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This novel is also known as Constellation Door

According to legend, in the depths of the ancient starry sky, stood a red door infested with blood and fire.

Legends and myths, darkness and light, endless legends all flow in this ancient portal.

Overlooking the star gate, the blood is shining on the world, and the darkness will eventually go away!

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Short Title:SG
Alternate Title:星门 / Constellation Door
Author:Eagle eats chick
Weekly Rank:#8636
Monthly Rank:#8267
All Time Rank:#7365
Tags:Clever Protagonist, Gate to Another World, Lost Civilizations, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Master-Disciple Relationship, Shameless Protagonist, Superpowers, Unique Weapons, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I'm currently at chapter 270, actually didn't realise this in the same universe as Global Gaowu/World's Best Martial Artist. Well I only read about 800 chapters in Global Gaowu and Fang Ping hasn't become the human king yet. In fact I only realized it around chapter 260 when they mentioned the mc's ancestors name is Li Changsheng and the unity of all method. Though the world in this novel seems to be a small sealed world and is not the main world, but at the current chapter the past is being mentioned a lot. The blood emperor (probably that Wang Jinyang guy who taught Fang Ping martial arts), Supreme Zhang (probably Zhang Tao the minister of education), Zhenxing City, Zhengxing city Jiang and Li families, etc. A lot of familiar things brought up. As for this novel the mc doesn't really have a cheat, he does have a few advantages but others can the do same thing. Currently at most, this mc's only advantage is that he became stronger faster (because of the sword his ancestor left behind) than the other experts, unlike the prequel where Fang Ping had an actual system as a cheat. Of course this novel is similar to its predecessor where ancient knowledge is lost and they're slowly discovering a new path, and the mc's best advantage is actually his teacher Yuan Shuo, whose understanding of martial arts can still help the mc even if he is currently stronger than his teacher (though the teacher is currently known as invincible in the same realm and has some catching up to do due to circumstances)

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