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Starting My Cultivation With Time Management

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In the morning, he was a Qi refiner for Kunlun, and in the evening he returned to Shushan to be a sword immortal.

I stole 3,000 methods from Penglai, and no one could tell me that I was a loyal traitor.

There are ten thousand avenues in this world, all leading to longevity.

Ordinary people only take one and go, but I was forced to take all of them.

Don’t ask, ask is time management!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SMCWTM
Alternate Title:修仙从时间管理开始
Author:You wish
Weekly Rank:#8179
Monthly Rank:#6512
All Time Rank:#7338
Tags:Action, Arrogant Characters, Cheats, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Transmigration, Xianxia,
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  1. Chinese webnovels and manhua = 90% shit 5% bronze 2% silver 2% gold 1% diamond. Japanese lightnovels and manga = 10% diamond 40% gold 25% silver 15% bronze and rest 10% is shit.

  2. No idk y tho i admit chinese novels r as shit as u have compared but jp still feels shittier as i can never bring myself into reading lovulovu power of friendship bla bla shit worst of all jp protags feel like a complete idiocracy and joke when they act like thet r mature but still evrything they do is childish. Tho the old jp lightnovels like overlord, death note were good, even the old jp anime used to actually have a point to them existing unlike nowadays where anime clearly feels like its on autopilot as how they move, the anime movies nowadays r supa trash compared to your name sprited away like ghilbi movies or silent voice, even the 1st pokemon movie made me feel emotional watching it unlike the new ones where i straight up feel no emotion nor fun watching. Tho this is all my opinion and opinion differ between people so if u like present animes good for you.

  3. Although only 5% of cn novels is readable, it can be counted in hundreds. Jp novels, while 90% were good, can only be counted in tens. Good jp novels that I've read were below 50.

  4. You must be naive to think that JP novels are diamond. They are all shit... Why? All Japanese MCs are beta in one way or another. They trust others too easily and go as far as to leave their lives in hands of others. Next, they are spineless fools not acting their age... It's hard to find a decent JP novel unless you look for those golden books with MC's that have 150+ IQ 🥸 So, your analysis is worth shit in my eyes.

  5. You haven't seen all the Japanese novels, there are novels like berserk start from Novell not manga No Game No Life, re zero and Overlord many other, All of these famous anime start from Novell, and what you mean with the Japanese novel have many of ( weak/wimpy) what else you want do you want MC who don't want to show anyone who how much that he is strong like is like a normal in Chinese novel or To be a pig and slap the tiger or the negative MC, the one who has I got a god level power and he don't want to do anything he just want make a family and what the f*** is that, that is that Chinese MC, if we compare that to other novel if we compare that to other novel like Overlord you have be seen what they did in anime not as not like the stupid way who Chinese MC who want to just sit at home or something like that. Why you giving him a super power or power on God level if he just want to open his own business not fight not be a god of world. and now you talkin about ( weak/wimpy), there is no way to compare that shit off Chinese Novel with beautiful Japan novel and of you can explain more what you mean with (weak/wimpy)

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