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Starting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times

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With a monthly salary of 3,000 yuan, Chen Yu, who can only tighten his belt and eat instant noodles, accidentally obtained the Shenhao system just after receiving his salary, and his assets increased by 10,000 times!

Not only that, but the prices of the entire world have fallen ten thousand times.

A Rolls-Royce for three thousand dollars, a building or even a large piece of land for a few thousand dollars, can you believe it?

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Short Title:SAIBT
Alternate Title:开局资产提升一万倍
Author:I have a battery car
Weekly Rank:#609
Monthly Rank:#533
All Time Rank:#1206
Tags:Arrogant Characters, Business Management, Face Slapping, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Modern Day, Nationalism, Parallel World, Racism, Special Abilities, Sudden Wealth, System,
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29 Comments on “Starting Assets Increased By 10,000 Times
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  1. Nice novel. I liked it because it lacked harem in a system novel and the MC is not unruly. He is focused. But the ending is not good. MC suddenly becomes a god with divine power which is absolutely logic less without any struggle for the power. But the plot is okay. Character growth is a bit lacking and the last test has a good logic and reasoning. Overall it's good 😌😌

  2. Basically the system make the value of item in this "new" world "drop" 10,000 times while his own assets will be multiplying by 10,000 times. I'm confused of how the system works. If all the price of item in the world drop by 10,000 times so now every people even ordinary one can even buy high price item like sport car(?), that's not even advantage to MC. I think it's not the price that drop, but "Redenomination". Redenomination is the process of changing the face value of banknotes and coins in circulation. It may be done because inflation has made the currency unit so small that only large denominations of the currency are in circulation. Of course the value of money and it exchange rate still remains same. Redenomination itself is considered symbolic as it does not have any impact on a country's exchange rate in relation to other currencies. So, we can conclude that by dropping the price or whatever is not even advantage to MC. While the multiplying effect to MC assets is the one that truly valuable. Only if you dropped the price of item and everyone payrate in job (I mean everyone's "Purchasing Power"), that's make the system useful just because MC still have that 3000 yuan assets.

  3. Author is so fucking retarded, he says he won't do something but then does it literally 10 seconds later like dude, fucking idiot face-slapping Chinese writers can't write seriously

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