Chapter 2436 Catch

The few old maids who served by the prince's side were specially selected. In the deep palace of the forbidden area in Beiyuan, no one could take her away arbitrarily.

As for whether she is willing or not, whether she is willing or not, or how to find life and death, who cares?

She never saw anyone again.

She yelled to see Qiao Xuan and Shao Yunyun, but no one paid her any attention.

The old palace maid who was serving said that if she kept scolding in her mouth again, don't blame her for pouring down a bowl of dumb medicine...

The first princess was angry, hated and afraid, and then she stopped for a while. For the rest of her life, she has no chance to leave this place.

Her little grandson was taken away by Shao Yun's orders.

After all, this is the only bloodline of the first prince. Shao Yunyun sent someone to teach him again. He did not mean to cut grass and roots.

He won the world of Daqin dignifiedly. If his children are incompetent, the world will sooner or later belong to someone else. If his children are capable, how can they be afraid and tolerate the blood of a previous prince?

Qiao Xuan thought the same as him. No matter what, the first prince treated Shao Yunyun kindly, so he should keep his blood.

Of course, if this child grows up and walks on the road to death, he will not blame others.

First, the Crown Princess made two riots, and there were no waves on the bright side. It was like a flash in the pan, and soon no one would discuss it anymore.

As for the Tian family, Hang Xingshan followed the line of the first prince, and quickly seized Tian Shanshan's handle, no matter whether the first prince went out from Beiyuan to the Qianqing Palace to make a fuss, and then suddenly appeared at the queen's flower viewing banquet. , all of them were written by Tian Shanshan.

In addition to being shocked and angry, Master Tian slapped Tian Shanshan on the face, and was deeply distressed.

This girl, he was really spoiled too much, to be so self-willed to do such a thing! She is going to drag the entire Tian family to the dead end!

Shao Yunyun used this pretext to drive the Tian family out of the capital.

Tian Shanshan wanted to instruct Shao Liulang to make trouble, but she didn't have time to use it.

Moreover, under the hint of Shao Yunyun, Hang Xingshan was detained on the heads of Tian Shanshan and Shao Liulang, and Shao Liulang couldn't argue, and was also sent out of Beijing.

It is impossible to be an official again.

Shao Yunyun sent someone to **** him and Tian Shanshan back to Shaojia Village.

The village is all his people, Tian Shanshan can't find any waves.

In other words, she'd better continue to make trouble, just to solve her once.

I don't want to, Shao Liulang is simply a fan of the officialdom. He also dreams of making a big show and becoming famous for the ages. How could he be willing to leave Beijing like this?

But he couldn't argue, and colluded with the former crown princess to make This is also because he is the emperor's cousin, otherwise, where would he and the Tian family just be driven out of Beijing?

If there is no such relationship, it is a death. Even the lightest has to be exiled a thousand miles!

Regardless of the court, or the common people, they all praised the emperor for his generosity and benevolence, and scolded him for being ruthless.

Shao Liulang is so embarrassed!

Shao Yunyun has never done him any favors, why should he call him a jerk!

Shao Liulang became furious and angered Tian Shanshan.

In the past, he flattered and flattered Tian Shanshan for the sake of his future. Now Tian Shanshan has become a scourge and a burden, how can he flatter and flatter her?

He hates Tian Shanshan!

If this **** hadn't made his own decisions, how could he have been implicated?

Think about this **** again, not to mention that he is not allowed to touch himself after being married for so long.

(End of this chapter)

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