Originally, Zhou Yuquan wanted to fish He Sai out of Lin Yi's hands, so that with the help of his life, He Sai could be completely tied to the supercar.

There will be more and more martial arts experts in the Super Control Bureau.

But it was clear that he was thinking too well.

Lin Yi was also a discerning person. Not only was he already prepared to keep He Sai, but he also got a lot of news about He Sai from his set.

Sure enough, a young person who can easily break through the third-order limit cannot be too simple.

But as long as He Sai is alive, the most important thing for the Super Control Bureau is actually how to break through the third-order martial arts.

As long as He Sai is alive, there is a way to conduct experiments. Once the method of breaking through the third rank of martial arts is proved, the strength of the Super Control Bureau will usher in a real surge.

Zhou Yuquan hung up the video call and sighed softly. He watched the beautiful scenery outside the window to adjust his mood, and then turned his attention to the desk.

All kinds of materials are piled on the desk. Only a small part of these materials are domestic, and the remaining half are all kinds of foreign intelligence information.

"The world is in turmoil, and now there is no place for true peace in this world."

"Director, there is new information."

The assistant knocked on the door, came in and handed a document to Zhou Yuquan: "Several island countries on the ocean have been confirmed to have all been destroyed, a huge number of marine beasts have occupied those lands, and a large number of refugees have taken boats. When we come to the coastal areas of our country, what should we do?"


Zhou Yuquan sighed and shook his head: "The matter is too big for me to make a full decision. Let's hold a high-level meeting. It just so happens that I have a lot of things here that need to be discussed and resolved."


The assistant was not too surprised and soon went to the organization.

Half an hour later, in the meeting room of the Super Control Bureau.

The High Council was held again.

Zhou Yuquan is in charge of the organization.

"Okay, I know that everyone's time is tight, so I won't talk nonsense, just start the discussion."

"The first thing is the handling of refugees from island countries."

Following Zhou Yuquan's narration, information related to refugees from the island country also appeared in the hands of various high-level officials, and those who participated in the meeting remotely received relevant documents.

"It is the first time we have met the refugees after the aura recovered. The results of this discussion will not only determine how to deal with the refugees this time, but will also basically determine our country's strategy for dealing with refugees in the future."

Zhou Yuquan's words made everyone pay attention.

In the past, China has also accepted refugees, and has a set of mature methods, but now that extraordinary factors have been added, the related processing methods need to be changed.

The Minister of Operations thought for a while, and then said: "Since the transactions and communication channels between countries have been temporarily cut off, there is no need for us to pay attention to the image now, and now that the extraordinary factor has been added, there is no guarantee that among these refugees, in the end, There are many foreign extraordinary people mixed in, these extraordinary people are different from our system, we lack enough understanding of them, if they are allowed to easily mix into the country, it will definitely have a great impact on domestic security."

"So I propose to use coercive means against this group of refugees, first find a way to obtain their extraordinary abilities and information, incorporate and manage the extraordinary, and then disperse ordinary females and arrange them to areas with a high singleness rate. Look after."

"Will this approach be too barbaric?" A high-level executive said hesitantly when he heard the words of the Minister of Operations.

"I think that's a good way."

Some high-level officials thought about it and felt that what the Minister of Operations said made sense: "As the recovery of spiritual energy continues to progress, there will be more and more countries that cannot hold on, and the number of refugees will also increase. With so many refugees pouring in, Once they are simply distributed to various cities, the country will also be messed up, so it is better to take coercive measures from the beginning."

"But in this way, our international image will plummet."

"At this time, what's the use of having an international image?"

Zhou Yuquan agreed with the proposal of the Minister of Operations: "Let's solve it by force. By the way, remember to use a nice name when you take action, and don't talk about refugee allocation. It's shameful."

As for whether the refugees have opinions, then stop joking, the country has perished, so what can they do if they have opinions.

Honestly, I can live for a while longer, and I am a little picky. In a foreign country, I may be beaten to the ground in a few minutes.

National affairs are decided in a few high-level chats and laughter.

After talking about the first one, the second thing came in seamlessly.

"According to incomplete statistics, about fifty large spiritual veins in ten countries have been occupied by marine or terrestrial beasts, and three countries have used taboo weapons, but these taboo weapons destroy the beasts, and also destroy the spirit veins. Completely smashed away, and now many fierce beasts are surrounded by large spiritual veins, and they are cultivating quickly, and they are entering the realm rapidly."

"Do we need to take certain precautions in response to this situation?"

There are many marine beasts, and there are many strong ones. Even in China with a relatively comprehensive ancient heritage, if there is no help from Lin Yi's Spirit Devouring Flower, there is also a great possibility that the marine beasts will break through the coastal defense line and land on the famous mountains on the ground. Not to mention other Blue Star countries.

In many places, even the besieged ground beasts can't deal with it, and the ocean beasts can't even deal with it.

To support or not to support, the question is very tricky.

When many high-level executives heard this question, they all pondered hard and did not speak for the first time.

In this case, it is really difficult to choose between support and non-support.

Choose support, consumables are exhausted, go to unknown areas in foreign countries, and the death rate of people sent out is too high.

Choosing not to support is too passive. Once those beasts are allowed to use the spiritual veins to achieve climate, it will be more troublesome to deal with in the future.

"Can't go out~www.mtlnovel.com~ The domestic situation is not very good. Many provinces have appeared in Tier 3. They re-planned their sphere of influence. We need enough manpower to deal with the next situation."

Some executives thought about it, cut in from one direction, and explained the reasons for refusing support.

Indeed, there are still chaos everywhere in the country. It is really stupid to transfer people to leave at such a time.

"Yeah, and the distance is too far, even if you support in the past, you can't send too many people. Unless there are third-order powerhouses, you won't be able to survive under the siege of many beasts."

There are high-level thinking about the shortcomings of support from the direction of actual operation.

"In this case..." Zhou Yuquan spread his hands: "Then don't waste your manpower, just wait for the beast to attack."

"Indeed, there is still a gap between our current strength and the fierce beasts. It's okay to fight in positional warfare, but it will be very difficult to fight in the wild." The head of the operations department nodded and agreed.

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