Latest website: I didn't run far, just behind the run-down compound. Li Hao said that it was true to retreat, so he would just stay closed and ignore things outside the window.

At this moment, Li Hao is fully absorbing two attributes, light and darkness.

These days, he has been absorbing these two energies, and two small super locks like dragons are wandering in his body.

"Broken two more super locks, maybe not as powerful as breaking the five internal organs and four super locks, but it should be stronger than breaking the five internal organs and three..."

The light and dark super power lock wandered.

At this moment, what Li Hao is considering is, if the super lock is broken, can his body resist the potential released by the two?

How much strength will it increase?

Can the body and bones withstand the next burst of power?

And if one is broken alone, will there be a power imbalance?

All kinds of thoughts came to mind, and some previous thoughts and guesses came to mind. Would you like to try them together this time?

"Not completely broken first, but a little bit first, releasing energy, just like unblocking... Try to block it again!"

Thoughts came to mind.

Li Hao is also courageous. In other words, at this moment, he is not afraid of breaking the super lock, so he has the confidence in his heart and is bold.


A mouthful of blood spurted out, and the next moment, the spiritual power merged into it, and the divine will and blood were incorporated.

Like the blood knife tactics gathering flesh and blood.

According to the technique in the golden book, Li Hao condensed two big characters out of thin air.

Break, attack!

Based on qi, blood and spirit, two big characters are outlined, and the two big characters are faintly shining with brilliance. .

"The spirit of condensing qi and blood lacks the original support..."

Gu Wu, at this moment, it is necessary to gather the power of the origin to make these two characters stronger. Without the power of the origin, the powerful Xing Xing in Gu Wu, at this moment, is nothing but ordinary in Li Hao's view.

This kind of attack power may not be as good as the sword intent formed by the gathering of blood knife tactics.

"In this case, it's too weak..."

Li Hao thought in his heart, thinking of something, the next moment, two forces rioted in his body, one was wind and the other was thunder.

Convergence of wind and thunder!

In the next second, the wind and thunder separated, two energies poured into the two big characters, the broken character thunder flickered, and the attacking hurricane broke out everywhere.

"Split the magical powers in the body and blend them into the two characters, and it is best to complete the curing..."

But Li Hao tried it, and felt a little awkward.

The original two characters of breach, and the attributes of wind and thunder, seemed to be somewhat different.

Li Hao was lost in thought.

Zhenxing's unique learning, each kind of unique learning, seemingly similar, represents a martial arts path, rather than randomly pieced together a word.

Attack represents the unending wild warfare of the Xinwu Chen family.

Breaking represents the Xinwu Jiang family, the meaning of breaking all things, and the way of fighting is only broken.

The core is the power of the great ancestors of the family, and what is borrowed is the power of the great, not just a few words.

"Dao, word, word by word!"

Li Hao seemed to understand something. He felt that the two big characters and his own wind and thunder attributes seemed to be somewhat different from each other. In general, he understood that it was not that the method was wrong, but the strength of the integration was wrong and did not match!

"So, we should match this path in order to integrate into this word..."

"Either wind or thunder or breach, it's just a carrier, representing a different path!"

At this moment, Li Hao had some new ideas.

That being the case, then I outline the word "wind and thunder" to incorporate the attributes of wind and thunder?

"Using magical powers to outline and let the flow go, so what?"

Isn't that true of Zhenxing's unique learning?

He holds two gold books in his hand and is not unfamiliar with this method. The key to the two unfamiliar learning lies in one intention, to follow my heart, to engrave with the intention, and to blend the words into the words.

This is also the deepest faculty among the ancient martial arts that Li Hao has come into contact with.

With ideas and signs in his heart, Li Hao no longer hesitated, and instantly overturned and restarted.

The words "break" and "attack" shattered instantly, and the blood flowed back. Li Hao absorbed some sword energy, swallowed a drop of the fountain of life, and recovered his wounds.

