chapter 18 It is actually the innate 5 lines of divine light v8 Chapter 17 Luo Yan wants to defend Taoism v8 Chapter 16 Shennong Ding v8 Chapter 15 I already told my father! ~ delay for a while v8 Chapter 14 Are you still in the dark? v8 Chapter 13 Teachers and students are kind ~ Update delayed tonight v8 Chapter 12 Need to recharge

v8 Chapter 11 Shushan ancestor worship ceremony v8 Chapter 10 Taiyin sword master top quack v8 Chapter 9 The headmaster resigns, the immortal resigns v8 Chapter 8 well chopped v8 Chapter 7 split Emei v8 Chapter 6 Burning the essence, Su Ming is proud v8 Chapter 5 teach you a spell v8 Chapter 4 almost got it v8 Chapter 3 make a choice v8 Chapter 2 Betrayal from Shushan v8 Chapter 1 very strange expansion v7 Chapter 97 Execution of Sister An

v7 Chapter 96 Still put water on the wife v7 Chapter 95 Wei devil fights Phoenix fairy v7 Chapter 94 Everyone's gone, still planning here v7 Chapter 93 Rescue the Shura Road v7 Chapter 92 Wei Juzuo's sharp assessment of the situation ~ Unstable update tomorrow v7 Chapter 91 Ginger witch's whim v7 Chapter 90 Invite Alliance Leader Wei back! v7 Chapter 89 savage asura road v7 Chapter 88 Designated to have your good fruit to eat v7 Chapter 87 Immortal shot, too illusory mirror v7 Chapter 86 How can there be no end to the succession

v7 Chapter 85 Taixiao Thunder Dragon, won the 3rd game v7 Chapter 84 never fail v7 Chapter 83 Blessed to the soul, one is the same v7 Chapter 82 Trapped beasts still fighting, pretending not to support v7 Chapter 81 I have a secret method that can restrain the real Chang Gung v7 Chapter 80 The first battle was won with ease v7 Chapter 79 Qiu Changtian set off on his own expedition v7 Chapter 78 Junior Sister Xu confesses her heart v7 Chapter 77 United Shushan! v7 Chapter 76 Substitute tactics, right? v7 Chapter 75 take it hard v7 Chapter 74 Wei Wei's evil plan

v7 Chapter 73 Kunlun must make the next move v7 Chapter 72 Wei Dongliu, the leader of the 6 Dao Alliance v7 Chapter 71 The **** witch fights for her husband v7 Chapter 70 Persuade 2 words, cooperation is reached v7 Chapter 69 Wei Dongliu's domineering battle v7 Chapter 68 A man's conscience and bottom line v7 Chapter 67 Tiannan Xu Family's Counterattack v7 Chapter 66 Indecisive autumn long day v7 Chapter 65 Four major families of Kunlun v7 Chapter 64 dump object v7 Chapter 63 Sister Xu is my secretary v7 Chapter 62 The battle between the righteous and the devil, led by Chang Geng

v7 Chapter 61 Return to Eastern State v7 Chapter 60 save, but not all v7 Chapter 59 Long Long who walks for the sky v7 Chapter 58 green hell v7 Chapter 57 Marsh v7 Chapter 56 reunion deceased v7 Chapter 55 How did Ah Jing feel so jealous? v7 Chapter 54 forbidden experiment v7 Chapter 53 Long Long's Speech Ability v7 Chapter 52 Longlong's escape plan v7 Chapter 51 Calmly into the ambush circle v7 Chapter 50 guerrilla warfare

v7 Chapter 49 East Emperor Demon Realm, the eve of war v7 Chapter 48 Wei Dongliu's biggest crisis v7 Chapter 47 Can't beat me, Lord Wei Damo v7 Chapter 46 flexible v7 Chapter 45 Wei Dongliu takes the test v7 Chapter 44 Wei Zongzhu has experience in dealing with women's quarrels v7 Chapter 43 Heart-warming, online provocation v7 Chapter 42 Wei Dongliu's Sharp Review 3 Qing v7 Chapter 41 Borrowing a sword, not giving a sword v7 Chapter 40 Lady Jiang is not Lady Stone v7 Chapter 39 Fairy warning, Luo Yan wakes up v7 Chapter 38 Luo Yanqiao vs. Shi Liuli

v7 Chapter 37 kill to the end v7 Chapter 36 Husband and wife mixed murder v7 Chapter 35 Shi Liuli is ready to kill v7 Chapter 34 Too much archive is easy to get confused ~ take a day off tonight v7 Chapter 33 Shi Liuli's Doubt v7 Chapter 32 Shi Liuli's dislike v7 Chapter 31 I am the master of the workshop v7 Chapter 30 Ling Yunpo was promoted smoothly v7 Chapter 29 A mirror, you can't v7 Chapter 28 Ancient secrets, who can tell v7 Chapter 27 get the witness

v7 Chapter 26 What the brother said is correct v7 Chapter 25 Subconsciously, I have a good feeling v7 Chapter 24 Suspected victim appeared v7 Chapter 23 Turn back to Shushan and persuade senior sister v7 Chapter 22 no reward, no punishment v7 Chapter 21 this is a fool v7 Chapter 20 The Law of Huapeng v7 Chapter 19 Round 1 successfully concluded v7 Chapter 18 I know the first 3 v7 Chapter 17 Successfully advanced! v7 Chapter 16 nothing against you at all ~ post later

