Chapter 2437 Shao Family

Tian Shanshan despised him from the bottom of her heart, and she was frightened and angry when she saw this. Naturally, she refused to comply and resisted desperately.

Tian Shanshan had no feelings for Shao Liulang at all. How could he be polite when he saw that he dared to use force against her?

Tian Shanshan smashed a vase on Shao Liulang's head, and Shao Liulang screamed and fainted. Tian Shanshan gasped for breath and sneered, her furious anger made her grit her teeth and hate her, how dare this **** dare to touch herself!

She simply didn't do it again and again, and asked someone to break Shao Liulang's legs. Now that it's all over, she won't be able to do anything with her in the future even if she wants to.

The thing she regrets the most is that she didn't deal with Qiao Xuan decisively at the beginning, instead she dreamed of causing Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunyun to have a conflict with herself, and as a result, she failed miserably and had nothing.

Now, she won't make the same mistake again.

When Shao Liulang woke up, he almost lost his temper.

But what can be done?

He is already a cripple, powerless to return to heaven!

It is impossible to become an official in the dynasty in this life!

Shao Liulang scolded endlessly and divorced Tian Shanshan.

Shao Yunyun couldn't help it. Any relationship between the Shao family and the Tian family is disgusting, and it is best to have nothing to do with them.

In this way, Tian Shanshan sent back to Tian's house, and Shao Liulang still sent back to Shao's village.

The disabled Shao Liulang didn't even need to pay more attention to himself.

Shao Liulang got to this point, it's all his own fault, and he can't blame anyone.

What Shao Yunyun didn't know at the moment was that something unexpected happened in Shaojia Village.

Uncle Shao and Uncle Shao were red-eyed because of Shao Yunyun's proclaiming emperor, and they desperately pestered Uncle Shao to ask for this and that. Where else would Uncle Shao cut off the relationship? He absolutely refused to admit it!

Everyone is blood brothers, can this be broken? Born to be unstoppable!

Uncle Shao naturally wanted to help them, but he couldn't do it for Fang and his children.

Uncle Shao and Uncle Shao came up frantically and pushed and shoved with him. Uncle Shao was inattentive, and unexpectedly pushed the two of them and fell hard, breaking their waist directly. It is almost impossible to walk normally, and is destined to no longer be able to stand upright, and can only stoop.

Fang Shi was furious, and he would never allow the two families to come to his own house. He told the clan, and the patriarch came forward and sentenced the second and third families to the ancestral hall for a month, and taught them a hard lesson.

The second uncle Shao and the third uncle Shao were also scared to death. If Uncle Shao really had something to do, could Shao Yunyun spare them?

When they came out of the ancestral hall, they wanted to go to the big room to apologize, and Mrs. Fang directly told people to drive them away, but they were not allowed to enter by the gate.

Not convinced? Then continue to stay in the ancestral hall!

If the second room is broken, the relationship is Don't think about anything. As for the third room, it is enough to eat and wear, and if you dare to think anything, just go to the ancestral hall and stay there!

The second room and the third room are angry and afraid, and they have no chance to do what they want to do.

After the world was settled, everyone in the big room went to the capital. Shao Yunyun rewarded Shao Ding Village with countless gold and silver. The patriarch and others were grateful and knew in their hearts that the second and third rooms were taken care of.

Including Shao Liulang, who came back from the maim.

Can't come up with any moths anymore.

As for Shao Xiaozhi, after picking and choosing for countless years, he finally married a small landlord. After Shao Yunyun became emperor, he actually wanted to marry another official family, and he was honest after being taught a lesson by the family.

Seeing that her parents’ brother is defunct, her parents are unreliable, and she doesn’t dare to make trouble again, and she can’t afford a big house, how can you dare to make trouble?

The big room doesn't look down on them at all, plus his own father almost killed the eldest uncle, let alone think about it.

(End of this chapter)