As the Seventh Regiment Commander said, people can't die again, so try a few more times.

The next moment, the blood in the body gathered again.

This time, from the very beginning, the power of wind and thunder has gathered, super energy fluctuates, energy overflows, based on super magical powers.

Vaguely, a big letter, a little bit of shape.


All around, the wind roared, as if the power of the world had gathered. The next moment, there was a click, the wind roared, and the font in the air was broken. Li Hao spouted blood and looked blank.

Why... is it broken?

I followed Zhenxingcheng’s unique knowledge, and the steps were the same, except that the power bases were different. Why was it broken?


Deputy Director Zhou is busy, and Hong Yitang has just returned, explaining something to his daughter.

Suddenly, both of them looked back.

A gentle breeze swept gently.

It seemed to be mixed with some blood.

The two of them were a little puzzled, Hong Yitang looked back, a little weird, what was Li Hao doing?

Is the wind supernatural power?

The so-called supernatural power is the power of super power, the power of pulling the heaven and the earth, not the power of its own alone, but the power of connecting with the outside world to form an increase in power, this is the power of supernatural power!

Yuan Shuo's five powers are great, linking the power of the world to the outside world, and when he fought against Xu Qing that day, he had supernatural powers.

Of course, Yuan Shuo didn't think it was magical powers.

From Hong Yitang's point of view, supernatural powers are just like this. They use their own power to push the power of the outside world to become ten, and they are much stronger in an instant. This is supernatural power!

Supernatural powers are from the inside to the outside.

What is Li Hao doing now?

Cultivating supernatural powers?

Are you proficient in supernatural powers?

is it necessary?

Hong Yitang kept looking at the back, beside him, Hong Qing said dissatisfied: "Father, you haven't said yet, why are you so strong?"

"That's it for practicing casually!"

Hong Yitang made a perfunctory sentence, grabbing a breeze at will, and the breeze blowing, as if some power remained. He felt it, but he didn't feel anything too special.

Some didn't understand what Li Hao was doing. Didn't that guy retreat to open more super locks?

The wind and thunder attribute, he had already opened it.

Deputy Director Zhou also felt it, as if he was thinking about something. After a long while, he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

At that moment, Li Hao seemed to have failed his supernatural powers.

But... supernatural power failed, is it still called supernatural power?

what's the situation?

He didn't understand too much.

And Li Hao was also at a loss.

Why is it broken?

"Is the wind too strong? Insufficient solidification basis? Or other reasons?"


Li Hao fell into contemplation, is his power too scattered?

Or how?

"The blood, spirit, and energy are too messy to blend together, right?"

At this moment, the two secret techniques of "Blood Knife Art" and "Five Animals Spit Nashu" came into my mind. Both have the effect of fusion. How can I use the two in the magical powers? ?

He intended to just get something to block the power of the super lock in the first block, hoping to control the super lock without breaking the super lock.

At this moment, there is some interest.

If he had just finished the outline of the text successfully, then he would not be too concerned, but it would be broken instantly, making him realize that there are some special places in this.


"The outline of the wind character is broken because the influx of forces from the outside world is too strong... Then can the external forces be controlled?"

"Enter little by little, outline the power little by little?"

Thoughts came to mind.

Give it a try! one can die.

Thinking of this, Li Hao laughed. This time, he regained some blood and spirit. He took a drop of the fountain of life, spouted a faint blood, and outlined the text with blood.


It was just a stroke. Li Hao input a large amount of wind energy, and there was wind blowing from the outside world. At this moment, there was a refreshing breeze in Beicheng, a faint energy fluctuation swept through, and it instantly got into Li Hao's side.

Just as Li Hao was about to gather his strength, a suction suddenly came, and the external force collapsed instantly.

Li Hao was startled and looked up. Not far away, Black Panther looked at him asking for credit. Looking at Li Hao, I had eaten it, how powerful?

