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It doesn’t matter if you are kidnapped as soon as you cross, why is it a group of crossers who kidnapped yourself?

what? They regard themselves as natives, or disciples of the big brothers, then pretend to be natives.

In short, this is a story about Jiang Hen drifting away on the road of Faye.

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Short Title:SCS
Alternate Title:从构造技能开始
Weekly Rank:#2080
Monthly Rank:#1859
All Time Rank:#886
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Dragons, Dwarfs, Eidetic Memory, Elves, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern, Nationalism, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Scientists, System, Weak to Strong, Wizards, World Hopping,
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  1. I don't know why the mc always mentions to stay away from women but he himself contradicts his own actions. He knows it's trouble to interact with those women but he still do it. Especially the guardian part, it made me gave up the novel, i mean the mc does not even know the guardian and is basically useless already. Why still have her, how does the author make the mc? Brainless when faced with women? I don't have a problem with female chars but only those chars that acts so bitchy that turns into heat when they see strong people. They should not even be like that as normal people's brain will not be like that. It's too cringe and I'm disgusted with that kind of chars. So even if the plot is good, i just can't stand the chars. Very annoying.

  2. If the author just wanted a harem story, then do it. Just don't make a haremless story when the mc is literally collecting women without doing progessing more with them. It's very annoying especially the women in the story is portrayed as weaklings and helpless and at the mercy of the mc.

  3. Second 1000+ chapter novel I've completed, but the first novel I've actually kept up with since it was 800+ chapters to the end, hope it has a sequel tho I feel like there's still more to explore with worlds such as hell out there as an example

  4. Normally when I am up to date with the novel I'll stop reading after awhile cause I'll find new novels to read and then forget about the one I'm up to date with an d I can't be bothered to reread it when it's completed so I just leave it in the library

  5. 100 chapters in and while it's not bad I think earth through the ages (authors previous novel) reads better. The mechanics of get loot orbs with world coins and equipment and the like just seems to be better I think. In this one you get coins for the impact on the world form heat I can see. And any item can be authenticated. Which just doesn't seem to flow as easy. Will keep reading though.

  6. Please ignore the autocorrect issue. I'm embarrassed that I didn't catch them. Im not the best speed typing on a phone.

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