3553: Word Stacks Level 3553 Answers

It's time to get to know Koguida.

"I have to move and live with Xiaoyu. I will take my grandson with my wife and help them live forever." Lao Guo carved the tablet and placed it on the offering table. He greeted everyone to join in the incense. The flat head next to himself said to Orange: "Yes, you can do me a favor, lead the flat head to the yin division, and give an errand casually, just work by your side. Anyway, give it a birth, and forget But I have a mind. "

The flat head immediately shook his head, indicating that he would always stay with him. ‘

"Stupid, I'm an old man. Who can murder me? I want you to do something around! You go to the Yin Secretary to ask for a birth, and you will have time to see me later."

Flat head did not dare to refute, bowed his head and choked.

Orange said, "It ’s easy to say, you Xiaoqing Xiaobai will also go to the Yin Division. Now the Lord Fu Jun has been promoted to the emperor, and I begged him to re-open the Yin Yang Division. How good it is to gather together. "

Xiaoqing Xiaobai glanced at each other and nodded.

"Military division, please come and be the chief of the yin and yang division."

Lin Sansheng smiled slightly, "I'm going to reincarnation."

"Don't persuade me, since Linlin is gone, I have made this decision, and staying is nothing more than revenge and fighting this last battle with everyone. Now that I have made my wish, and nostalgia, I am going to reincarnation, maybe It's about the same size as a white eyebrow and a pony, and maybe in the future ... don't persuade me. "

Speaking of which, although everyone is extremely reluctant in their hearts, they can only respect his decision.

Silent for a while, Sibao sighed: "I'm like Lao Guo, I have to go home to accompany my wife, and then don't call me anything in the magic world."

After that, he patted Ye Xiaomu's shoulder. "It's the world of your young people."

Ye Xiaomu nodded, his heart filled with emotion.

Although Tianjie is over, all kinds of evil spirits in the world are still out there. The magic world will always exist. The older generation retired and it was time for them to take up their responsibilities.

"Ghostbuster alliance will not break up, we are a new generation of alliance members!" He said excitedly.

Everyone said their plans afterwards: Qin Xiaohui would go back to take charge of the family and devote himself to the development and reform of witchcraft.

Zhou Jingru and Xie Yuqing each went back to do their own thing, while ... waiting for Ye Shaoyang to return to Ye Shaoyang, who truly belongs to this world.

"Guagua, sigh, what about Guagua?" Orange stood up and looked around, only to find Guagua sitting on the bay window in the living room, holding the window lattice with both hands, looking out of the window and looking dazed.

"Guagua, how about you go to the Yin Yang Division with us?"

"No, I'm waiting for the boss to come back here."

Guagua looked sad, but his determined expression showed that he was full of hope. He turned and smiled at everyone, "I want to live at home, so that the boss will not find anyone alone."

Everyone was sad in a word.

Suddenly, Guagua jumped up and pointed a certain direction in the sky. "Look, it's the boss!"

Everyone hugged around, and stood on the edge of the high-rise building across from the building. There were three silhouettes. It was Ye Shaoyang, Xiaojiu and Daofeng.

Ye Shaoyang smiled and waved strongly at them.

They haven't left yet!

Are you here to say goodbye?

"Goodbye brothers, I will miss you!" Ye Shaoyang stood on the far side, put his hands to his mouth and shouted loudly, but he almost fell down without notice, and was caught by Xiaojiu.

He is still the shaggy and funny Ye Shaoyang, he has not become a god!

"Ah ha ha……"

Here the big guy laughed with tears.

They all crowded on the balcony and waved strongly at three people.

"Feng Brother, I love you!" Xiao Bai shouted his own voice.

Dao Feng still had a cool look with his hands on his back, pretending not to hear.

Everyone shouted what they wanted to say but couldn't say anything before. Ye Shaoyang took all the photos, and finally he opened the cracks in time and space and got into them.

Never seen again.

Ye Shaoyang wiped his wet eyes hard.

Xiaojiu came up and hugged his head, patted him on the back and comforted. She was very uncomfortable in herself.

"It's okay." Ye Shaoyang smiled at her, then looked at a girl who came forward.

Wuji King?

No, it's Rui Lengyu.

"Don't you say goodbye, what are you going to do?" Rui Lengyu asked lightly.

"I can't help it." Ye Shaoyang shrugged. "How about you, why don't you go to the individual?"

"I'm afraid they treat me as a ghost king."

Ye Shaoyang thought so too. After all, he only wanted to be individual and far away. He couldn't explain to them why Leng Yu came back.

In the final confrontation, he defeated the Wuji King. Although the power of yin and yang is invincible, but they are not fighting alone. The power of the gods is the energy left by the ancients who do not know how many powerful people have left. The hanging Promise Ghost King is not an opponent.

The battle is determined.

After that, Ye Shaoyang crossed the Seven Star Longquan Sword on his shoulder and let him release Rui Lengyu's Yuan Shen.

"Intimidation or temptation has nothing to do with me, you want to know that," said Wuji King calmly.

"You are really big-hearted." Ye Shaoyang stared at him for a while and said.

"You mean, I failed. Should I bare my chest and hiss?"

"At least it shouldn't be so calm? You've been tinkering for decades, and you're one step behind ... well, if it's me, it's definitely not as calm as you."

"Haha ..."

Wuji King laughed. "I lived for thousands of years, and I didn't care to wait for years. In the end, I was immortal. You seal me at most, and you know that there is no seal that can never be opened in this world."

What else did Ye Shaoyang want to say? I thought for a moment that it was not safe. He simply dragged him into the eternal void with the power of time and space, and then took Xiaojiu into it.

"You understand the power of time and space?" The Promise Ghost King is no stranger to this eternal void, but now a bit surprised.

Seeing Ye Shaoyang nodding, Wuji King said with emotion: "So, you can fight with me even without the power of the gods."

"But I can't afford to lose. If I lose, the three realms are gone."

Ye Shaoyang spread his hands. "So far, what else can you say?"

The Promise Ghost King stared at him. It looked as if he saw him for the first time.

"What's wrong?" Ye Shaoyang touched his chin.

"I can accept failure, but ... I really didn't expect that the person who defeated me in the end would be you."

I did not expect such a day ... Ye Shaoyang said deep down.

(End of this chapter)

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