Postscript: Life is like a dream

Finally wrote the ending ...

No matter how persistent, there will always be this day. As Shao Yang said, there is no end to the feast.

(It's not easy for everyone to leave a message and scold me, it's hard for everyone)

From July 2015 to today, it took four and a half years and more than 7 million words.

This is the longest book I have written in my life. Before that, I did not have a book with more than 200,000 words ...

Regarding the ending, I left a suspense, combined with the previous paragraph: Shaoyang and Leng Yu's ending together, you smart will definitely find the truth, or there is no absolute truth, depending on which ending you are willing to believe less Who was Yang with at the end.

You who can see this postscript are all the most loyal readers of Maoshan Ghostbusters. I am grateful and ashamed of everyone.

Thinking about it, publishing this book with a try attitude was your follow-up, which gave me the confidence and motivation to write it down, and supported the book's success for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018. The champion set a total sales record that has not been broken so far.

Qingzi himself has gained a lot of honor for this book.

I admit that I drifted in the middle, thinking that I was quite patient, and fortunately I adjusted my mind in time. Until now ... I dare not say that I can look down on everything, at least I can treat many things calmly.

Shaoyang has been practicing and searching for his own way, but for me, is this book a process of asking?

I regret that this book is too long after all, especially when it is written later, there are a lot of things that can't be grasped. The reason is, first, the idea is insufficient. When the book was written, there was no outline. The stories and characters are all in my mind. Many of the foresights, suspense, and reversals that everyone sees are not elaborate designs, but I temporarily think of them.

The problem is ... my original design only wrote about three million words, but I could n’t stop writing later. I was too ambitious, but it turned out that it was impossible to support a too long work with such urgency. Yes, I have lived up to everyone ’s expectations. I sincerely review and will definitely correct it in the next book.

Second, the design of the second part was an unsuccessful challenge for me. I wanted to write about Ye Xiaomu's growth process in detail, and take everyone back to the original thrilling campus.

As a result, everyone's voices for Shaoyang and Daofeng were too high, and I couldn't help myself. I invited the two brothers back in advance, which led to stealing the limelight of Ye Xiaomu and a group of three generations of disciples. In the end, I didn't have enough space to go. Let them play, this is the biggest regret of this book. In the future, if you switch to Ye Xiaomu's back pass, you must think hard.

Third, a lot of foreshadowing and characters did not explain, such as Chen Lu, Tong Xuan, etc. This is not really forgotten, but I wrote later that I found that there is no stage for them to play. Of course, the drama can be, but I can't help but give you a feeling of hydrology. I will not write any more.

(Orange: Don't explain it, you're obviously digging too big to fill in hum ...)

Fourth, about updates.

I do n’t make any excuses for this, but my code word is really slow. This has something to do with my long-term writing of publishing novels (without changing the date), but it is also faster, 8,000 words a day and then 6,000 words. Yes, at that time I was writing with a breath of breath, and even the funeral at home was not broken. Later, this breath leaked, and I can't get up anymore ... Of course, there are personal reasons here, things that are busy every day Many, squeezed time for writing.

After all, it's still my reason, and I apologize to everyone here. You have scolded me for so long. I listen. Sorry everyone, let everyone down.

Fifth, about the ending

(Orange: I have nothing to do with the ending, bad review)

It seems that the ending of every book is scolded, but from the author's perspective, this ending is not the best, but it is already the best ending I can think of.

For several years, I often imagined what I would write the ending, but in the end, it exceeded all my expectations. Only then did I realize that this thing happened naturally and naturally.

Sixth, about new books

In the new book, I will still write a mysterious story. Although it may look a little different from Maoshan's style at first, a reasonable explanation will be given later. After all, the war on the planes of the Ghost League has just begun.

Here (in the book "The Maoshan Ghostbusters"), there will be a series of prequels, telling about the ten-year experience of Tao Feng's disappearance, and his grievances with Feng Xinyu, Yang Gongzi and others.

But it's not the text anymore, and I'm not sure when I can think about the whole story, so let me rest and think about it for a while.

The new book will probably be released next month. By then, the title and address will be published in the group and the official account. Search: Follow Qingziv5 or Qingziv5, 1 group 31830781, 2 groups 23988988, 3 groups 56483523, 4 groups 788583280.

Can't say goodbye.

Thank you for creating the world of Maoshan with me, and then completing a wonderful journey with me.

To return, Qingzi will follow you individually here.

Reading a novel can't cover you, you can't find a subject, it can't help you find the target, and you can't cure everything, but at least ... even if this book has brought you a hint of happiness, ten or twenty years later, when you remember I can think of this book from the novel I have read.

If you want to accompany Qingzi, let's take a break and continue on the road to write our new story!

Hearing testimony!

I would like to commemorate the nearly 2,000 days and nights of Maoshan Ghostbusters.

(I think I will have Shaoyang and Daofeng etc. for a long time)

Along the way, I am cared for.

Qingzi brings all the members of the Ghost League to an early age!

(I will start the new book as soon as possible, and I will come here to update the information at that time)

(End of this chapter)