v7 Chapter 15 bust your invincibility myth v7 Chapter 14 I told you earlier that it was me v7 Chapter 13 Use the rules to play rascals v7 Chapter 12 The perfect game-breaker v7 Chapter 11 Junior Sister Xu wants to win the situation v7 Chapter 10 The Test of Refining the True Monarch v7 Chapter 9 Golden Gate Mystery v7 Chapter 8 grab a copy v7 Chapter 7 Miss Shi, slightly famous v7 Chapter 6 Eye contact, the mountain of Western China v7 Chapter 5 Meet the headmaster, take back Guan Zhan v7 Chapter 4 Feathering ceremony, the breath of Tao

v7 Chapter 3 It's time for you to know v7 Chapter 2 fight v7 Chapter 1 Tsundere never retreats v6 Chapter 94 Turning back to Kunlun, the clue is finally revealed v6 Chapter 93 Two little ladies, put your arms together v6 Chapter 92 Hermaphrodite, the Golden Que v6 Chapter 91 An old friend appears, the lady is suspicious v6 Chapter 90 Bone-watching secret method, blind eyes ~ update later v6 Chapter 89 Interpretation is not allowed v6 Chapter 88 Wei Dongliu's Thought v6 Chapter 87 The kung fu pool is wrecked

v6 Chapter 86 Everyone has practice v6 Chapter 85 Soaring Prestige, Sect Master Wei v6 Chapter 84 All monks 1 treated equally v6 Chapter 83 Deity 1 is responsible v6 Chapter 82 War is coming, both sides are v6 Chapter 81 go to war v6 Chapter 80 Signs of an approaching storm v6 Chapter 79 fox cliché v6 Chapter 78 smashing stones v6 Chapter 77 blackmail turtle v6 Chapter 76 Confidence is not yet in place v6 Chapter 75 Dragon Diplomatic Ambassador

v6 Chapter 74 higher price tag v6 Chapter 73 Grade 2 Jindan, a real person in Dongyou v6 Chapter 72 Miss Shi, start the tribulation v6 Chapter 71 Reunion of old friends, breaking through the bottleneck v6 Chapter 70 Senior sister is too strong, please help junior sister v6 Chapter 69 Discrimination, blatantly v6 Chapter 68 Inheriting the Fa from Master and Ancestor, Splashing the Sky v6 Chapter 67 I don't eat your set v6 Chapter 66 Eating alone is a big failure v6 Chapter 65 An Zhisu Wants Senior Sister Dignity v6 Chapter 64 Lock demon guards, close family affairs v6 Chapter 63 Survival of God and Consummation, Looking for Opportunities

v6 Chapter 62 Return to Kunlun, follow-up waves v6 Chapter 61 Luo Yan, please don't catch me! v6 Chapter 60 Taixiao Thunder Dragon, floating light and golden fire v6 Chapter 59 The ancient temple of the cardinal, the statue of the treasure v6 Chapter 58 Donghua Ruins, Junior Sister's Mind v6 Chapter 57 Arithmetic master, detect clues v6 Chapter 56 The madams meet, they don't know each other v6 Chapter 55 Above the East China Sea, looking for relics v6 Chapter 54 Ancient sect, Donghua lost track v6 Chapter 53 Lost Dog 2 Senior Brother v6 Chapter 52 Wei Dongliu, the enemy of the world v6 Chapter 51 good fox

v6 Chapter 50 confidantes never imagined v6 Chapter 49 an unimagined path v6 Chapter 48 The hungry are here too! v6 Chapter 47 The debt collector is here! v6 Chapter 46 The fox and turtle fight, the feather clan visits v6 Chapter 45 Enlighten the dragon and fox, talk in the secret room v6 Chapter 44 Dragon tortoise double cultivation, Beiming magic v6 Chapter 43 Autumn and Wei 2 people, there must be a fight v6 Chapter 42 Reunite 5 Mountains v6 Chapter 41 First attack Hogenji v6 Chapter 40 just today, just today v6 Chapter 39 Absolute Immortal Sword Array, 5 units show their power

v6 Chapter 38 Shock and frighten 3 factions, return to the station v6 Chapter 37 Wei Dongliu's Heavenly Demon Dafa v6 Chapter 36 Sort out the main line and master the sect v6 Chapter 35 I got engaged, so suddenly v6 Chapter 34 The magic way gathers, the immortal sword belongs v6 Chapter 33 eat a fairy v6 Chapter 32 Every life is great again! v6 Chapter 31 Mysterious characters, only riddles v6 Chapter 30 I think the relationship can go a step further v6 Chapter 29 Demo, want to play with me? v6 Chapter 28 Crematorium Chasing Wife v6 Chapter 27 Self-generating Jiang Li Dark

v6 Chapter 26 The free demon, the dark witch v6 Chapter 25 Unrepentant **** witch v6 Chapter 24 Major crisis **** witch v6 Chapter 23 Forming Dan hinders the **** witch v6 Chapter 22 Impact 2nd grade stone glaze v6 Chapter 21 scheming stone glaze v6 Chapter 20 Zhizhu is holding stone glass v6 Chapter 19 What do you want v6 Chapter 18 Ling Yunpo revives his fighting spirit v6 Chapter 17 you thought it was on the 2nd floor v6 Chapter 16 fairy fight v6 Chapter 15 drought

