Not to mention the national level, even the current provincial sect alliance has already made them feel very difficult to deal with.

When the Aoki Sect Tianmu Taoist established the Zongmen Alliance, everyone didn't take it seriously, and thought it was a farce.

I didn't expect that he was really successful in establishing it, and it was very popular.

With this kind of pearl in front, everyone naturally knows how to form an alliance together.

Moreover, this kind of alliance also greatly promotes the cultivation of Immortal Dao.

Although the sect alliance formed now is not as enlightened as Lin Yi, most of the exercises or resources still implement mutual circulation. This circulation has opened up the restrictions between the sects, allowing the resources and exercises to exert their own ability. maximum effect.

"There is no good way to break this situation, and there is only one way to break it completely."

Seeing that everyone was silent, Zhou Yuquan said to himself.

"Is there a way?" Several people looked at Zhou Yuquan, wondering what the solution was.

"Break it with strength!"

Zhou Yuquan spit out four words.

"Ah?" Almost all the senior executives looked at Zhou Yuquan with a strange look.

The director won't be too busy these two days, will he busy his mind stupidly?

In the face of such a powerful organization as the Zongmen Alliance, is it a bit too much to break through?

Zhou Yuquan didn't care about these skeptical expressions, he just said:

"The reason why the Zongmen forces are so strong is naturally because they have a lot of second-order combat power, as well as the third-order powerhouse behind them."

"We have no shortage of second-order powerhouses. As long as the master is willing to work hard, the winning rate against second-order monks is also 46%."

"But our Super Control Bureau lacks Tier 3 powerhouses. Once there are enough Tier 3 powerhouses, these sects will be more honest than anything else."

What Zhou Yuquan said is a fact that everyone knows, even three-year-old children know that the third-tier powerhouses are the world's top powerhouses, and they have great power.

But the key is that Tier 3 powerhouses can't be created.

In the entire Super Control Bureau, now only Zhou Yuquan is a third-order person, and none of the other immortal cultivators have reached the second-order peak. Of course, they cannot successfully break through.

"Xiandao's cultivation speed is slow. Even if you use resources to open up and pile up, you will not be able to pile up a Jindan cultivator like me in a short time."

"But martial arts can..."

Martial arts?

In the eyes of the high-ranking seated, there was a flash of light, and he thought of the key points.

Indeed, other things are not possible, but it seems that martial arts can do this. They now have a lot of martial arts masters, and there are also many who have reached the late stage. If they use resources to accumulate, it is not impossible for them to advance into great martial arts.

"Director, is it possible that the method for breaking through the third rank of martial arts has been researched?" Suddenly someone couldn't help asking.

"No." Zhou Yuquan shook his head: "It hasn't been researched yet, but the progress has already reached halfway. As long as the follow-up progresses step by step, the results will be available in half a month at the earliest."

"Half a month is enough for us to accumulate those martial arts masters to the peak of the great martial arts masters."

Other senior officials of the Super Control Bureau do not have this confidence, but in martial arts, they have such confidence.

Because the Super Control Bureau excavated a large-scale martial arts relic before the announcement of martial arts, which contains a variety of martial arts and martial arts, as well as advanced things with the insights of grandmasters and great masters.

It is precisely because of the large amount of gains in this ruin that the Super Control Bureau chose to announce the two routes of martial arts and immortality when it announced the cultivation path.

The inexplicable third-order breakthrough method on the ruins has also become the most critical information when deducing the breakthrough method.

It is precisely because of the existence of such relics that the senior management of the Super Control Bureau has the confidence to cultivate several strong masters at the peak of the great masters in a short period of time.

"The director really thought deeply." At this point, Zhou Yuquan's thoughts were very clear, and the high-level executives couldn't help but admire.

"Sure enough, Director Zhou can see the essence of the matter."

"Yeah, such a complicated problem can still be solved like this. It turns out that strength is the most important factor."


Several high-level executives were very convinced of Zhou Yuquan.

It's easy to say, but this ability to see the essence through phenomena can't be seen without a certain vision.

The Super Bureau still needs to be led by such a foresight person in order to develop vigorously.

Zhou Yuquan looked at the many high-level executives who participated in the meeting and found a problem. Most of these high-level executives were first-order cultivation. Only a few high-level sects belonged to the second-order promotion. He paused and persuaded road:

"At this stage, strength has become a very big factor. Once there is no strength, many things cannot be carried out. I hope that when you cultivate the following people, you will also pay attention to the progress of your own cultivation. If you continue to stand still, there is no need to It will be eliminated naturally after a long time.”

Zhou Yuquan spoke, and many high-level executives were thoughtful. Recently, they really felt that the people below were not easy to manage, and some even dared to directly ram them.

Before, they were still considering whether it was the reason for the change in social atmosphere, but now that Zhou Yuquan mentioned it, everyone suddenly realized that indeed, their strength was already leaning towards a backward state.

"Thank you for the warning!" The few people who realized it later stood up and thanked him.

They occupy high positions and have a lot of resources in their hands. It's not that they can't cultivate, but they usually spend their time dealing with official business and other things, and they don't have time to cultivate at all.

If they really wanted to cultivate, their speed wouldn't be that bad.

The high-level meeting ended in this harmonious atmosphere.

As soon as the meeting ended, the focus of the Super Control Bureau shifted to the training of the masters.

The special items obtained from the ruins that contained the insights of the great were given out very happily, and various resources came one after another, which made all the masters and strongmen loyal to the Super Control Bureau burst into laughter. Pinch their own body many times and feel the pain, and they all suspect they are dreaming.

This is simply a pie in the sky.

While the Super Bureau is training masters, the world is still changing rapidly.

Every one or two days, there are new entrances to different dimensions appearing on the main plane of Blue Star, and there are already exposed ones that are integrated into the main plane.

The scale is much worse than the big fusion stage at the beginning, so the impact is very slight. At most, the ground shakes a few times, and there is no other impact.

But in this process, the volume of the blue star is gradually increasing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the concentration of aura on it is also constantly rising.

The different-dimensional space that was merged at the beginning was small in size, and the further back, the stronger the different-dimensional space that appeared, and the larger the volume.

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