Li Hao can't laugh or cry!

The first time the external power poured in, Black Panther did not care, and the font was broken. Obviously, the Black Panther felt that it was very negligent the first time, and this time he simply swallowed the external power.

He wanted to say something, suddenly startled.

Without the influx of external forces, at this moment, a faint golden light appeared in front of him, and the stroke outlined before, actually gradually solidified, and there was no broken.

Li Hao was stunned.

"Actually maintained stability..."

Li Hao moved slightly in his heart, looking at the panther, his eyes changed: "You will continue to absorb the external force later, I will not let you let it go, and don't let any energy influx."


The Panther nodded, somewhat proud.

Did you see it?

I still work!

Li Hao smiled, stopped saying anything, continued to input some wind energy, blended into the spirit of blood, and outlined the text.

Is Jinsung unique?

Very interesting!

I just don't know, after the outline is successful, can it burst out with powerful power like magical powers?

Various ideas emerged.

The power of the wind poured in one after another, and gradually, a big character began to take shape.


It was like a hurricane roar, suddenly, when most of the wind energy poured in the body, the big characters were condensed in an instant, but Li Hao glanced at it, but frowned slightly, as if he lacked spirituality.

It is different from the fascination revealed by the strong in the golden book.

"Black Panther, put energy in!"

The black panther stopped swallowing instantly, and at this moment, the word "wind" was rising against the wind, and a gust of wind roared around, and the word "wind" instantly expanded, and a special wave broke out in an instant.

Just like the explosion of supernatural powers, the next moment, there was a loud bang!

A lot of energy poured into the font, bursting the font in an instant!

A powerful force burst out and was instantly swallowed by the black panther.

Li Hao spouted blood again!

He frowned slightly, what's the situation?

"Unable to control the input of external energy... It will only be absorbed frantically, causing it to become something like a bomb, and it will explode directly... It is a good way to injure the enemy, but in this way, it is like a one-time spell. Said, the destructive power is also limited."

Li Hao scratched his head, a little embarrassed.

It was just a small attempt, and it failed several times.

He just draws a gourd and draws a gourd, according to Zhenxingcheng's unique knowledge, can this fail?

Just me, can I still create martial arts?

I have to say that it hurts his self-esteem a little bit now. He didn't create out of thin air. He just made a step-by-step approach. Following Zhenxingcheng's unique knowledge, he created and improved according to the gourd, but he failed.

If there is no sword power and no fountain of life, just these two times, he will be seriously injured and dying.

At this moment, I suddenly admired and admired the teacher.


How did Yuan Shuo, who was so weak at the beginning, think of improving the ancient martial arts?

Why not just go for cultivation, but improve integration?

How dangerous, a little carelessness will lead to death.

Li Hao didn't try again, but fell into deep thought. After a while, he took out two gold books, studied them carefully, and realized the differences and key points.

"The steps are okay, but Zhenxing's unique learning is supported by the power of the great power and the power of the origin to maintain the immortality!"

"And I... don't have the power of origin!"

He doesn't have the power of the original source, so it looks particularly messy, and the fonts are a bit weak, unable to support the influx of external forces, but without these external powers, the outline of the fonts will have no power at all.

"It's very difficult to possess the form and spirit... and there is no original Tao..."

Thinking in his heart, suddenly startled.

He remembered that what Xiaoshu had said had something to do with Ben Yuan Dao.

Li Hao instantly melted into the storage ring.

"Senior Tree!"


"Senior, you used the Origin Dao to give me the insight that day. You once said that we don’t have the Origin Dao today, but there are similar ways..."

"Well, you exploded that day, like a broken bamboo, that kind of feeling, some of the feeling of the martial arts in the early years of the past, Chuwu does not have the original source, but the soldiers are the way..."



Li Hao was startled, potential!

He seemed to understand something, he didn't even bother to say hello to the tree, disappeared instantly, and looked at the place where the font was broken before.