v6 Chapter 14 shark v6 Chapter 13 only shark v6 Chapter 12 must fight v6 Chapter 11 On Qingluo Peak, people visit v6 Chapter 10 Returning to Shushan, the magic religion adapts v6 Chapter 9 1/4 Zhuxian Sword Formation v6 Chapter 8 Returning to Shushan is the only way v6 Chapter 7 can't help protect v6 Chapter 6 Elder Iron Vein, chase after 0 miles v6 Chapter 5 Run late v6 Chapter 4 Brothers come to help v6 Chapter 3 Infinite Immortal Sword

v6 Chapter 2 Yamanaka secret valley v6 Chapter 1 Westward Expedition Plateau ~ leave tonight v6 Chapter 97 Wonderful Dragon Boat Festival Competition v6 Chapter 96 Has become immortal Wei Dongliu v6 Chapter 95 Who is coveting my wife? v6 Chapter 94 Phoenix Feather Arrow v6 Chapter 93 Crazy Dragon v6 Chapter 92 Xiangjiang Water Market v6 Chapter 91 eloquent and eloquent v6 Chapter 90 Why did you suddenly become Xiangjun? v6 Chapter 89 fireworks

v6 Chapter 88 logical reasoning in autumn v6 Chapter 87 The unique thoughtfulness of autumn days v6 Chapter 86 Phoenix's Egg v6 Chapter 85 Re-entering the Queen Mother's Secret Realm v6 Chapter 84 Can't think of it? v6 Chapter 83 Kirin Chasing Dragon v6 Chapter 82 emergency treatment v6 Chapter 81 scream v6 Chapter 80 each with his own mind v6 Chapter 79 tit for tat ~ 1 day off tomorrow v6 Chapter 78 Your patriarch is Xun

v6 Chapter 77 Long Long is taking a political class v6 Chapter 76 Is it a new character again? v6 Chapter 75 storm is coming v6 Chapter 74 killer v6 Chapter 73 End of secret passage, mezzanine wall v6 Chapter 72 Explore and be jealous v6 Chapter 71 Secret Underpass, Hidden Map v6 Chapter 70 Sea Splitting Tide Crossbow v6 Chapter 69 The city of all demons, the city of dragons v6 Chapter 68 The power of the fox v6 Chapter 67 You have been seen through by me v6 Chapter 66 Ginger witch, unemployed again

v6 Chapter 65 Northern Yin demon, yin demon filthy v6 Chapter 64 Tongxuan's collection of books, all along the way v6 Chapter 63 The first step of the revival of the sect v6 Chapter 62 3 pattern decree v6 Chapter 61 This son must not stay v6 Chapter 60 The fairy has decided v6 Chapter 59 It's up to you to be the co-owner of the 6 ways v6 Chapter 58 self-regulating stone glaze v6 Chapter 57 kiss up Shi Liuli v6 Chapter 56 Self-improvement stone glaze v6 Chapter 55 eloquent stone glass v6 Chapter 54 Temperament big change stone glass

v6 Chapter 53 dragon loses its head v6 Chapter 52 Difficult to see v6 Chapter 51 consume him v6 Chapter 50 Luo Yan, prepare to cross the robbery! v6 Chapter 49 Senior Sister An, transcend the tribulation! v6 Chapter 48 The old father-in-law's sending proposition v6 Chapter 47 round mirror, round face v6 Chapter 46 Avenue of Time, Heyuan Clean Bottle v6 Chapter 45 Cloud Sea and Sky, Genting Shrine v6 Chapter 44 articulate, eloquent v6 Chapter 43 Act, act! v6 Chapter 42 into the phoenix

v6 Chapter 41 I paid a lot for my sister v6 Chapter 40 Weird blood knife, almost capsized v6 Chapter 39 Poyun Sword Immortal, Transcends Tribulation begins v6 Chapter 38 Should be pity to cross the calamity, brother protect the law v6 Chapter 37 Electron mother flows gold, Chang Geng takes treasure v6 Chapter 36 Brothers are taught, sisters dance v6 Chapter 35 Leizhanghai Town, evil spirits robbery clouds v6 Chapter 34 The Story of the Moon in the Looking Glass v6 Chapter 33 You can reflect on it! v6 Chapter 32 The call from the King's Court of Ten Thousand Demons v6 Chapter 31 little fox v6 Chapter 30 little fox crossing the robbery

v6 Chapter 29 Gui Linger's Covenant v6 Chapter 28 Building a human paradise in hell v6 Chapter 27 Mysterious Hell Road Station v6 Chapter 26 first entry to hell v6 Chapter 25 The new apprentice sister of Tiangongfang? v6 Chapter 24 Return to Penglai, Immortals visit v6 Chapter 23 Ah Jing's Psychological Counseling Class v6 Chapter 22 Inquiries are all cancers ~ Update delayed tonight v6 Chapter 21 I choose to ask Qingliu because I have great love v6 Chapter 20 There is something wrong with Mrs. v6 Chapter 19 Say NO to Shura Field

v6 Chapter 18 The mirror sword is a traitor, repaying the kindness v6 Chapter 17 Meet the immortals, bright future v6 Chapter 16 The future of Kunlun, leave it to my... v6 Chapter 15 Heart as steel, calm v6 Chapter 14 Temples and Temples, Infernal Hell v6 Chapter 13 Get the shards, only 1 piece away v6 Chapter 12 can kill you v6 Chapter 11 Return to Dragon Island v6 Chapter 10 The establishment of Beiming Fanyang v6 Chapter 9 can you treat me v6 Chapter 8 My Longlong is really invincible. ~ Update delayed tonight

