3555, Williams, Brian

A few days later, Ye Shaoyang removed the plaster, but he needed to be hospitalized for observation. Rui Lengyu helped him to take a walk in the hospital's small garden.

"Don't go too long, take a rest." Rui Lengyu helped him sit down on a stone bench. "Yes, tell me about the dream you had."

"I ... forgot." Ye Shaoyang smiled awkwardly. Over the past few days, the memory of dreams has become weaker and weaker.

"The only thing I remember is that in the dream, it seemed that a very powerful opponent appeared, he took you away, and then we separated for many years ... Finally, I finally found you back."

He clenched Rui Lengyu's hand.

Rui Lengyu said with a lip, "If it is true, you won't find me."

"of course!"

Rui Lengyu leaned his head on his shoulder.

"Shaoyang, are you afraid of the future? I mean, there may be many dangers in the future, including between you and me ... Are you afraid?" Ruan Lengyu murmured.

"A little scared, but fear makes people brave, and only fear makes people brave."

"Who said this? It's familiar."

"Forget." Ye Shaoyang searched his intestines and scratched his belly, but couldn't remember.

He put his arms around Rui Lengyu's waist. "As long as we are still together, there is nothing to worry about."

"I have a proposal."


"How about getting older together?"

"Sounds ... pretty good."

The two hands clasped tightly.


Ye Shaoyang's vision blurred, he left the timeline and rubbed his eyes.

Xiaojiu came forward and took his hand.

"Is this ... the best result?"

Ye Shaoyang nodded.

"This is her choice."

Drinking Meng Po Tang, going back to the past, and forgetting the past life alone is the best choice she can think of.

Don't even think about the two women serving the same husband. And she did not want to break up Ye Shaoyang and Xiao Jiu.

Ye Shaoyang was forced to accept, and at the same time gave her an additional, that is, to give her physical body and open the spiritual wisdom, which is equivalent to one of her avatars, but also another one.

Afterwards, modify their memory and choose a suitable timeline for them. There is no ghost king, no Houqing and others, that is to say, they will not experience those terrible things again. Of course, there is no Xiao Jiu Leng there. Yuhe Yuqing and others.

Only the two of them are about to get married, waiting for a sweet and happy life.

In this matter, Ye Shaoyang used the power of time and space to laboriously complete all of this, mainly to repair the logical cracks in the world, such as the memory of the two of them by other people.

The scale and difficulty of the whole thing is equivalent to creation. Fortunately, Ye Shaoyang, who is in the eternal void, has unlimited time and the ability to manipulate time and space.

He finally did it all, and created a world for himself and Rui Lengyu.

Now it's all done.

Looking at the picture of the happiness of two people on the timeline, Ye Shaoyang pulled the timeline hard, took a deep breath, and eliminated the marks of the time node.

This timeline is thus hidden in the billions of timelines, and he cannot even find it.

In other words, I will never meet Leng Yu who belongs to my own world again.

forever and always……

Leng Yu, I will accompany you with my true body for generations to come.

He hugged Xiaojiu and buried his head on her shoulders weakly. Xiaojiu also embraced him with both hands and gave him comfort in silence.

"Sorry ... you know, I can't make a choice."

"Isn't she ... gone?"

"But it was her choice, or rather, the choice she made for me."

"I can understand, Shaoyang, but you didn't choose to be separated from me, though, if you really ask, I will agree ..."

"Don't say it, in the future, it's just us two."

Ye Shaoyang raised his hands, put them on his face, and hugged her vigorously.

After a long time of adjusting his breath, Dao Feng finally restored the three spiritual bodies. Although he was still very weak, there was no problem.

Originally speaking to Ye Shaoyang, as soon as he opened his eyes, he saw that he and Xiaojiu were hugging each other. This dog food was sprinkled ... Dao Feng rolled his eyes and got it. Let's continue to pay ...

There was a sudden fluctuation in the space. Ye Shaoyang turned around and looked around in surprise, only to see a crack in time and space emerge out of thin air, and then a figure came out of it.

"Xiaotianshi, it's been a long time." The comer arched at him with a smile.

"You haven't died yet!" Ye Shaoyang lingered for a long time, and finally came back to God.

It was Xu Fu!

"Which one do you say?" Xu Fu smiled at him. "Xu Fu you know, died long ago, I came from the future."

Ye Shaoyang, who masters the rules of time, is not surprised by this kind of thing. There are countless Xu Fu in the thousands of worlds, and many of them have mountains and sea seals. For the eternal void, they also come. Ye Shaoyang was surprised that "Xu Fu" once said that he would never violate the rules of time and space, and casually travel to different time and space.

So what's the big deal for him?

"I came to see you," Xu Fu saluted him first. "Congratulations to the three, and finally defeated all opponents."

"You came from the future world, didn't you know all this?"

"That's just one result. For me, it's observations, and for you, it's creating the future."

Xu Fu put the dust in his hand, "I don't talk about this, I have to come to you. It is important ... I ask first, do you intend?"

The three looked at each other and Ye Shaoyang said: "First go back to our world and meet with everyone. Dao Feng will also revive Yang Gongzi."

Xu Fu nodded. "Then?"

"Not ready yet."

"No, you have always been here to defeat the Promise of Wuji, the mission is now complete, and the days to come may be empty, so ... let me do something for you?"

"Let's get rid of the ghost and the monster, let alone go to another world to catch a ghost. I'm not proud of it, I'll tell you seriously."

Ye Shaoyang thought about this before. Every world has rules for every world. There are demons and ghosts but also mages to guard them. It is good to manage their own worlds. Managing other people's world affairs will only cause them confusion. .

Xu Fu nodded again, "What you said is extremely true, but I'm looking for you, and for this you should be able to think that from time to time, more than one person can travel through time."

This point, after understanding the mysteries of time and space, Ye Shaoyang thought.

"You follow the rules of time and do n’t do things that violate other worlds, but it does n’t mean that others do n’t do it. In fact, this kind of thing has been done from ancient times to the present, and some people even try to superimpose different worlds together ... because of insufficient personal strength, They also formed an organization, similar to sects ... they destroyed a lot of the world. So, to make a long story short, I hope you can stop them. "

(End of this chapter)