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Starting My Cultivation With Immortality

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As a salted fish, Yun Su, who never pays in games and always relies on prostitutes to fight Shenhao players, wrote down his 20th birthday wish on a notebook with trembling hands: immortality.

When I woke up, my dream came true, but I almost cried. Is the world of cultivation so cold?

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Short Title:SMCWI
Alternate Title:修仙从长生不老开始
Author:Shenlong Chaoshou
Weekly Rank:#2767
Monthly Rank:#3098
All Time Rank:#6041
Tags:Cheats, Cultivation, Ghosts, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start,
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24 Comments on “Starting My Cultivation With Immortality
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  1. The story is good but the author is obviously writing in a direction of the MC's romance interest being his younger sister and that is super creepy. It gives off child grooming incest vibes even if they are not blood related.

  2. Their degeneracy knows no boundaries. They dare call other people other than their own yellow asses barbarians and disgustingly boasted their 5000 years of civilization (which the communist Mao destroyed and erase in their history) and yet they act like a uncivilized motherfckers who eats blames every problem they have to USA or other countries.

  3. I hate that kind of protagonist where everything depends on fate when he does things, he just keeps getting in the way and doesn't help at all. Besides being a coward and ungrateful.

  4. the problem i have with chinese novels is if i want to find an mc with immortality i always find cultivation novels i wonder whats the case here.

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