v6 Chapter 7 Someone is eyeing my fox again v6 Chapter 6 1 new shard of the Kunlun Mirror v6 Chapter 5 Bizarre script, linking past and present v6 Chapter 4 I, Longlong, will never breed v6 Chapter 3 Long Long! I want you to join the house of the turtle! v6 Chapter 2 Longlong dinner v6 Chapter 1 Noble Jindan Realm Flood Dragon v5 Chapter 107 No blue, to die! v5 Chapter 106 The yin exorcises sin, the sun exterminates sin v5 Chapter 105 The calamity is over! v5 Chapter 104 5 lines of tribulation thunder, various changes v5 Chapter 103 cross the calamity

v5 Chapter 102 Penglai reward, what is it? v5 Chapter 101 Kunlun took treasure and went to Shushan again v5 Chapter 100 The teacher and the apprentice are deeply in love, touching each other v5 Chapter 99 Sanskrit sings the wonderful sound, prepares for the calamity v5 Chapter 98 The big competition is over, the dark child of the demon religion v5 Chapter 97 I have too many cards v5 Chapter 96 A fool without a teacher v5 Chapter 95 1 word of anger, 1 word of joy v5 Chapter 94 Preparing for Game 2 v5 Chapter 93 The first game ~ Update delayed tonight v5 Chapter 92 finally 800 years

v5 Chapter 91 Chief Qiu Da is shining v5 Chapter 90 long overdue autumn aerial ~ The update at noon tomorrow will be posted in the evening v5 Chapter 89 The most difficult to accept the grace of beauty v5 Chapter 88 I'm not blue anymore v5 Chapter 87 Born Sword Heart, Sword Heart v5 Chapter 86 Miss Shi's test v5 Chapter 85 your big brother or your big brother v5 Chapter 84 Sister An's eyes suddenly sharpened v5 Chapter 83 I don't know the age v5 Chapter 82 Shi Dinghui knows Luo Yan v5 Chapter 81 No. 0 lottery

v5 Chapter 80 Repeatedly hopping ~ There may only be one update tomorrow v5 Chapter 79 Master's vision is accurate v5 Chapter 78 She hates me, she has me in her heart v5 Chapter 77 Gambler's End v5 Chapter 76 Shi Liuli first entered Baiyujing v5 Chapter 75 Miss Shi should repay her kindness v5 Chapter 74 Sister An is being calculated to death v5 Chapter 73 Look, the cards are played like this v5 Chapter 72 Back and forth with Junior Sister Xu v5 Chapter 71 Sister, you actually lied to me v5 Chapter 70 And tell your brother to wash his neck

v5 Chapter 69 I went back and forth with Sister An v5 Chapter 68 Back and forth with Miss Shi v5 Chapter 67 Sister An's crushing bureau v5 Chapter 66 Shushan Comments on World Heroes v5 Chapter 65 Top 12 Bai Yujing v5 Chapter 64 The script has been arranged v5 Chapter 63 deja vu who is back v5 Chapter 62 Warm wine chops Bilian v5 Chapter 61 are old acquaintances v5 Chapter 60 Taiqing Xuanmen Invisible Sword Qi v5 Chapter 59 Sister An is very upset v5 Chapter 58 Unyielding people set Ling Yunpo

v5 Chapter 57 Witch's mind, senior sister swears v5 Chapter 56 Demon Buddha Yu Shen v5 Chapter 55 monk confrontation ~ Delayed update today v5 Chapter 54 inquire about news v5 Chapter 53 I owe you 1 life v5 Chapter 52 I want you to be busy! v5 Chapter 51 i cry v5 Chapter 50 Return to Shiping Mountain and train 2 disciples v5 Chapter 49 touch the top with the hand ~ Delayed update tonight v5 Chapter 48 You have a big misunderstanding

v5 Chapter 47 The patriarch is really not good v5 Chapter 46 Since ancient times, the fox girl is passionate v5 Chapter 45 learn to be grateful v5 Chapter 44 Long Long, you have to be strong v5 Chapter 43 If you still want to hug the fox v5 Chapter 42 Tricky Tu Shanjun v5 Chapter 41 What to do when the mother comes v5 Chapter 40 This lady is very careful v5 Chapter 39 3 swords against 2 swords, crushing An Zhisu v5 Chapter 38 Incarnation outside the body, the third flying sword v5 Chapter 37 If Sister An learns the truth v5 Chapter 36 Senior Sister No. 1 I No. 2

v5 Chapter 35 My Nursing Sister v5 Chapter 34 What, this thing again? v5 Chapter 33 I'll practice with my apprentice and brother later v5 Chapter 32 Before the big competition, the headmaster gave instructions v5 Chapter 31 Taishang's Secret Tripitaka v5 Chapter 30 Miss Shi did it again v5 Chapter 29 Miss Ah Jing Kuang Sweeps Stone v5 Chapter 28 Roy has decided v5 Chapter 27 what is speech v5 Chapter 26 Master is also old Lu Xun v5 Chapter 25 Shi Liuli also wants to participate in the competition v5 Chapter 24 Bustling Tongxuanmen

v5 Chapter 23 Ginger witch talks about heroes in the world v5 Chapter 22 red and white petals v5 Chapter 21 On the banks of the Forgotten River, giant vines v5 Chapter 20 The land of Fengdu, the gate of hell v5 Chapter 19 The secluded realm of Huangquan, the flower on the other side v5 Chapter 18 Mining is risky v5 Chapter 17 so many girls v5 Chapter 16 Tianyuan 1 Qi Sword v5 Chapter 15 Returning to the mother's family, the legacy of the ancestors v5 Chapter 14 Phoenix Fairy, Bloodline Awakened v5 Chapter 13 so cute v5 Chapter 12 One more kiss, okay?