"The words I sketched out seem to lack a soul, and they look particularly pale and weak..."

"But if it is, what about the integration?"

He instantly merged his spirit into the five internal organs, feeling the five internal organs and the five forces integrating into the five channels. Although it has been silent, he can still vaguely feel the one or two, five super power locks, as if he is still alive.

Yes, alive!

With a special unique personality.

At first glance, people feel that the five internal organs are all alive, and momentum is also a kind of living thing.

"Wind, wind... vitality, spirituality!"

Li Hao seemed to understand something at once, "Without the Origin Dao, we are still a little bit behind in the use of ancient martial arts, but... what if the fusion of momentum enters? Replace the origin Dao with momentum?"

"Position, a sense of martial arts originating from the heart, is also a manifestation of martial arts...power and divine will are not the same, divine will is only pure power, and momentum, not power, is a manifestation of great power!"

At this moment, I suddenly understood what Riba Dao had said to himself before he left.

When you thoroughly understand the difference between momentum and divine will, you may be able to embark on a different path.

Ba Dao, it seems to have understood it a long time ago.

Li Hao had understood before, but it was still not clear.

Today, it feels much clearer.

Zhan Tiancheng, Xiaoshu, Yuan Shuo, Zhen Xing Jue Xue, these things have brought him a lot of feelings, today is just a gourd painting, but failed again and again, let Li Hao fully realize that Gu Wu and Jin Wu different.

The two sides are no longer a system!

It's different!

If you follow the old ancient martial arts path exactly, you may soon encounter some bottlenecks and thresholds.

"Position is the biggest characteristic of today's martial arts, or today's cultivators! Super power does not have these, but a simple accumulation of power, which the martial artist possesses, so the martial artist is very malleable..."

Everyone has been saying that super power is not as good as a martial artist, but they can't tell why.

Today, Li Hao feels that he has grasped something.

The biggest difference, the biggest key, lies in the situation!

Stuck in a level of countless martial masters, it is the situation.

Without comprehension, you will not be able to step into Douqian. From the very beginning, the number of martial artists is destined to be far fewer than super powers.

"Position, that is to say, if I feel the wind, integrate it into wind energy, and then outline it into a word, turn it into a fascinating knowledge... will there be some difference?"

"Will external forces be controlled by the potential? The potential is spiritual, and pure power is not spiritual..."

Li Hao seemed to have discovered some new world. The next moment, he thought of something again, thought of the teacher, thought of the five-bird vomiting technique.

The teacher's harmony!

Yes, Rong Shen.

Integrate the potential into the super lock, release the power of the super lock a little bit, why... so similar?

In the end, it should also be the potential that controlled the Super Lock.

Isn't this the same result as what you want?

Li Hao suddenly patted his head and laughed dumbfounded: "Yes! After the teacher merges, the five forces are integrated into the five channels to control the super lock. I'm so stupid, how can I react!"

He has been thinking about how to control Super Lock. Didn’t the teacher give the answer?

It's just that, the teacher explained before, he actually didn't understand too much.

Today, I deduced from another path and finally came to the same conclusion. I suddenly felt that the teacher is really amazing!

Not only that, but the sentiment was deepened instantly.

It turned out that the final road seemed to be the same.

"Then I broke the super lock, and then merged the power in the super lock into one word, isn't it similar to the super lock? The super lock can't be taken away from the battle, and the star control is turned into But you can fight..."

Different routes to the same end!

Super power and martial artist, the last resort, aren't they the same?

Li Hao was a little excited, a little excited, at this moment, he suddenly wanted to talk to Yuan Shuo.

After fusing the gods, is it to completely control the super lock?

To break the super lock, or use momentum control to integrate the energy of the super lock into the potential and grow the momentum?

Accumulate the gods, merge the gods... Then, after the next, is it just breaking the lock?

"Five-Animal Breathing Technique, even the potential and super power lock can blend together, and the potential and energy must be no problem..."

