Very negative countermeasures, as long as there is a little hope, Zhou Yuquan and the others don't want to do it.

They knew that the beast was developing rapidly with the help of large spiritual veins, but there was no way to interrupt it in advance.

They can only helplessly give them time to watch these powerful enemies develop.

"Can our forbidden weapons attack those spirit veins that have fallen?"

Zhou Yuquan suddenly asked, he is a cultivator and doesn't know much about the field of thermal weapons.

Zhou Yuquan's words made several high-level executives look at each other, and one of them had a strange light in his eyes:

"Theoretically yes, but we haven't really tried it before, after all, there are some international issues involved."

"But it's better not to do this. Satellites and radars are not useless. Although we have the intention of eliminating the beasts, we still put taboo weapons into the territory of other countries."

"This kind of behavior is likely to cause a new round of taboo weapons war."

At present, many countries in the world have mastered taboo weapons. Originally, the spirit of each country is very sensitive. If you dare to stimulate it again, these countries can drag the entire Blue Star into the water in minutes.

"So, then we must pay attention to the construction of the fortifications of the spiritual veins."

Zhou Yuquan changed his face.

When he heard that Hua Guo still had the ability to throw taboo weapons into every corner of Blue Star, he did not feel arrogant, but raised a deep fear of technology.

This is still the technology after being influenced by the aura. If this is in the era of technological prosperity, how terrifying these technological creations will be.

Immortal cultivator, what realm can you reach to resist this powerful attack?

Zhou Yuquan's thoughts were not seen through by others, and he reminded him that the topic of sending troops had become a topic of defending large spiritual veins.

Previously, the Super Control Bureau did set up strong defenses on the top ten famous mountains, but never thought about the problem of defense against taboo weapons.

This kind of problem really needs to be considered, after all, not all countries are as easy as China is now.

After discussing the defense issue for a while, everyone unanimously decided to build a fortification that can withstand the impact of forbidden weapons on the large spiritual veins of the ten famous mountains.

Trouble is indeed troublesome, but everyone believes that it will be useful sooner or later.

"Civil strife broke out in more than a dozen countries, all of which were supernatural beings. The four countries of the Intans Empire, the Siman Empire, the Orlean Alliance and the Inte Kingdom were particularly serious, and the resistance organizations that appeared in these four countries, Powerful, and said to have the means to control the body and mind, these four resistance organizations are similar in form and ability, and it is suspected that they may be from the same force."

"The rebel group that swept the four powers."

The eyes of everyone showed horror. Each of these four countries was on a par with Blue Star in terms of overall strength.

There was actually a resistance organization that appeared in the land of four countries at the same time, and it also caused a lot of repercussions.

Although the assistant said that he was only suspicious, the people present were all wily guys with similar organizational forms and similar abilities. In their hearts, this was already from the same force.

Otherwise it can't be that noisy at all.

"The most powerful resistance force at present is the one that appeared in Indy. The resistance force has occupied almost one-fifth of the Indy area, and its momentum is huge."

The assistant continued to explain, and then circulated some photos to the senior management.

"This is a picture of the members of these resistance organizations. Many of them have abnormal shapes and are not like ordinary people. It is suspected that they were controlled by some means."

The Indian man in the photo has a stiff expression and stiff movements, like a zombie, and it doesn't look right at first glance.

"Has anything similar happened in our country?"

The foreign country is too far to manage. Zhou Yuquan only wants to manage the domestic market. He glanced at the people below and asked.

The manager in charge of each area thought hard for a while, then shook his head firmly: "No such thing happened."

Zhou Yuquan nodded: "Once something like this happens, remember to report it as soon as possible. The strength of this resistance organization is unpredictable and cannot be calculated according to casual calculations. It must be eliminated before it fully develops in our country."

"Yes." Everyone nodded and took this matter in their hearts.

Afterwards, many issues were discussed in the conference room.

Most of them are foreign strategies, and we need to discuss and solve these things. Some of them are domestic affairs, which have a relatively large impact and also need to be discussed and solved.

Such as the following questions.

"The various sects in the country have formed a province-based sect alliance, without exception, every province has them. These sect alliances are generally led by third-order practitioners that appear in the province. At present, this kind of sect has The form of the alliance has not yet had an impact on social security and national development, so what attitude and means should we adopt to face this scenario of sects uniting?"

There are resistance groups in other countries. Although there are no resistance groups in China, the situation they face will not be too small.

The sect power has always been a heart disease of the Super Control Bureau.

If the Super Control Bureau wants to develop, it is inseparable from the sect, and if it wants to innovate, it is also inseparable from the sect. In this way, the future of the super control bureau will be shackled by the sect.

Even if he has gotten rid of the influence of the sect, it is still a bit too naive to want to get rid of it completely.

Other issues are fine. As soon as the sect is involved, the opinions of the top officials of the Super Control Bureau will immediately become polarized.

One stood on the side of the sect: "The form of the sect alliance better promotes the extraordinary development of the country, and also regulates the behavior of each sect, making them more honest than before."

One stood on the side of the Super Control Bureau: "The form of the Zongmen Alliance integrates the scattered forces of the Zongmen. This is a very scary thing. Once there is a conflict, the Zongmen Alliance can The power that erupts is very terrifying."

"In addition, the emergence of the provincial-level Zongmen alliance will reduce the super-control bureau's control of the extraordinary forces below. Should the following Zongmen forces follow the command of the local super-control bureau or the Zongmen alliance? "

"Besides, provincial-level sect alliances have appeared, and it is difficult to guarantee that there will not be a national-level sect alliance that affects the entire country in the future."

This is not a temporary alliance formed to achieve some purpose before, but a solid, strong long-term alliance.

Once this kind of national-level sect alliance appears, the status of the Super-Administration Bureau will be devastated.

Those who oppose it occupy the majority. After all, everyone is not blind, and they know what the current situation of the Super Control Bureau is.

But the opposition turned into opposition, allowing them to come up with a solution, and they all fell into silence again.

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