v5 Chapter 11 archaeology makes people happy v5 Chapter 10 Xu Shimei's poor acting skills v5 Chapter 9 The king is not angry v5 Chapter 8 Team must bring: Junior Sister v5 Chapter 7 Prepare for the big competition, temporary reinforcement ~ Update delayed tonight v5 Chapter 6 Xu's Mind Reading v5 Chapter 5 Emotional intelligence increased this time v5 Chapter 4 Junior sister challenge me again v5 Chapter 3 never admit defeat v5 Chapter 2 take your sister v5 Chapter 1 The leeks are feeding back!

v4 Chapter 84 The Hope of Canglong 1 Clan: Longlong v4 Chapter 83 No one knows the backing better than me v4 Chapter 82 From today, you are our dragon v4 Chapter 81 Leaving the secret realm and entering the Longtan again v4 Chapter 80 The secret realm must have its exit v4 Chapter 79 Fuso Sacred Tree, Hidden Room v4 Chapter 78 Tall, handsome and omniscient v4 Chapter 77 I'm on a desert island with a fox v4 Chapter 76 Hidden formation, long distance transmission v4 Chapter 75 Delve deeper, strange caverns v4 Chapter 74 Huo Yuan Zhen Gang, roaring v4 Chapter 73 The first adventure of the dragon and the fox

~ Update delayed tonight v4 Chapter 72 The commission of the Golden Crow 1 v4 Chapter 71 Directions to Zhongzhou v4 Chapter 70 Shushan's rescuers are here! ~ leave tomorrow v4 Chapter 69 Teacher teach me v4 Chapter 68 Ancient Ruins, Underground Giant Trees v4 Chapter 67 Drive away tigers and devour wolves, poison dragon nests v4 Chapter 66 The 8 hexagrams of the cloud are divided, and the gun is cast on the spot v4 Chapter 65 Double sword strike, run smoothly v4 Chapter 64 I can deceive my peers, but I can't deceive my sister v4 Chapter 63 Daoye real person, crazy sword fairy

v4 Chapter 62 High-end circle, indistinctly taking shape v4 Chapter 61 Deep pool water hyacinth, 0 calamus v4 Chapter 60 Giant Tree Rift, Cyan Mist v4 Chapter 59 Tujia village, familiar v4 Chapter 58 hateful! The sister is anti-guest v4 Chapter 57 To change senior sister, start with teaching by words and deeds v4 Chapter 56 Ling's 3 tricks, self-defeating v4 Chapter 55 New Year's Eve, teach senior sisters v4 Chapter 54 The world is bustling, all for profit v4 Chapter 53 Fearless in the face of danger, wisdom and courage v4 Chapter 52 Cooperate with the performance v4 Chapter 51 Hands of life and death

v4 Chapter 50 Generous sharing, mutual affection v4 Chapter 49 Arrive early, start counting v4 Chapter 48 Which is the real voice? v4 Chapter 47 Read the file Wei Mojun, complete the closed loop v4 Chapter 46 Refining Yangxia Zhu Mingdan v4 Chapter 45 Articulate and articulate, Luo Yan's mouthpiece v4 Chapter 44 Returning to Penglai, Shocking Master v4 Chapter 43 It's impossible to say, madly inhaling European gas v4 Chapter 42 Lianshan treasure house, soil maze v4 Chapter 41 run away v4 Chapter 40 Troubled Southbound v4 Chapter 39 Tiangong 0 treasure bag

v4 Chapter 38 It's up to you v4 Chapter 37 Miss Shi is furious! v4 Chapter 36 Performance v4 Chapter 35 unexpected appearance v4 Chapter 34 bell, blood formation v4 Chapter 33 Shrine of the Bone v4 Chapter 32 Yangxia Zhu Mingdan v4 Chapter 31 Flying Yaksha v4 Chapter 30 Return to Longshan Mountains v4 Chapter 29 Kunlun Daily v4 Chapter 28 ups and downs v4 Chapter 27 I'm not holding back

v4 Chapter 26 Persistent people set up a quick brush strategy v4 Chapter 25 Feather in the world is 1 v4 Chapter 24 Go north along the river v4 Chapter 23 Relying on water to build trust v4 Chapter 22 Men's Promise! v4 Chapter 21 little fox needs education v4 Chapter 20 Insatiable greed, bargaining v4 Chapter 19 0 Flower Valley, flying disaster v4 Chapter 18 East Emperor Realm, it is imperative v4 Chapter 17 Sword-hunting action, so far v4 Chapter 16 The Obsession of the Last Sun Sword Master v4 Chapter 15 Traditional words are useless for him

v4 Chapter 14 Donghuangjiemen, various attempts v4 Chapter 13 where is my sister v4 Chapter 12 The ancient saying of the dragon clan, the senior sister comes out of the forest v4 Chapter 11 Monster Race Relics, 5 Lines of Secret Medicine v4 Chapter 10 Cave in the Lake, Sea Bodhi v4 Chapter 9 The fog filled the air, unexpectedly hit v4 Chapter 8 Sima Changyan, the forest of mist v4 Chapter 7 Steal a half-day leisure v4 Chapter 6 injected positive energy v4 Chapter 5 Tons, tons, tons, the cultivation base increased sharply v4 Chapter 4 Lang? Cave, drink stone milk v4 Chapter 3 The whereabouts of the sun's true sword

