Some bodies swelled and turned green, turning into a little giant with green muscles; some superhumans had thick arms and lush black hair, like the arms of a chimpanzee; some superhumans were charged with electricity. Light, one step, the soil on the ground was blackened by a small piece of electricity, and after a few steps, a dark road was left on the ground...

The momentum on their bodies is still rising, from the second-order to the third-order, and from the third-order to the third-order late stage, it only took less than two minutes before and after.

Leaving aside other things about the gods, the power of the source is really easy to use.

Lin Yi on Qifeng Mountain looked very hot. The power of the source is a very pure force, which can make people quickly break through the current realm, but it is naturally not the real use of the power of the source.

Giving too much at one time will cause the foundation to be unstable. Even if the power of the source is pure and the foundation is unstable before, it will not allow people to continue to break through.

The real way to use the power of the source is to take it in batches, so that you can quickly transform yourself, and at the same time leave a certain amount of time to consolidate the foundation.

When the use of the power of the source of the gods was just discovered by the great power of the world of immortals, most of the gods in the gods world died almost overnight, and the remaining gods also became the biological factories of the power of the source, specializing in the manufacture of this type of The power of the source.

More than a dozen Tier 3 beings, no matter which country's extraordinary team sees it, will be stunned.

But Harris didn't. Instead, he smiled and attacked first. At the third level, no matter how many these guys came, Harris was not afraid.

Several green light blades suddenly appeared in front of the necks of these third-order powerhouses. Some people blocked them, but most people were cut off their heads very neatly.

The dozen or so third-orders who came excitedly came, and there were only three people left in a blink of an eye.


! "

One of the remaining three is the green muscular man. The muscles on his neck are very strong. The combination of muscles and tough bones allows him to resist this light blade, but blocking this move, his neck is very strong. It has also been cut in half, and half of the head is drooping down, looking very miserable.

The remaining two used high perception, and after sensing the danger, they managed to avoid it with keen perception.

When they saw one face-to-face, there were only three people left. Although these three people had faith, they couldn't help but chug in their hearts.

"Can such a strong person really be able to stop them?"

"The next move to block, you are also considered a bit capable, and you can do things under my hands in the future."

Just as a few people sneered and wanted to say the words of eternal loyalty to the gods, Harris sent out a light blade again, but this time the light blade seemed to be carrying something, and this time the light blade would turn.

It is difficult for the three of them to avoid the light blade that goes straight, let alone the light blade that can be controlled at will.

Directly hit, the third-order parasitic species attached to the light blade immediately entered the body of the three.

"No, something went in through the wound!" The third-order perception is still keen, and the parasitic species has just entered, and they are aware of it. They want to adjust the energy in the group to block, but the third-order parasitic species is no longer ordinary energy. resisted.

No matter how they manipulated it, the parasitic species quickly took root and sprout in their bodies, spreading to the whole body in a very short time.

The three people who had been disdainful of Harris just now bowed down to Harris as if they were slaves.

After successfully controlling the three of them, Harris asked them to retreat, and the green light flashed in his hand.

A half-person-high light blade gradually took shape in Harris' hands. The previous light blades had such a powerful force with just one shot, but the current light blade is constantly condensing in Harris's hands, and it has not yet been released. When it is issued, its power is revealed.


The stone statue clearly sensed the strength of the light blade in Harris's hand, paused for a moment, swallowed the cruel words he was about to say, and said loudly, "We can cooperate."

"You have also seen the power of my source power. As long as you protect me and continue to absorb the power of faith, I can provide you with a certain amount of source power."


This is what you've been waiting for! Harris' heart was surging, but he still showed a puzzled expression on the surface: "We cooperated, I killed so many of you, and you still want to cooperate with me?"

"They didn't die. With your help, they joined my kingdom of heaven. Besides, there are too many grievances and grievances in the world. Our gods are detached from the world, and naturally they will not be the same as mortals."

Believe in your ghost.

Harris complained in his heart, and then asked bluntly: "How to cooperate and protect you for a day, how much source power are you willing to give me?"

"You humans, you just can't see clearly, so you are immersed in grievances..." The idol wanted to continue to persuade, but suddenly realized that the guy opposite seemed to have agreed.

This is too fast, is the human mind changing so fast? Some gods don't know what to say.

Fortunately, she is also a quick thinker, so she calmed down and said, "You can see the grievances clearly, which is very good."

"As for the content of the transaction, protect me for a day, I am willing to give a little bit of the power of the source, the deadline is three months, don't think it's too much, this is a bit of the power of the source, you can try the effect yourself."

A ray of light ten times weaker than before, which advanced the second-order superhuman into a third-order superhuman, emanated from the stone statue and flew towards Harris.

Harris' eyes condensed, he did not let the light approach, but controlled it with energy in the air. After checking to make sure that there was no back hand, he rested his hand on it with confidence.

The light entered the palm of his hand, and the energy in Harris' body also began to operate violently, but unfortunately, the strength of the incarnation outside the body was limited by Lin Yi, and he could not cultivate and promote, and could not exceed the body.

Therefore, the energy is running violently, but it only recovers the energy faster, and Harris's cultivation base has not changed at all.

Harris had expected this result, but the stone statue couldn't figure it out. What happened? Even if there is only a trace of the power of the source, it should be able to improve a little strength, how come there is no movement in this person.

"A trace of source power is too weak to have any effect on me at all. In this way, ten traces a day, otherwise I will help you, and it will be meaningless to myself."

It is true to say so, but the stone statue still has a heartache. It is very difficult to generate the power of the source. The prayers of five million people can only produce one strand a day, which is the power of the source of ten strands. This person goes directly to the ten strands. It is equivalent to the income of a city, and he has taken it away.

But he gave too little, and it seemed that there was no need for others to cooperate with him. This person's background was too deep, and even a trace of the power of the source did not produce any effect of enhancing his strength.