"what's happening?"

"This wave is absolutely amazing!"

"666, what can I say besides 666?"

"This can be reversed, right? It's a direct wave!"

"I'm stupid!"

On the barrage of major live broadcast rooms, when netizens saw this picturesque picture of Summoner's Canyon, they were all shocked.

Originally, the Dragon City LC team relied on the Shuanglonghui, plus the fire dragon soul BUFF, and the advantage of the whole court, and could easily take a wave of troops and win the FY team in one fell swoop.


The ADC on the opposite side wanted to hard-load the cup, so he was rushing fast, and wanted to kill the crocodile on Wang Shilin, and chased to the position of the high tower on the lower road.

It is at this time.

Assist Feng Jin and jungler Qian Yu to find the right opportunity.

First assisted Feng Jin to control the four people at once, and then the attacker Qianyu's squad attack took over, terrifying the four people. At this time, the crocodile of Wang Shilin turned back and drove through the crowd to fight wildly.

Moreover, this wave of team battles was conducted under the FY team's bottom road highland tower. When the four members of the Dragon City LC team were controlled and feared, the highland tower was also crazy output.

After this output, after this wave of team battles, the Dragon City LC team directly killed four people, and only one person remained.

But in this situation, what else can one person do?

The key is!

The **** line on the road is already approaching the high tower of the Dragon City LC team.


Yao Jing in the middle is teleported to the enemy to go on the road!

"A wave!"

At this time, the well-known commentator on the commentary booth clearly saw the current situation, because the resurrection time of the Dragon City LC team is too long. It takes 30 to 40 seconds at all times, and there are dragons on the court. A member of the City LC team.

After the FY team teleported up the middle road, they quickly pushed down the high tower with the help of the line of troops. At the same time, the heroes such as centaur and crocodiles also rushed directly towards the opposite high ground, and immediately went to meet Yao Jing in the middle road. , The intention is obvious, that is, a wave to push down the opposite crystal base.

"Brothers did a great job, it's perfect!"

Xiong Jiahao, as the ADC who has just been sacrificed and has just been resurrected, is already happy after seeing this situation.

Because in the current situation, as long as there are no accidents, there are basically no accidents. The time for the resurrection on the opposite side is definitely too late.

and so.

For the FY team, just as the commentators said, a comeback is set to win!

The three FY players are advancing like a rainbow, and the enemy has no power to stop them.

The last remaining player of the Dragon City LC team couldn't watch his crystal base being pushed down, and had no choice but to rush up, trying to delay for a little bit of time.

But this is basically a mantis arm blocking a car.

Almost in an instant, the last Dragon City LC player, who was also the three of the FY team, melted.


Ding Yue in the team lounge saw this situation and couldn't help cheering for the players of his FY team.

That wave of team battles under the tower of my own highland was really good.

"Damn it, I can't think of all this can come back!"

After Huang Youjie watched it, he said unbelievably.

Xu Bin also nodded.

Even Jian Zihao, the coach of the FY team, opened his eyes wide, with a look of surprise on his face. This is really incredible. It was already a defeat.

Unexpectedly, under a wave of operations where the players seized the perfect opportunity, it turned over. Who can think of it?

"This is probably the most outrageous comeback I have ever seen. Can this come back too?"

Jian Zihao also murmured in horror.

You know, the Dragon City LC team on the opposite side is the Shuanglonghui with big dragons and ancient dragons, and the fire dragon soul BUFF, as well as the advantages that have been accumulated on the field.

As a result, Xiong Jiahao and the others seized the opportunity. This will definitely be included in the history of the "League of Legends" game!

On the commentary stage, Miva and Wale could be said to be astonished. How could this one come back?

It turns out.

When the last player of the Dragon City LC team was unsuccessfully blocked and was killed, the three of the FY team successfully pushed down the two front tooth towers of the Dragon City LC team and the crystal base within twenty seconds. .

The third game is over!

FY team wins!

The current score is two to one. The FY team leads by one point and gets the match point. This means that as long as the FY team continues to win the next game, they can win the championship and become the number one seed. I am a finalist in the S World Championship!

"Congratulations to the FY team for the victory. At the moment, they are ahead of the game by two to one."

The commentator Miva introduced.

On the commentary platform, in addition to Miva and Wale, there is actually a newcomer commentator.

This newcomer commentator was recruited from the E-sports College of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences for the official tournament of "League of Legends".

That's right!

This newcomer commentator is an outstanding student in the e-sports commentary major of the E-sports College of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences. He can be said to have played very well in today's commentary.

For some commentary on the game content that even Minwa and Waler could not continue to carry out, he could be ordered in danger and let both Minwa and Waler breathe a sigh of relief.

After the third game, Miva and Wale looked at the newcomer and explained "Flying".

"Young man, the explanation is good. The young man is indeed a young man, and he is even more powerful than us." Miva smiled and said to Feitian.

"The two seniors are very skilled, and I still have a lot to learn."

The young man Feitian scratched his head very modestly and said.

"Very humble, not bad, Feitian, to be honest, your commentary during the game was very good in all aspects, but after we worked together to comment, I also discovered a shortcoming of yours, which can be improved and perfected."

Waler also smiled and said to Feitian.

"Teacher Waller, what else do I have to do?"

Feitian is very humble. Since the seniors have said that they have shortcomings, they must listen carefully, and then make corrections in the next game.

"It's good that you're correcting the words when you are explaining, but it also causes no emotional factors in it. After people listen to it, it will feel like a non-emotional explanation machine."

Waler pointed out the shortcomings of Feitian.