v4 Chapter 2 Instructor and encouragement, small goals v4 Chapter 1 just a start v3 Chapter 76 just a start v3 Chapter 75 Breaking the formation is entirely up to my own strength! v3 Chapter 74 pity, pity v3 Chapter 73 Far beyond the same level, the risk is one stroke v3 Chapter 72 Immortal Execution Sword Formation, Entering the Empty Door v3 Chapter 71 Brothers and sisters, 2 people walking together v3 Chapter 70 You may have a chance to win, but I will never lose v3 Chapter 69 Penglai recovers, Kunlun prepares for war v3 Chapter 68 The big array is broken, and the glass is out of the customs v3 Chapter 67 emergency evacuation

v3 Chapter 66 100,000 gods and demons attack Penglai v3 Chapter 65 Inside Ghost Chaney Ghost v3 Chapter 64 Master is also helpless! v3 Chapter 63 The fairy touches my top and gives me good things v3 Chapter 62 Send Miss Shi to the secret realm v3 Chapter 61 Tour Kuocang Mountain for two v3 Chapter 60 Miss Shi was really fooled v3 Chapter 59 Kuocangshan Vocational Technical School v3 Chapter 58 The run must be planned in advance v3 Chapter 57 Miss Shi's Whip v3 Chapter 56 Daoyou Wei and I are fellow villagers v3 Chapter 55 I can't believe she can kill me

v3 Chapter 54 Return and long-term cooperation v3 Chapter 53 Rank 2 Jindan, achieved in advance v3 Chapter 52 Kunlun mirror fragments v3 Chapter 51 Northern Lightning, kill the dragon girl v3 Chapter 50 besiege the two-faced ghost v3 Chapter 49 The **** witch has been sunk v3 Chapter 48 Wei Mojun appears again v3 Chapter 47 I have found the way of hell! v3 Chapter 46 10 Interpretation method, fox demon changes v3 Chapter 45 Mirror Lake Shrine, each calculating v3 Chapter 44 The city of all demons, the city of all phenomena v3 Chapter 43 Kirin's entrustment

v3 Chapter 42 Whoops? you are shy v3 Chapter 41 escaped, but not completely v3 Chapter 40 escape marriage v3 Chapter 39 The process is flawed, the result is not bad v3 Chapter 38 Sister Xu was forced to marry v3 Chapter 37 The Sun and Moon Hunyuan Sutra v3 Chapter 36 Kendo True Biography ~ Take a day off today! v3 Chapter 35 100,000 mountains, before leaving v3 Chapter 34 nonsense v3 Chapter 33 Ah Jing, who are we? v3 Chapter 32 Sun sword master bragging

v3 Chapter 31 Where is the sword master of Taiyin v3 Chapter 30 The heart of the sword is faint, the bones of the sword are tired v3 Chapter 29 Brothers and sisters, go hand in hand v3 Chapter 28 Hidden level Floating Mountain v3 Chapter 27 The next price is against the upper price v3 Chapter 26 The stone gate of the cave opens in the middle v3 Chapter 25 The list is short of thunderbolts, and the hills are destroyed v3 Chapter 24 Get rid of demons v3 Chapter 23 Tianmu Mountain's Demon Slayer v3 Chapter 22 tomb sweeping, worship v3 Chapter 21 night, sword v3 Chapter 20 Calculate and see through

~ defer update v3 Chapter 19 The **** witch failed, but not completely v3 Chapter 18 don't kill yourself v3 Chapter 17 Daoyou Wei sees the micro-knowledge and sees it thoroughly! v3 Chapter 16 expedition ~ Update delayed today v3 Chapter 15 heh, funny people v3 Chapter 14 Go, 0 poison golden silkworm Gu! ~ Today's update is delayed v3 Chapter 13 A trip to southern Xinjiang, 5 people gathered v3 Chapter 12 0 Poisonous Golden Silkworm Gu, I conquered it! v3 Chapter 11 A foolproof escape plan

v3 Chapter 10 Eastern Shrine v3 Chapter 9 Coral Shrine, Dark Ghost Dragon v3 Chapter 8 Block 2 "Return to the Market" v3 Chapter 7 It's not my turn to point fingers v3 Chapter 6 your remains v3 Chapter 5 Where do so many problems come from? v3 Chapter 4 5Chichawon-dong v3 Chapter 3 Innocent, can't bear to backstab v3 Chapter 2 Elder Shi Ding's affirmation v3 Chapter 1 Rivals are not rivals v2 Chapter 70 The moon in the sky and the moon in the water, how can it be difficult to defeat Junior Sister Xu v2 Chapter 69 The whereabouts of the 2nd Sky Patching Stone Fragment

v2 Chapter 68 , Chief Ding, see the Patriarch v2 Chapter 67 Foundation Establishment Realm, Chief! v2 Chapter 66 The power of catastrophe v2 Chapter 65 quasi. natural sword heart v2 Chapter 64 Sister is overjoyed v2 Chapter 63 Sister's crazy thoughts v2 Chapter 62 Huangliang 1 dream v2 Chapter 61 Sword Hunting v2 Chapter 60 Sister is always 20 years old v2 Chapter 59 Return to Shiping Mountain v2 Chapter 58 Abi Demon Lord v2 Chapter 57 Encountering the Demon in the Prisoner's Palace

