Chapter 2434 Counterattack

Tian Shanshan couldn't bear to laugh and said: "I remember that there was a peony in this imperial garden that was the favorite of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. It almost died that year. Thanks to the rejuvenation of the empress, she took care of it herself and took care of it, and it was saved! The queen! The empress's ability to take care of flowers and trees is really admirable! Now I see that the flowers and trees in the garden are looking better, and I think the empress is also taking care of it!"

As soon as Tian Shanshan finished speaking, the audience fell silent.

Everyone looked at me and I looked at you, and they were all dumbfounded.

This Miss Tian...isn't she crazy? Taunting the empress like this in public?

Many people even mocked secretly, the Tian family really can't afford to lose, and when it comes to being careful, there is really no one else. The old yellow calendar of which year is it, still holding on to it and holding on to it.

I don't know how to judge the situation at all.

Besides, what happened back then, their Tian family was disgraceful.

The emperor and the empress did not think to deal with them, they should burn high incense, how can they be so domineering and give her face...

Fortunately, there are many people...even if it is a little embarrassing, it is not just me who is embarrassed.

Mrs. Tian and the two young ladies of the Tian family were shocked!

Obviously, they didn't expect Tian Shanshan to come out like this suddenly!

"Emperor, Empress, this child is just joking. The Empress also invited Haihan, so she doesn't care about her..."

Mrs. Tian had to force a smile to accompany Xiaofu to explain a word or two softly, in an attempt to smooth things out.

Seeing this, Tian Shanshan felt sour in her heart, making her even more uncomfortable.

The more this is the case, the more she can't control her emotions. She clearly knows that there are things she shouldn't say, but she still has an urge to say it, and it's uncomfortable not to say it.

She smiled innocently: "Yeah, these are just a few jokes. You can't tell what the Empress did herself, right? After all, it's not something shameful, right?"

Qiao Xuan smiled lightly and said calmly, "Ms. Tian's words have some truth, Ben Gong, Zilai is good at farming, so what's the point of peonies? When I was in Anzezhou and Jiangnan , reclamation of fertile land and promotion of good seeds can be done a lot. The emperor also said that food is the priority for the people, and farming is the most important thing in the world. Where is Ben Gong’s good husband! Miss Tian, ​​why don’t you joke a little more, is Ben Gong a good husband?”

Tian Shanshan choked.

Lilac covered her mouth and giggled, "The Empress has made the emperor Wang Wang the king of the world, so what is this not a good husband? It's better than some people who clearly have a good brand and a famous lady, and finally end up notorious, The more you mess up, the worse you are! The emperor has a vision, and he will never give up on the empress. No matter what kind of monster she is, he will never try to get a foot in it! Oh, if you can't ask for it, I don't know if there is a madman. Don't even look at what you are, you dare to go to the emperor again and again, don't you have the vision to be the emperor?"

Lilac originally didn't want to say these words, even Qiao Xuan didn't mean to ridicule in front of Tian Shanshan, but it was no wonder that some people rushed to ask for self-abuse.

Cynical who can't?

Qiao Xuan laughed again, "Mrs. Ding is so straightforward!"

Lilac: "It's all the truth, and it's not something shameful, so the concubine won't have so much scruples and be straightforward!"

(End of this chapter)

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