Chapter 2435 Solved

Tian Shanshan glared at Lilac viciously, trembling slightly with anger.

Lilac glanced at her and smiled lightly: "What's wrong with Miss Tian? She seems to be very angry? What this lady said seems to be the truth, right? This person, you must recognize the reality, admit the reality, don't be so How unwilling!"

"Not everyone has the ability and the confidence to be unwilling. The virtue is not matched, and the ability is not worthy of it. The unwillingness is just a joke!"


"Did I said wrong thing?"

Tian Shanshan stumbled a bit. Before, she had laughed at the uselessness of the first crown princess, how could she be dizzy, and now she is about to be dizzy.

Lilac glanced at her contemptuously, then ignored her and bowed to Qiao Xuan: "Empress Empress, the garden is full of flowers blooming and the scenery is excellent. The concubine is just about to go shopping, please allow the Empress to grant her permission."

Qiao Xuan smiled: "Bengong invited everyone to enter the palace today to enjoy the flowers and have fun. You don't have to be restrained, ladies and gentlemen, just go for a walk. Wait for the banquet in this palace, and then have a good time."

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, no need to stay embarrassed, "Thank you for your grace!"

Soon, they went around in groups of three or five.

Because there are many people invited today, many people are not qualified to come here, and there are many people who come here for the first time today, and they are very clear in their hearts that this is the grace of the Empress. There are so many people, and I specially invited more people, so I am qualified to come, and it is very likely that it will be this time. It will not be easy to think about it in the future.

Can't wait to have a good stroll around the Royal Garden!

The garden soon became lively.

The mother, daughter, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of the Tian family were embarrassed. Even if they didn't break up with their family, they avoided them intentionally or unintentionally at this moment.

This Tian Shanshan is 80% insane. If you say something that shouldn't be said when you are with him, wouldn't she be implicated in vain?

In the past, the arrogant lady who was praised by everyone in the capital did not want to end up like this today, and it was really embarrassing...

Qiao Xuan didn't go to enjoy the flowers, she sat in the pavilion drinking tea, listening to the court ladies joking around. Lilac soon came back and spoke with her.

What Lilac didn't know was that Qiao Xuan developed her supernatural powers and listened to the conversations of Mrs. Manyuan and the ladies...

Despite the turmoil, today's flower viewing banquet has not been affected is still successfully completed according to the original plan.

At about four in the afternoon, the ladies saluted and left the palace.

The hearts of the people were also quite calm.

Although the wife of a petty official who I didn't care about in the past was a little uncomfortable when I first met her, the queen's wife was graceful and majestic, and gradually, everyone got used to it.

Looking at the empress's lenient and considerate manner, there is no such thing as the arrogant attitude of a villain, unless she takes the initiative to provoke like Tian Shanshan who is not afraid of death.

That's good, the queen is like this, the emperor is naturally more generous, and everyone's heart is completely stable.

The first crown princess was secretly escorted to Beiyuan Palace for house arrest. Her role in attracting snakes out of the hole has been completed, and there is no need to appear in front of people in the future.

If it wasn't for deliberately releasing water, how could it be so easy for someone to bring her into the palace?

But now, it's not necessary.

(End of this chapter)