In a trance, Qiao Xuan, who was lying on the bed, heard a knock on the door, followed by a middle-aged woman who asked nervously, "Duan'er, what's the matter? What happened? Son?"

"...Mother, it's okay, I accidentally kicked the stool down."

The woman was anxious: "Ah? Are you not hurt?"

"No, don't worry. You're tired today, so go and rest!"

"That's it, then you, you also rest..."

There was no sound outside the door, but Qiao Xuan said in her heart, "Fuck, why is there a man in this room!" She opened her eyes abruptly.

Facing a pair of cold and clear eyes looking down, she was so frightened that she didn't catch her breath, she covered her mouth and coughed.

His eyes swept away quickly, the room was full of red, and there was also the word Double Happiness—this is the bridal chamber candle night!

"You, you—" Qiao Xuan sat up in a hurry, hugged the quilt and shrank to the corner of the bed, her eyes widened, and stared at the man: "You, don't come here!"

The man sneered slightly, gritted his teeth and scolded: "You lunatic! It's unreasonable! If you don't want to marry, you don't have to. If it wasn't for me to find out - our family married a daughter-in-law, but the bride committed suicide on the wedding night, etc., you let me How will I behave in the future! How will my parents and brothers meet people!"

Qiao Xuan was stunned, and only then did she see the white velvet hanging on the beam. In the festive red in the room, she looked a little intimidating...

Beneath Bai Ling is the fallen stool. I think it was because this cheap Xianggong made a noise when he rescued her, and this caused his mother to come to ask.

"Boom!" Agitated in her mind, Qiao Xuan felt dizzy, her face turned pale, and the memory of the original owner flooded her brain like a flood...

The identity of the original owner is not low compared to this farm family, but she is the daughter of the county magistrate's family—although she is a concubine.

In fact, this prostitute was already engaged, and it was a baby kiss set by her deceased mother for her. Her prospective fiancé was also in good spirits. She even passed the entrance exam and became a county magistrate after her expatriate experience. By coincidence, she was in a neighboring county.

Ordinarily, this is just right, and the two married happily.

But the mother-in-law Dong hates Qiao Xuan's biological mother, so how could she allow Qiao Xuan to marry an outstanding man with a promising future, who had already been selected as a magistrate at the age of eighteen?

So a while ago, she planned to coax Qiao Xuan to go out to incense, and she was coaxed to the edge of the water and pushed her down.

Originally thought that the gods were unaware, but Qiao Xuan was rescued by the bridegroom officer in front of her, Shao Yunyun from Shaoding Village.

This has a skin-to-skin relationship, of course, can only be married with a full reputation.

The mother-in-law was so happy that her heart was floating.

This is good!

Not only does she not have to bear a life, but she can also let Qiao Xuan resign and marry into a farm family and suffer for a lifetime, and she will never turn around!

So, the mother-in-law told her husband, and resolutely resigned to Qiao Xuan's marriage, but no, she hurriedly married her to the Shao family.

Qiao Xuan was in a state of grief and indignation, and she was in a daze. When she was in the boudoir, she was tightly guarded and couldn't do anything. At that time, she still had a glimmer of hope in her heart.

However, when she got married today, she quietly lifted the veil in the new house and saw the shabbyness of the house, like falling into an ice cellar.

Unexpectedly, he was rescued by Shao Yunyun in time - it is not appropriate to say that, the original owner is still dead, and it is Qiao Xuan who has passed through.


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