This is true. In the commentary industry, you have to make the commentary interesting to have a better live broadcast effect.

Otherwise, the audience is very likely not to buy it.

And a commentary that can't satisfy the audience, then his commentary career is estimated to end here.

In the previous official LPL tournaments, it was not that many young handsome guys and even traffic stars were invited to serve as third-party commentators, but the effect was very good.

To explain this matter, you still have to leave it to a professional person to do it.

The E-sports College of Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences has a special e-sports commentary major, and Feitian came out of this major. Although he has not graduated yet, I came to the LPL official live broadcast for the first time to try it, and let the corresponding The leader was very satisfied, so he signed it directly.

But there is still a long way to go to make a perfect commentary.

Both Miva and Wale have been commenting for many years, and it can be said that they have accompanied the development of "League of Legends" and grew up.

"Well, thanks to Teacher Wale for his guidance, I will definitely work hard to improve my narration ability, and strive not to appear so mechanical in the emotional tone during the narration process."

After Feitian heard the words, he immediately nodded and said seriously.

Two famous commentators, Miva and Wale, looked at the young guy in front of them, and felt that he still had a good development prospect in the first way of commenting. At least until later they retreated to the second line or stopped commenting, the young guys You can take the baton in your own hands.

In this way, I am satisfied.

In fact, the most feared situation of any industry is the situation of failure to meet the demand, because the situation of failure to meet the situation means that the industry is likely to face decline.

"Feitian, how many of you Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences are like you, studying e-sports game commentary?"

Miva asked very curiously.

After all, in a profession like myself, it was impossible to have a special university major in the past. After graduating from other majors, because of my love for "League of Legends", I only engaged in such a profession as game commentary.

It's different now.

The times are developing, and various game-related majors have appeared in universities. This e-sports game commentary is one of them, and they have all been refined to a very detailed level.

"In our professional e-sports game commentary class, there are more than 30 people, but we are not all commenting on League of Legends. We decide according to the games we love. Some like Dota, some like Overwatch, and some Like csgo."

Feitian replied.

"It turned out to be like this, Feitian, you work hard, and after another year or two of trials, I believe your commentary on the LPL event will definitely have a pivotal position."

Wale said to Feitian with a smile.

Both Miva and Wale have been commenting for many years. Generally, only when they encounter large and important games, they will appear on the stage for heavy-duty commentary.

In another year or two, I am afraid that both of them will gradually fade out of this industry field.

After all, the age has gone up, energy and other aspects may not be able to keep up, but before exiting the commentary industry, whether it is Miva or Valle, they will take the initiative to bring a new batch of people who love this industry. It’s a good way to explain it, otherwise it would be a big blow to the industry.

In the past two or three years, Miva and Wale have brought a lot of newcomers to commentary, but they feel that they are not very good.

Until recently this period of time brought this e-sports game commentary major from Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences, the two talents felt a glimmer of good hope.

and so.

Whether it's Miva or Wale, they are very happy to bring Feitian this young man to explain the game, and strive to train him earlier.

After the end of the third game, during the intermission, the FY team and the Dragon City LC team made a detailed review summary.

The coach of the Dragon City LC team asked the players to keep their minds stable. After gaining a big advantage, they must work hard and directly kill their opponents, so that they will never be able to "wave" like the previous one.

The last one was indeed because the players of Dragon City LC team waved and relaxed their vigilance, holding the big dragon and the ancient dragon, and the fire dragon soul BUFF, as well as the advantages that they accumulated from the beginning. The result was that they were FY because of carelessness. The team gave a comeback.

The five players of the Dragon City LC team learned their lesson this time and are determined to get back one point in the fourth game.

Due to the dramatic and incredible comeback of the third game, it has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens and viewers, and the hot searches on Weibo quickly appeared.

"Hahahaha let you wave!"

"Fuck! This is something I never expected!"

"Who can think of a comeback?"

"There is one thing to say. This is the first time I have seen the big dragon, the ancient dragon, the fire dragon soul, and the economic advantage. These are all overturned."

"It's also the first time I saw each other, I was shocked."

"Again, it is confirmed that this game is really going to be unwavering with the wind!"

"Sure enough, it's a hot search, the few fools of Dragon City LC team are really making a joke."

"As a fan of Dragon City LC team, I am stupid."

"Really pull the hips, this Nima can lose, rubbish!"

"It's the fourth game, FY team has already got the match point, Dragon City LC team lost early, it's a bunch of rubbish!"

"Good guy, won awesome, lost trash?"

On the Internet, many fans of the original Dragon City LC team couldn't help but spray their favorite Dragon City LC team after watching the third game.

Because this third game was overturned, it’s too much. It’s all over. It can be seen that the players of the Dragon City LC team are still too impetuous. On the other hand, if you look at the FY team, you can see how many members of this team are. Even if the players lost their advantage at the beginning due to mismatches and teamfights, www.mtlnovel.com, they worked hard to recover.

And at the last moment of Shuanglonghui, he didn't choose to give up, but found a little opportunity. In the end, relying on this little opportunity, he realized an earth-shattering and generally surprising comeback.

have to say.

After the third game, the FY team once again attracted countless fans, and even many fans of the Dragon City LC team began to like the FY team.

Their strength is very strong, and they are very resilient, and their maturity is much better than that of the Dragon City LC team.

After the break is over.

The fourth game began.

On the interpretive stage.

The commentary of the young guy from Wucheng University of Arts and Sciences, together with the two veteran commentators of Miva and Wale, began the official commentary of the fourth game...