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【Single heroine】【Daily essays】

Qin Chen wanted to find true love, but those girls were not showing his color or his money, which made him very distressed.

Qin Chen secretly vowed that he must find a woman who doesn’t look at him or his money as his wife!


Ding! The blind date system is activated successfully!

You can sign in once for each blind date!

Ding! Congratulations to the host, sign in successfully and get a set of Bay Villa!

Ding! Congratulations to the host, sign in successfully and get 100 million soft sister coins!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SBD
Alternate Title:开局从相亲开始
Author:I don't want to be a scum
Weekly Rank:#815
Monthly Rank:#1710
All Time Rank:#1847
Tags:Cheat, Cute Children, Male Protagonist, OP MC, Strong from the Start, Sudden Wealth, System,
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39 Comments on “Start with a Blind Date
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  1. It got boring after 300 chapters. Thinking not to continue reading. The first two hundred chapters are good.

  2. since they added the cultivation of immortals this story was ruined it would be better if you left an urban life

  3. This novel touch the sensitive issue of man and woman equality in status. I agree with some of the points the author point out but we can also not ignore the mindset of woman, most parents believe that the reason for high price dowry for daughters is because they raise them up and is marrying out to become someone else family. We can also not blame the girls for demanding a boy whether he has cars,house or high pay job, because traditionally in most countries man are the bread winners and woman are household keeper, but at the same time in this modern world where money is the sole source of success nobody wants to live a poor life, if you are a woman I'm sure you wouldn't want to marry a useless guy who don't have wealth. There are also many unrealistic approach mention by the author about the business. The part where the mc and fl got bored due to immortal life is something that is worth pondering though we only have 100 years to live. But if the mc was to be me I won't find life that boring,there are so many mystery about earth itself, about the pyramids,the old civilization,the myths I could spend hundreds of years studying them so the mc getting bored of life and trying to commit suicide was a bit too much. But I agree that when lovers being together for too long lost that passion and the yoithfull spark so many old couples break up to reignite that spark and try something fresh.thats why the divorce rate is increasing rapidly over the years not just in china but also around the world. The plot twist was not satisfactory towards the end when the system appears again in humanoid form as the mc becomes more like a subordinate or a servant to serve and complete the task of the system as well as helping the system getting stronger while the mc and fl remains the same.from chapters 500 till the end of the novel I feel that the plot and story was nonesense the author simply wasted more than 200 chapters talking about boring thing. I was hoping that the mc and fl would traverse to deeper universe and explore them fighting against the gods or establishing a celestial family and ruling the universe something like that but the story was disappointing. This type of novel is what I called an enuch the starting was interesting but the later part was destroyed by the author. I regret it why did this novel end up on this author??

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