At this moment, Li Hao only felt that suddenly he was enlightened!

Teacher, it seems that he has already given the answer.

Of course, this is not the same as the teacher directly giving himself the answer. It is he used other methods and other processes to derive, and at the end of the derivation, he returned to this point. The two different methods have the same final return point.

This gave Li Hao a lot of different feelings.

Thinking of this, he took out a piece of messenger jade, and quickly sent the messenger crazy. Yuan Shuo is very free and easy, and he didn't give Li Hao a chance to mess up, but...Li Hao is not stupid, Yuan Shuo can't, look for the green lightsaber!

When the Jade Light Sword left last time, Li Hao stuffed a piece of transmission jade, which belonged to the Silver Moon system, not Li Hao's own system. He did not have this intelligence system, which was the reason why he rarely used the transmission jade.

"Call Master Wu, call Master Wu!"

Li Hao called several times before getting a reply: "What's the matter?"

"I want to communicate with the teacher for a while."

It seemed that after a while, it seemed that there was a change of person, and Li Hao didn't know if there was any change. After a while, two words appeared: "Hurry up!"


It's the teacher, that's right.

"The five forces merge the five meridians, should they eventually be broken out, or should they be completely integrated and integrated into one?"

Above the silver moon.

Yuan Shuo was initially a little upset, when did Li Hao hook up with Biguangjian, and at the moment he saw the questioning, he was slightly startled.

Together with Rongshen, he and Li Hao said very clearly.

The five locks are blended together, and when the five potentials are also merged, you can build locks with power and build power with locks.

But what Li Hao asked at the moment was the way behind.

He hasn't come to this point himself, how can he know how to do it, just some inference.

Both possibilities mentioned by Li Hao exist.

"It's hard to say, it depends on the actual situation whether it is broken or planted together... I can't give an accurate answer now."

When it comes to martial arts, although he is reluctant to talk about it, so as not to be monitored, Li Hao asked, he still replied.

"That potential is spiritual, right?"

Yuan Shuo laughed, did you know?

"Of course! Just like the power of the five animals, the power comes out with the heart, with the martial arts, and the martial arts are fundamental and naturally spiritual."

Li Hao seemed to be silent for a while.

Another word was sent: "Position can control the energy in and out, control the degree of internal strength, right?"


Yuan Shuo frowned, his own apprentice has come to this point, don't you understand?

But when he thought that his momentum was silent, he was a little frustrated for a moment, maybe... this kid wants to regain his status as a martial artist, but how simple is it? Are you thinking of a way now?

He was a little frustrated and regretful. He originally wanted to scold him, but now his tone softened: "Position is a kind of master control. The strength of the power actually determines your upper limit, so naturally it has a regulating effect."

Li Hao sent another message: "Can potential and mystery coexist?"

Yuan Shuo fell into deep thought.

This time, he spent a lot of time, thinking, and thinking for a long time, and gave the answer: "It should be possible. Mysterious energy is a kind of energy, and momentum is not energy. Mysterious energy conflicts with internal energy, not momentum! Mysterious energy and inner strength are the same, and momentum exists separately, but potential needs to be stimulated by inner strength...Inner strength can be regarded as a kind of fuel energy."

"Can the mysterious energy be used as the energy for stimulating potential?"

Yuan Shuo fell into deep thought and frowned.

He considered for a long time, and then said: "Inner strength can stimulate momentum because it is born from the inside of the human body, and it is considered to be homologous to potential. Mystery can be a foreign object, not a homologous, and it is difficult to stimulate."

"Can the mysterious energy be incorporated into the body, merged into flesh and blood, and integrated into one body?"

Yuan Shuo's heart moved slightly.

My apprentice, the question he asked this time was getting deeper and deeper. He pulled a few mustaches, pondered hard, and blended the mystery into flesh and blood. Is it okay?

Can it be used as internal energy?

