These different dimensions are rich in resources and abundant in spiritual energy, which has brought great benefits to the main plane of Blue Star. Of course, the creatures that exist in these different dimensions also bring some troubles to the creatures on the main plane. In the endless void, there are countless different dimensions folded around the Blue Star, like a ball with burrs. These burrs are large and small, the small ones are quickly fused into the sphere, and the large ones vibrate slightly, and generally continue to remain motionless. Among these large burrs, a super-large burr is extremely conspicuous. Previously, when the small burrs merged, this super-large burr did not move at all, as if it were insensitive. However, with the continuous fusion of recent glitches, this super-large glitch has finally been affected a little. In the progress of a certain fusion, the super-large burr trembled slightly, and there was a slight intersection with the sphere. In reality, it was a super-large alien dimension that had never appeared before, and had a small communication channel with Blue Star. Super large space. The trees are tall and full of aura, and the creatures are ancient and powerful. Here, there is a group of special beings, they are either form, or formless, or strong, or weak, and different from other different-dimensional spaces, in this super-large different-dimensional space, this kind of creature is the main body of the different-dimensional space. These creatures like to call themselves "gods" and call the world they live in the realm of the gods. When a road leading to Blue Star appeared in the realm of the gods, the powerful gods noticed it and slowly opened their long-sleeping eyes. Not long after, under the orders of the highest gods, the entire realm of the gods was boiling, and many creatures quickly gathered towards the passage. The human figure also appeared in it. However, living in the realm of the gods is a kind of human called barbarian. They work at sunrise and rest at sunset. Everyone wears simple clothes and all kinds of animal skins and lives a life similar to the primitive era. There are various pictures painted on their faces, hands and bodies. The pictures are the gods they believe in. These pictures, called totems by the barbarians, are the source of the barbarians' extraordinary power. Near the small passage, there were many beasts and humans. They should have been incompatible with water and fire. Under the constraints of the gods, they did not commit any crimes. This time they cooperated sincerely, which made people speechless. The first batch of barbarians arrived in large numbers, almost tens of thousands. Under the leadership of the elderly elders, these barbarians were in good order, and there was no abnormal order. Many creatures are waiting near the passage, and they don't know how to deal with such a thing until there is no order from the gods. Soon, in the next second, the instructions of the gods came from the minds of some creatures. The creatures that can receive instructions from the gods are generally relatively powerful creatures. In the direction of the barbarians, only a few elders have received instructions. But that's enough. The barbarian elders directed at "the gods have descended the oracles, the world war has begun, we will become the warriors of the gods, dedicate ourselves to the gods, and during the world war, all the warriors who died for the war will be able to enter the believing gods. God's kingdom sleeps peacefully." "Roar! For the gods!" The barbarians shouted excitedly, showing they were very happy. Afterwards, under the guidance of the barbarian elders, everyone entered the passage one by one. The same is true for beasts who believe in gods, but belief requires wisdom. Only beasts with high life levels can have wisdom. Therefore, there are not many beasts, and barbarians are the main source of belief in gods. With a strong sense of dizziness, the first batch of barbarian warriors who entered the passage stood on the land of Blue Star. The sudden decrease in the concentration of spiritual energy made many barbarian warriors feel uncomfortable in their bodies, but soon, their strong adaptability allowed them to adjust. Several people looked at each other and dispersed in the way of hunting on weekdays , start exploring outwards. As they explored, they found that this was a land similar to the realm of the gods. Except for the discomfort that came from time to time, the rest was not much different from the realm of the gods.

Barbarian warriors appeared in groups. Some barbarian warriors built fortifications near the passage and established temporary strongholds. Other barbarian warriors continued to explore. Soon, they found traces of humans. Bruce is a new genetic warrior. After combining energy technology, the Siman Empire has made great progress in many fields of technology. Gene warriors, which originally existed only in theory, have now become reality. As long as you are physically fit enough to bear the severe pain during transformation, you can use genetic medicine to become a genetic warrior. Of course, genetic medicine is very expensive, and ordinary people can't afford it even if they save money for a lifetime. The average middle class will go bankrupt if they buy Only the rich and capitalists can really afford such transformation costs. However, these people are delicate and expensive, and few of them can bear it. They usually choose trusted bodyguards and their own people to transform, so that they can protect themselves. Bruce is the bodyguard of the rich. After using genetic medicine to become a mid-level first-order genetic warrior, he still needs to follow the command of an ordinary person. This time, he went out of the city because the son of a rich man had a whim and wanted to go out for an outing. In this era, an ordinary person does not think about how to survive, but thinks about eating, drinking, and having fun all day long. This is very outrageous, but if this happened in the Siman Empire, it would not be surprising at all. The people of the Siman Empire are famous for their big hearts, and not letting them eat, drink and have fun is even more uncomfortable than killing them. The rich man couldn't beat his son, so he let Bruce accompany him and go out to the city to have fun together. There were also several tall, scantily clad female companions. "Intelligent creatures?!" When the barbarian warriors saw all the sons of the wealthy who had an open-air party in the wild, they all held their breaths, looking very surprised. Not only them, but the gods who have been focusing their attention on the barbarian warriors, saw the few people on the ground intercourse, and they were also excited with blushing and thick noses. "This is a human?! It turns out that there are other human beings except the barbarians! Grab it! Grab it for me!" "My, it's all mine! The tree god, this is what my people found!" "All Let’s act together and say what’s yours and mine, and if I see it, I’ll have my share!” “Shit! These five people are all mine!” “I think you’re in debt!” “You haven’t cleaned up for hundreds of years. You, have you forgotten who pressed you to the ground and rubbed you back then!"... Before these people were arrested, the two gods had almost fought over the ownership of these five people. stand up.

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