v2 Chapter 56 Suppressing the Ginger Witch v2 Chapter 55 Chase to the South China Sea v2 Chapter 54 Set off! Looking for the Flying Smoke Sword v2 Chapter 53 Jiang occupies Wei Chao belongs to yes v2 Chapter 52 Master Wei Dongliu v2 Chapter 51 Accept another 2 disciple v2 Chapter 50 On-site direct sales of Song He v2 Chapter 49 Concealing Judge Wen, bewildering Witch Jiang v2 Chapter 48 5Taishan Chaoyang Cave v2 Chapter 47 Time Mystery v2 Chapter 46 1 Everything is beyond calculation v2 Chapter 45 Immortals talk about Taoism, don't hesitate to enlighten me

v2 Chapter 44 Start cutting the leeks! v2 Chapter 43 It's too easy to fool Sister Xu v2 Chapter 42 Pre-registration for Sword Hunting v2 Chapter 41 Sword Tomb Conference, molesting senior sister v2 Chapter 40 It turned out to be the pot of the predecessors. v2 Chapter 39 This son is related to me v2 Chapter 38 The ancestors of the Guan family have already decided v2 Chapter 37 Smart junior brother skillfully persuades stubborn senior sister v2 Chapter 36 People are in Shushan, just got off the flying sword v2 Chapter 35 The current version is not open, is it? v2 Chapter 34 back on the sea v2 Chapter 33 oriole is me too

v2 Chapter 32 Praying mantis catches cicadas, right? ~ Sheet 32 ​​Mantis catching cicadas, right? v2 Chapter 31 Similarities between cooking and doing questions v2 Chapter 30 Do the homework and get 1 for the taste v2 Chapter 29 Miss Shi is thinking deeply v2 Chapter 28 The monk can't sleep? v2 Chapter 27 Must have misunderstood something v2 Chapter 26 Crying and crying Miss Shi v2 Chapter 25 eternal prison v2 Chapter 24 Prisoner of Underwater Dragon Palace v2 Chapter 23 Not even a chance for the Titanic! v2 Chapter 22 Shi Liuli's super combo

v2 Chapter 21 Don't hide something from Mrs. v2 Chapter 20 Dragon Qiu 0 shape, body forging secret technique v2 Chapter 19 Lonely Island Cave, Yaozun message v2 Chapter 18 Uncharted Seas, Luo Yan leads the way v2 Chapter 17 3 Island Treasure Ship, random route v2 Chapter 16 0 years of misfortune is here again v2 Chapter 15 Can't v2 Chapter 15 Copper smelting is not allowed v2 Chapter 14 Indecisive internal affairs ask Qingping v2 Chapter 13 11th-order fairy sword v2 Chapter 12 No one knows how to make swords better than me v2 Chapter 11 The **** witch continues to test

v2 Chapter 10 As long as she's cute, it doesn't matter if she's a witch v2 Chapter 9 Is this disciple stupid? v2 Chapter 8 First take 1 big disciple v2 Chapter 7 Zongmen from the middle of Shiping Mountain v2 Chapter 6 Why can't he? v2 Chapter 5 Witch ginger v2 Chapter 4 Then, check some information v2 Chapter 3 First, create a new folder v2 Chapter 2 The 4th trumpet is already doing it v2 Chapter 1 Sister Xu does not want to be left behind Chapter 73 Returning to Kunlun, pouring money Chapter 72 Reveal the truth, dragon riot

Chapter 71 Yinglong bet, 1 drop of blood Chapter 70 Beiming Haiyuan, Infinity Chapter 69 Kill the water bugs and complete the closed loop Chapter 68 2 peddlers, eat it up and down Chapter 67 Spies meet, spies among spies Chapter 66 Arrive at Shushan, before the trial Chapter 65 Returning to Kunlun, the younger sister is considerate Chapter 64 Looking for swords again, sister transformation Chapter 63 After the dust settles, return to Taoism Chapter 62 2 Instrument dust, the immortal shot! Chapter 61 Emei Golden Summit, Yinglong Demon Power Chapter 60 Escape from the lock demon tower and hide in Xuanguang ruler

Chapter 59 Give up your life to save, senior sister has no regrets Chapter 58 Su Jian did it, really hammered Chapter 57 The Prisoner's Dilemma, Believe in Senior Sister Chapter 56 Weaving Cloud Spiders, Daoshan Shenlong Chapter 55 Giant Cocoon in the Sea of ​​Clouds, Rotten Kehua Mansion Chapter 54 Natural sword bone, instantly washes the marrow Chapter 53 Wanli Water Vessel Divine Rune Talisman Chapter 52 Holding the hand of the child, roaming the bottom of the river Chapter 51 Shared room 1 with sister Chapter 50 Controversy, Doubt and Betrayal Chapter 49 expand in an unknown direction ~ Update leave in the afternoon

Chapter 48 Senior sister leads the team, senior tour guide Chapter 47 Lock Demon Pagoda Group Tour Package Chapter 46 Will the sister be the heroine? Chapter 45 Dabie is on the list, get rewards Chapter 44 My sword, it is impossible to stab at Senior Sister! ~ leave tomorrow Chapter 43 100,000 gods and demons attack Penglai Chapter 42 Exploring the East China Sea, revisiting the old place Chapter 41 The golden silkworm is asleep, and the glaze is gone Chapter 40 Report to the master, send the inner record Chapter 39 Mysterious Cone, Taoyuan Linjing Chapter 38 Conquer the fragments and enter the Zhao Palace

