3554: Word Stacks Level 3580 Answers

Ye Shaoyang coughed twice. "Don't talk nonsense, you release Rui Lengyu Yuanshen."


"I will banish you in a suitable world. For example ... in ancient times, there was no human being. You did n’t have to kill if you wanted to kill. You have unlimited time to ponder that reform plan. If you can afford to wait ... … Maybe tens of thousands of years later there will be humans, and by then you can build the society you want. "

The Wuji King looked at him in surprise.

"Then why do you have to oppose me?"

"This is not the same thing. The rules of this world are very mature. If you want to reform, it will cause huge confusion in the Three Realms. Many people will die for this. The Three Realms will subvert for this. The ghost knows what it will look like. But it ’s different when you go back to ancient times, where the rules of the Three Realms have not yet taken shape, and you do it step by step, it will not cause bloodshed. If you have a problem with the rules, you also have time to correct it slowly. In short, this is you The best choice. "

Ye Shaoyang nodded solemnly at him. "You don't have to deliberately delay time with me to restore your strength. You can never go out here, and ... I can beat you once and I can beat you a second time."

Wuji King groaned, and then sighed, "It doesn't seem to be bad."

"It's fine, okay, I know you're not discouraged, otherwise you won't tell me so calmly, what do you say?"

"What if I don't agree?"

"Then I will seal you up." Ye Shaoyang struck out a blank charm, "then the charm is dropped here, and I promise that no one will come in this ghost place for ten thousand years."

The Wuji ghost king didn't think about it for too long, and walked gently to one side. The figure was divided into two, and the two were exactly the same. The one standing in place suddenly fell to the ground.

"Leng Yu!" Ye Shaoyang swooped up.

"She has just sealed my senses and will wake up in a moment."

"it is good!"

Ye Shaoyang found a timeline, chose a suitable time, opened the cracks in time and space, and made a gesture to the Promise King.

"There are human beings in this era, but the wisdom of the people has not yet opened, it is almost a tribal period. How is that enough for you?"

"I didn't expect it to be the result of this." Wuji King with emotion.

"I didn't expect it, but it's pretty happy, isn't it?"

Before the Wuji King entered, what seemed to come to his mind, he asked Ye Shaoyang: "You have already obtained the Supreme Mana. What are your plans?"

"I? I don't know. I haven't figured it out yet."

"Have you thought about changing the world like me?"

Ye Shaoyang laughed. "I'm not like a secondary 2 student. I'm just a silkworm ... well, ordinary people."

"Ask yourself, are you still an ordinary person?"

The Promise Ghost King again revealed his signature mysterious smile, "People's desire is filled with dissatisfaction, and it will grow with the improvement of strength. When a person is hungry and cold, the only thing to think about is to eat a full meal, wait until Really full, he wanted to live in a house again, and once he had a house, he would remember women, and gave them to him, and he began to think about how to fly Huang Tengda ... human nature is nothing like this. Now you are invincible in the Three Realms ... your ambition It will swell sooner or later, and you will be the next me. "

After speaking, he didn't watch Ye Shaoyang's reaction, and directly penetrated into the cracks of time and space.

Ye Shaoyang paused for a while, heard the snoring sound of Rui Lengyu waking up, and quickly walked over ...

Light, through the darkness, helped Ye Shaoyang return to reality.

What a long dream ...

Ye Shaoyang sat up from the bed, surprised to find himself cast on one leg, and was suspended in the air with a bandage.

This is ... the hospital ward?

What happened to myself? Why did you come here?

When he thinks about these questions, his memory fills up quickly. He remembers a lot of things, picking up the phone from the bedside, July 17 ... Oh my God, this is ... I slept for half a month?

How about cold jade?

He shouted Leng Yu's name.


"Did you really decide?" Ye Shaoyang murmured looking at Rui Lengyu.

"This is my choice and the best solution for things. Come on, it's better."

"Are you afraid?"

"Frightened." Rui Lengyu smiled at him gently. "But fear makes people brave, and only fear can make people brave."

Ye Shaoyang went up and hugged her, tears streaming down his cheeks.

For a long time, Rui Lengyu pushed him away and walked towards the space-time tunnel opposite.

Ye Shaoyang lowered his head and was afraid to watch this cruel scene.

"Hey, Shaoyang!"

Rui Lengyu suddenly turned back and called his name.

Ye Shaoyang suddenly looked up, almost rushed to hug her, and told her to repent. Rui Lengyu just waved at him.

"Be happy!"

She got into the cracks in time and space.

Ye Shaoyang looked at the light slowly disappeared, feeling that his heart was also empty.


The door was pushed open, Leng Yu in a beige check coat came in from the door, carrying a small box in his hand, and smiled sweetly at him.

"Just as someone from the studio came to deliver things, I went down to get them." Rui Lengyu patted the box in his arms. "I didn't expect you to wake up at this time ... How are you feeling?"

"I ... seem to be fine."

"The doctor said the same thing, saying that you would wake up in the next few days, sure enough." Rui Lengyu came to him with excitement, opened the box, and it turned out to be an album.

Ye Shaoyang saw the two of them on the cover. He was wearing a set of Shuiyue robes, and Rui Lengyu was wearing a purple Han uniform. They sat sideways on the sofa, smiling like flowers.

"What is this?"

Rui Lengyu looked at him in surprise, "Our wedding photo, hello, haven't you been unconscious for too long, burned your head?"

Memory began to float, and Ye Shaoyang remembered something:

They are getting married!

But the day after the wedding photo was taken, the **** Lao Guo found him, saying that a soul-eater had appeared in an old underground works in the suburb of Shicheng, and he was invited to remove it.

Soul Eater is nothing terrible. For himself as a fairyland, it is a piece of cake. He went without thinking. As a result, the battle process was nothing. The Soul Eater was killed. He was unlucky when he encountered the collapse of a stone above the fortifications and was smashed sideways, especially his legs. Then passed out ...

Ye Shaoyang exhaled, "It turned out to be a dream, fortunately ..."

"What dreaming?"

"I've been in a coma these days, and had a long dream, and dreamed that ... it's hard to say."

"When you have time to talk about dreaming, take a look at the photos."

Rui Lengyu couldn't wait to open the album and took Ye Shaoyang to enjoy it together.

In the photo, the two snuggled together and smiled sweetly.

(End of this chapter)

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