"What do you mean? We don't mean anything, we just want you to know that some people, if you are not strong enough, don't take the initiative to provoke them."

No. 1 patted the face of the disciple of Shanhaimen, and said with a smile.

Then he threw it to the Tiger King's side.


The Shanhaimen disciples in the air let out a shrill cry.

a human!

Tiger King's eyes lit up, and there was a hot breath from his nostrils. Humans don't have a good thing, and all humans should go into its stomach.

It bit the human being flying towards him in one bite, chewed it sharply a few times, and the screams that made the scalp numb came to an abrupt end.


The disciples of Shanhaimen were swallowed by him.

"Ah ah ah! You must not die!"

Witnessing this tragic situation, the rest of the disciples felt the same, and they were so frightened that they couldn't hold back their urine.

They have the heart of martial arts and are not afraid of death, but they have to be tortured like this before they die.

He Sai was also at the scene, and the disciple he brought out by himself died so miserably in front of him, which made him feel very guilty.

He Sai shouted at No. 1: "This is all my idea, and it has nothing to do with my disciples. You can greet me no matter how you torture me. These disciples of mine are innocent."

"Let them go, I can become your subordinate and work for you. You should have seen the Grandmaster team of the Super Control Bureau, right? Of the fifty people, more than thirty people came out of my hands."


Many Shanhaimen disciples cried and were deeply moved.

It is shocking that at this time of crisis, my master is willing to sacrifice himself for their lives.


Hearing He Sai's words, No. 1's eyes suddenly widened. Lin Yi, who had only managed to control No. 1 before, paid more attention here.

If what this guy says is true, it is indeed a talent.

His own high strength does not mean that he will take apprentices. Many people are very talented, but when he is taught, he always stutters when speaking, and many key points cannot be explained.

Being able to teach more than 30 masters shows that this person has integrated many things in martial arts. This kind of talent is what the Aoki Sect lacks now.

Although the martial arts sects under the Aoki Sect are fully equipped with martial arts and martial arts, the ones who undertake the teaching tasks are retired martial arts practitioners from the Super Management Bureau.

Their research in martial arts is indeed a little deeper than that of the beginners, but it is not too deep.

If He Sai can be brought to the Aoki Sect, then the matter of the subordinate Martial Dao Sect can be completely resolved.

At this moment, Lin Yi's cell phone rang, he picked it up and saw that it was from Zhou Yuquan.

"Director Zhou, what's the matter?"

Lin Yi narrowed his eyes. If Zhou Yuquan came to hold him accountable, the two forces might not be as harmonious as they are now.

"Elder Lin, I wonder if Master He Saimen is still alive?"

"I'm still alive now, but I won't be sure in a while."

"It's good to be alive, it's good to be alive."

Zhou Yuquan seemed to breathe a sigh of relief: "Elder Lin, He Sai is very accomplished in martial arts. If you can kill it, don't kill it. Of course, he did something wrong after all. Elder Lin, look, I used twenty two plants. How about Jie Lingzhi and you to exchange He Sai for this person?"

It was obvious what Lin Yi wanted, and of course Zhou Yuquan knew what to give to impress Lin Yi.

"Director Zhou, there are some things that you can't just pay a price afterwards."

Lin Yi sneered a few times: "I'll slap you, and then I'll make up for you a little bit, in exchange for you, would you like it?"

"Hahaha, there are some things that are easy to discuss. If Elder Lin thinks that there are fewer than twenty plants, we can continue to talk. Twenty-three plants and twenty-five plants are not impossible."

Zhou Yuquan let out a haha, turned the page, and talked about the conditions.

It is naturally impossible for him to accept such a thing with a slap in the face and then to compensate, and he will not accept it no matter how much he gives. This already involves the dignity that a strong person should have.

"Okay, Director Zhou, tell me, what is the use of this He Sai, it is worth your maintenance."

Lin Yi pointed out directly: "If you don't say why, I will feed him to that tiger."

"Slow down!"

Zhou Yuquan hurriedly stopped the news that the third-order tiger king was still alive in the Qingmu Sect. The Super Control Bureau naturally knew that if He Sai was eaten by the tiger king, it would be too wasteful.

Seeing that Lin Yi didn't mean to joke at all, Zhou Yuquan shook his head and said frankly:

"To be honest with you, Elder Lin, He Sai is the strongest martial artist at the current stage, the pinnacle of the great master. This state may not be a big deal to you, Elder Lin, but for martial arts, it is already the limit that can be achieved at present. ."

"We haven't figured out the path after the great master. Our researchers and many martial arts experts are studying it. He Sai is the one who has studied the most deeply, and he is the only person who can verify whether the breakthrough method is correct at this stage."

"If He Sai dies, the research on the follow-up path of martial arts will be delayed for at least 2 years. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com"

Zhou Yuquan tried to lift He Sai up as much as possible, and made the consequences of killing him serious, so that Lin Yi should not act rashly.

But after hearing it, Lin Yi didn't fluctuate too much, he just chuckled: "Oh, is that so? I thought Director Zhou was so important, how special is He Sai?"

The future of martial arts is none of his business. He majors in immortality, and minors in physical training. He advances in spirit and flesh. For him, the path of martial arts is just a small path.

I won't pay attention at all, and I don't care at all if the road is broken.

"This... is this not enough? Elder Lin, according to our researcher's speculation, the development of martial arts to the third level will usher in a transformation. At that time, the strong third-order martial arts will not be weaker than the third-order immortal cultivation. By."

"This is paving the way for so many martial arts practitioners in the world. He Sai's value is really great."

Zhou Yuquan was a little unconvinced. He considered from the perspective of the country that He Sai's role was really great.

Let the weak martial arts path rise again, so that most people without spiritual roots can stand on the same level as those with spiritual roots.

"It does work." Lin Yi smiled.

"For the sake of Director Zhou's face, I will spare his life, but the death penalty can be avoided. He will stay in the Aoki Sect and be responsible for the martial arts teaching in the future."

"Elder Lin, you..."

Zhou Yuquan saw that Lin Yi's words changed so quickly, how could he not know what happened, Lin Yi didn't intend to kill He Sai.

Talking to him so much, just to know what He Sai's true value is.

Being set up by a young man, Zhou Yuquan felt a little depressed, but he quickly adjusted his mind, sighed, and said, "Alas, as long as you don't kill him, Elder Lin can do whatever you want."

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