Chapter 37 Inspiration of junior sister, Xiandu Shenlei Chapter 36 Weird mechanics, Phantom Rebirth Chapter 35 Backtracking again, time puzzle Chapter 34 Xianyin Yuntai, Jade Pool Golden Lotus Chapter 33 Queen Mother Shrine, Golden Armor Chapter 32 Kunlun Secret Realm, Song River Trap Chapter 31 Never asked about love, why not forget? Chapter 30 Victory by all means! Chapter 29 broken moon, broken mountain Chapter 28 Sword bone, love tears Chapter 27 0 Poisonous Golden Silkworm Gu Chapter 26 Jinzhiyuye flower

Chapter 25 There are gods and demons, 5 lines of light Chapter 24 use each other, fear each other Chapter 23 10 Interpretations, 5 Zhi and 5 Poisons Chapter 18 10 Interpretations, 5 Zhi and 5 Poisons Chapter 22 When you meet a confidant at home, you are actually a peer Chapter 21 Xu Shimei's observation diary Chapter 20 Sister Xu suddenly realized Chapter 19 Is the surname An or Su? Chapter 18 Sister An's life experience information Chapter 17 My sister is too protective Chapter 16 You can do whatever you want ~ Testimonials

Chapter 15 Swear to take the top 3, Cang Tie robbery! Chapter 14 Shushan Dabi, Gold Mercury Danhua Chapter 13 Just in the East China Sea, and went to Shushan again Chapter 12 5 Zhidong Tian, ​​4 Hai Restaurant Chapter 11 5 Lines of Light, Miss Shi Chapter 10 An overseas island, a thousand years old Chapter 9 Riddler Tianke, Aojiao, junior sister Chapter 8 Good 1 straight ball attack Chapter 7 The arrogant cat needs to be smoothed Chapter 6 The heart of Tao is broken, what to do Chapter 5 Rescue Junior Sister Xu Chapter 4 Return to Kunlun, meet Song He again

Chapter 3 Shushan Demon Pagoda, clues are emerging Chapter 2 Plenty of money to teach each other Chapter 1 The big competition is coming, the list of fairy swords ~ End of volume testimonials Chapter 65 Exchange tokens, deepen the bond Chapter 64 The day after tomorrow's 5 lines of mass extinction Chapter 63 Chapter 62 A Jing heart, Qing Ping help Chapter 61 Bring all the equipment, and then enter the Li Palace! Chapter 60 10 Lei Deqi 4, go out to see the master Chapter 59 Clear 6 levels of the trial and get rewards from the palace Chapter 58 Leaving the Jedi and entering the Shura Field

Chapter 57 Although the sea of ​​air is full, it is hard to stop the ice hell Chapter 56 Ah Jing Po Tian Mo, Chief Hua Bai Yu Chapter 55 After robbing Di Shitian, the younger sister exploded in anger Chapter 54 Clear Fengdu City, meet Xu Shimei again Chapter 53 Crossing the Wangchuan River forcibly, drinking Mengpo soup thirsty Chapter 52 The plug-in finally works! Chapter 51 You shouldn't talk back to your brother Chapter 50 My number one fan is me Chapter 49 More hungry people Chapter 48 Junior Sister Xu met Miss Shi for the first time Chapter 47 Sister Xu has a sense of crisis Chapter 46 How difficult is the district formation?

Chapter 45 Everyone loves autumn ~ Description: [Sync rate] value is hidden Chapter 44 Miss Shi's wisdom halo Chapter 43 Can it be considered a practice without skipping a level? Chapter 42 They are all senior sisters, learn from others! Chapter 41 The fairy sword is charged, and the enemy is killed by lightning is also very reasonable Chapter 40 Bijian is a characteristic of my Shushan Mountain, and I have to taste it Chapter 39 Conquering Thunder Sword is convincing people with virtue Chapter 38 It's all up to me to defeat Senior Brother Lin Chapter 37 There is a young lady, why do you need a grandfather? Chapter 36 You can't get a sister by licking a dog Chapter 35 Luo Yan, the younger brother of Tiangongfang

Chapter 34 Miss Shi was stared at! Chapter 33 Sister Xu wants to accompany Chapter 32 If this child is not eliminated, it will become a great disaster! Chapter 31 I beg you to become a Taoist partner! Chapter 30 My sister and I have a heart-to-heart Chapter 29 Lightning Dharma King Qiu Changtian Chapter 28 Sharpen your sister's favorability Chapter 27 duel boy Chapter 26 Ling Yunpo, your catastrophe is imminent! Chapter 25 Why don't you call me Qingping sword Chapter 24 A mirror has begun to make contributions! Chapter 23 You're the one who killed the stronger monster

Chapter 22 Ah Jing, I hate becoming stronger monsters the most Chapter 21 In other people's square inch, the mountains and seas are as heavy as ten! Chapter 20 Hunting monsters with junior sister Chapter 19 My sister is the cutest Chapter 18 Autumn Changtian is me! Chapter 17 Sister Xu wants to take a bath Chapter 16 Just ask the sisters to follow Chapter 15 Gotta find a way to get some money Chapter 14 Sister is injured Chapter 13 Brother, I won Chapter 12 I met the eldest lady in Penglai Chapter 11 Everyone is so cute

Chapter 10 You have to learn from your sister Chapter 9 Take a junior and a sister on a mountain tour Chapter 8 Sister is very spirited Chapter 7 Let the sisters cheer up Chapter 6 Sister taught me to learn swordsmanship Chapter 5 I control my own life Chapter 4 Senior Sister Nicknamed Mowing Sword Fairy Chapter 3 marriage is impossible Chapter 2 Get married now Chapter 1 My sister always challenges me

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