In addition to some foreign objects, some of the power of the mysterious energy is actually born in the super lock. Why does the super lock give birth to the mysterious energy?

After the Super Lock is completely broken, what should the martial artist do?

Will the energy in the super lock replace internal energy?

Or can it be integrated?

On the side, Biguangjian looked at Yuan Shuo, feeling that Yuan Shuo seemed to be stumped. He was scratching his head at the moment. Yuan Shuo in this state is still rare. This guy always has an omniscient posture.

Have you encountered a problem today?

Li Hao couldn't wait for Yuan Shuo's answer.

He knew that it was not the teacher not answering, but the teacher thinking.

Li Hao went on to speak: "Mysterious energy also has two sources, one is from outside, the other is born from super lock! Foreign, it will be a short while, maybe it can't be completely integrated into flesh and blood, but super lock and flesh and blood. It is one body, this is also the so-called source divine power of super power!"

"It's just that in the later stage, the mysterious energies from the outside are mixed together. Can the external energies be stripped off, and the source divine energies can be integrated into the flesh and blood again..."

This time, after a while, there was a reply on the transmission jade: “I’m not too clear. I haven’t tried it myself. I dare not give a definite answer. You can give it a try. Because of your current state, maybe you can give it a try... "

After a while, another message came: "Don't try it rashly. You open the lock of wind and thunder. If you want to try, you can only try the lock of the five internal organs. Unless you feel the force of wind and thunder at this moment, I don't recommend you to try!"

Obviously, Yuan Shuo reacted quickly.

Now that Li Hao's situation is silent, I am afraid it will be difficult to perceive the new situation.

Li Hao does not have the power of wind and thunder, so he can only try with the power of the five internal organs. He does not advise Li Hao to do this. It is too dangerous. Once the five internal organs lock is broken, Li Hao originally had hope of recovering the martial artist, and perhaps it was completely lost. NS!

"I see, thank you teacher, goodbye!"


Yuan Shuo didn't reply again, just cursed secretly, don't try it!

However, thinking of Li Hao's previous question, he frowned again.

My apprentice has been feeling a lot lately. Is it because I have become a superpower and I can’t accept it?

It seems to delve deeply into it.

"What's wrong?"


Yuan Shuo directly smashed the communication jade, and said with no good air: "Don't bring this, this is the silver moon system, the old guys of the silver moon must be able to track and locate, they know where I have been!"

As for the previous conversation with Li Hao, it may be known, but it doesn't matter.

You guys try it!

Don't be afraid of death, just try it.

He frowned: "Li Hao seems to be eager to become a martial artist again. If this goes on...I am worried about something wrong, **** Jiuji, sooner or later make them look good!"

If it weren't for them, how could one's own apprentice become superpowers?

Now, it's on the road to superpower, gone forever, and it's going deeper and deeper!

Wu Hongshan didn't say anything. She was also given by Li Hao and brought it with her. Obviously Li Hao felt that the people of Yinyue official could still be trusted.

Of course, don't say this to Yuan Shuo, otherwise this guy can scold him for three days.

At this moment, Li Hao stared at his five internal organs, feeling a little moved.

The teacher also said that it is possible.

If it is now, I break a chain in the five internal organs, blend in with the potential, absorb the power of the super lock, and then outline the text and turn it into the carrier of the potential, is it representative, I can incorporate the mysterious energy into my body and turn it into myself used?

But in that way, just as the teacher said, maybe he had cut off his hope of returning to a martial arts master.

Now, there may be hope.

"But, if it keeps on blocking like this...even if I regained my role as a martial artist, I will become a weak one..."

"Mysterious energy and inner strength still have something in common. Manager Yu said at the time that she became a super power first, and then after purifying the mysterious power, she reshaped the super power lock...returned to a martial artist, and the mysterious power can be reshaped into a super power. It can be locked, as long as the momentum is still there!"

