"Countdown to World Destruction: One Thousand Years."

"Please hurry up and find the Heaven Patching Stone."

"Point 1: Kunlun Taiqing Sect, Jinling Cave House."

"Character identity: Qiu Changtian."

"The mirror flower water moon template is covered, and it is traveling through time and space."

He suddenly opened his eyes and realized that he was sitting on a stone bed in a cave, his body maintaining a meditating posture.

Picking up the bronze mirror next to him, you can see that he is a handsome young man in the mirror.

With sword eyebrows and star eyes, a face like jade, red lips and white teeth, he is gentle and elegant.

Tsk, so handsome, how can I be so handsome?

He put down the bronze mirror, pondered for a moment, and heard a cold female voice from outside:

"Is Senior Brother here? Junior Sister came to ask for swordsmanship."

Hearing this, he was stunned for a while, and then he sighed.

here we go again.

Walking to the entrance of the cave, he reconfirmed his current identity.

Well, the new disciples of the Kunlun School were taught by the headmaster and passed down personally, and Qiu Changtian.

When Qiu Changtian left the cave, he saw a fairy in white standing outside.

The facial features are exquisite and picturesque, and the temperament is refined and refined. He is dressed in a white plain Taoist robe, and a large piece of blue silk hangs down to the length of the back waist. The super-popular heroine who is instantly recognizable by the audience.

This fairy in white is his junior sister, Xu Yinglian.

He was born in a clan of immortals, from the Xu family in Tiannan, and possessed the rare talent for cultivating the Tao with seven orifices and an exquisite heart.

Therefore, last month, she was exempted from the examination by the Kunlun Taiqing Sect and was listed on the door wall.

Well, if you don't have yourself, you will be the leader of this generation's disciples.

Seeing Qiu Changtian coming out of the cave, Xu Yinglian made a sword move and drew a red streamer from behind.

The sword is about three feet seven inches long, hovering in front of the chest; at the handle there is a relief of red feathers of the divine bird, which is lifelike.

Xu Yinglian stroked Feijian with her slender five fingers, with a serious tone and an extremely serious demeanor, she said slowly:

"This sword is called 'Yu Jia', and it is my Xu family's family heirloom. It is a tenth-order fire-type flying sword."

"Master sealed the post-8th Dao for me, so that it can only exert the power of the Qi refining period, which is just right for you and me to compete with the sword."

Her fingers slid across the blade, bringing out a splendid spark.

Her eyes were full of fighting spirit, as if a flame was burning.

Qiu Changtian is speechless.

Just now, he said it was "seeking swordsmanship", but now it has become an undisguised "sword competition"?


Junior sister is actually good at everything, but this one is not good:

The temperament is too strong.

If you beat her once in any way, she will have to challenge you thousands of times, and she has to win it back once.

It's the seventh time I've come to challenge this week in the name of asking for lessons in Swordsmanship...

Qiu Changtian was a little distracted here. On the opposite side, Xu Yinglian saw that his senior brother was absent-minded, and his beautiful face was stained with a little sullen, and he asked again:

"Is it good for senior brother to give advice? Or is it inconvenient?"

Autumn Changtian: ......

To be honest, I'm actually not someone who likes to pretend.

If possible, I really want to deliberately lose to Junior Sister in this sword practice, so that she can rest in peace for a few days.

But my personality doesn't allow it!

"I don't dare to give advice." Qiu Changtian said gently, "Just learn from each other with your junior sister."

He also made a sword trick and pulled out the flying sword "Jade Smoke".

"I don't need to introduce my flying sword, right?" Qiu Changtian laughed again.

These words were a little sarcastic, implying that Junior Sister had already lost to him many times, and she was too familiar with his flying sword.

"Senior brother, please enlighten me." Xu Yinglian said sternly with no expression on her face.

The two of them held sword tricks again at the same time, so two streams of light shot up into the sky, one red and one jade, indicating that the sword fight was officially started!

Xu Yinglian continued to pinch and control Yu Jia to slash at Yu Yan.

She knew that her brother's jade smoke was only seventh-order, while her own Yujia was a tenth-order flying sword.

Although both of them were only in the Qi Refinement period, the swordsmanship was sealed, but the tenth-order flying sword was far superior to the seventh-order flying sword in terms of hardness, sharpness and speed.

To win with Feijian's rank, this is the chance to win against the sword this time!

However, Qiu Changtian's side reacted faster, Yu Jia's side only moved slightly, Yu Yan had already fallen first, and slashed in the direction of Xu Yinglian.