Someone has turned from super power to martial artist, indicating that there is something in common between the two, rather than a completely different system.

Do you want to try it?

Li Hao stared at his five internal organs.

The tiger in the heart is Li Hao's most consistent sentiment.

How about storing the mysterious energy with the tiger and turning it into a word?


Or a tiger?

Of course, this doesn't matter, it's just a bearer.

Li Hao hesitated slightly.

But soon, I laughed, it's time, does it matter?

Can't become a martial artist... Then become a powerful super power!

Director Wang and the others, didn't they also say it, doesn't it matter?

The nature of power is different, but power is still power, there is not much difference. Among the ancient martial arts, there are also top-level powerhouses who use energy together.

"Then try...Break a super power lock in the five internal organs, devour the mysterious energy with the tiger...not completely break it, but split some...condense with blood, and the tiger accommodates...maybe some gains."

At this moment, Li Hao was a lot free and easy, if he couldn't recover, then he would always be this super power.

He also didn't want the momentum to remain silent.

Now, the tiger, who wanted to break out of the cage, has once again become a prisoner. Is it willing?

It is not reconciled!

"When the tiger is out of the cage, how can you keep trapped in your heart... Now that you have an idea, let's try it!"

Li Hao smiled freely.

Look to the heart: "Tiger, are you willing to break the **** and come out again?"

In my mind, there seems to be a roar of a tiger!

The prisoner is struggling!

With excitement and unwillingness, I have a tiger in my heart. I have already come out of the cage. How can I be willing to be silent again until one day, it will be completely dead?


Li Hao smiled, I guessed, you are unwilling, unwilling to die completely.

That being the case... try it out.

Perhaps, this time of retreat, there is really some unexpected gain.

It's just that the heart is too dangerous. Li Hao thought about it, and quickly swallowed 10 drops of the fountain of life and wrapped the heart. He wanted to break the bridge of five locks, break the lock of the heart, and release the power of the tiger.

If it doesn't work, then one more supernatural power will turn into three supernatural powers of fire, wind, and thunder.

As for the light and dark two super locks, put them away first.

If one of the five internal organs is broken, it should be able to hold it, right?

Li Hao is also a ruthless person, anyway, he has reached this point, and he doesn't care about it. It's a big deal to take the all-superpower route in the future.


The bridge of the five internal organs was broken by him.

Fenglei Superpower, began to pour in here.

The next moment, a flame rose up, repelling the wind and thunder, and the five internal organs roared like a raging fire.


Hong Yitang appeared in an instant, looking at the sky, there was a faint flame reflecting the void.

Director Zhou also appeared in an instant and looked at Hong Yitang.

Hong Yitang frowned: "What is he doing?"

The flame disappeared in an instant. It was the Panther's action, a mouth, and all the visions disappeared, but the two were very close, and naturally they still felt some things.

Director Zhou sighed: "I have completely abandoned the idea of ​​switching back..."

Li Hao, it seems to break the fire!

He is about to break the five internal organs!

Hong Yitang frowned slightly, then recovered his calm after a while: "Alright!"

He is also a supernatural power, UU reading is calm at the moment: "Very good! It's good to see it open, super power is nothing bad, it's all just power, martial artist cultivates the mind, but... I'm afraid he can't bear it physically. The seventh power lock is broken."

"The problem shouldn't be big."

Director Zhou groaned: "His physical body and five internal organs should be able to bear the seventh path, but the eighth path is really reluctant. On the contrary, the gains outweigh the losses."

Hong Yitang didn't say anything.

However, he was slightly confused. Just now, he seemed to hear the roar of the tiger. It was Li Hao's momentum. It seemed that there was not much unwillingness, only joy, only excitement, and the feeling of desperate fight!

You know, breaking the fire lock will definitely destroy the fire.

Power is spiritual.

Li Hao is killing the tiger, but his tiger doesn't seem to be desperate. Why?

At this moment, even he couldn't figure it out.

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