Xu Yinglian's eyes narrowed, and she quickly asked Yu Jia to turn around to defend, trying to lock Yuyan's offensive.

As a result, Yu Yan made two sudden stops and changed directions, and easily broke through Yu Jia's blockade, and then turned into a stream of jade-colored light. In an instant, it was approaching Xu Yinglian's side, and the tip of the sword hovered in front of her chest.

Between square inches, the outcome is decided.

"I lost." Xu Yinglian lowered her head.

Her face was full of unwillingness, so rich that it almost dripped with water.

At the same time, the voice of Kunlun Mirror resounded in the sea of ​​consciousness:

[With no enemies, the synchronization rate has increased, currently at 97%. 】

"Sister-in-law's swordsmanship has improved rapidly recently." Qiu Changtian calmed down after being reminded by Kunlun Mirror, and said with a smile, "With time, my brother-in-law will no longer be your opponent."

"Really?" Xu Yinglian thought thoughtfully, "I still want to compare swords with my senior brother, because it has benefited me a lot. In the future, I will ask more senior brothers for advice."

Qiu Changtian's face stiffened, and he changed his mind and said:

"Cough, although Junior Sister has made rapid progress, she is too hasty to practice swordsmanship, and it is easy to encounter bottlenecks. Why don't you practice Dao Fa to change your mood?"

You come to me all day to compete with me. In order to maintain this no-enemy setting, I can't refuse your challenge, so annoying!

"Then step up the practice, try to meet the bottleneck as soon as possible, and then break through it." Xu Yinglian remained unmoved and insisted.

"Senior sister, what do you want your senior brother to do?" Qiu Changtian said helplessly, "Senior brother, I am not your full-time sparring partner. You come to me once a day, and senior brother has no time to practice on his own."

"Senior brother." Xu Yinglian was silent for a moment, then said, "I want to win you."

"That's easy, I can control..."

"Senior brother is not allowed to release water!" Xu Yinglian said angrily, "I will defeat you with my own strength!"

"How long do you have to practice?!" Qiu Changtian was also angry.

As soon as the words came out, he regretted it.

Because the meaning here is, "No matter how many years you practice, you can't beat me."

With Xu Yinglian's strong temperament, how could she endure it?

Sure enough, the face of the opposite junior sister immediately turned pale.

Xu Yinglian held back her tears, bit her lower lip, and gave a difficult salute:

"These days, it's really bothering Senior Brother. When I come back next time, it will not be a swordsmanship practice, but a formal challenge!"

Before Qiu Changtian could continue to speak, she took up her sword and flew away angrily.

Kunlun Mirror said again:

[With no enemies, the synchronization rate has increased, currently at 98%. 】

Autumn Changtian: ......

Junior sister, UU reading www. uukanshu.com is not a brother who has to pretend to be on your face.

Just because of the Kunlun Mirror, I have to maintain this no-enemy setting, otherwise I won't be able to continue my practice!

Alas, after all that said, isn't it to save the world?

He turned his eyes to the northwest, and saw that the Kunlun Mountains were endless, snow-capped like silver, majestic and majestic, giving a panoramic view.

The sky is clear and clear, and there are no clouds in thousands of miles, making people feel relaxed and happy.

However, who would have known that in a thousand years, the end of the law will usher in a shattering era?

In the past, the place where Nuwa mended the sky was broken again. The sky tilts to the northwest, the galaxy hangs upside down, and the sun and the moon change orbits.

The almost infinite amount of water in the Tianhe gushed out from the broken place, causing the fall of Shenzhou and the ocean everywhere.

There are also stars falling from the sky in Kyushu, and infinite light and heat radiate crazily, burning mountains and melting, boiling seas and boiling.

As a result, "the fire will never go out, and the water will never stop", human beings will be extinct, and the world will be completely dead!

As a mortal with a limited lifespan, it is natural to lie down completely. After I die, who cares about it so much?

It's a pity that he was selected by a congenital treasure called the Kunlun Mirror as soon as he traveled to this world.

He asked him to find the spare sky-making stone left by the ancient Nuwa, and then restore the place where the sky was filled, so as to avoid the catastrophe of the Dharma-apocalypse era.

According to Kunlun Jing, the only remaining sky-making stone has now been divided into six parts and scattered everywhere.

The reason why he used Kunlun Mirror's "Mirror Flowers and Water Moon" technique to disguise his appearance, act as a character, and use the alias "Autumn Changtian" to join the school.

It was because of one of the fragments of the Heaven Patching Stone that it was within the Kunlun Taiqing Sect!

Right above the Kunlun Tianzhu, in the Yuxu Palace!