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“Shaoyang will handle it well,” Xiaojiu said. “No matter how he handles it, we will support it.”


Everyone followed and nodded.


In the living room, a moment of chilling, Ye Xiaomeng bit his lip and said to Ye Shaoyang: "I don't usually go down the mountain. I heard you coming today. How can I come to see it? We haven't seen it for a long time. Secondly, ...not for Xiaoyu. This..."


Ye Shaoyang smiled and waved his hand and said to Su Qinzhang: "I told you to pass to Xiaomu last time. What do you think?"


Su Qinzhang was drinking tea. He heard him ask this question. He quickly put the teacup down and waved his hand and said, "I feel a little sudden, but since it was decided by the second brother, I have no opinion. But after Xiaomu left, I could not find him. Then you also told me that this matter has come to an end, so..."


Ye Shaoyang said: "That thing, I do have something wrong. After all, you have been teaching for more than ten years. I should not let you give up in one sentence. You should tell you clearly, but it was urgent, I was too late. Said, this is my fault."


Su Qinzhang was a little excited when he heard this. He said, "You should never say this to the second brother. I am a hundred loyal to you. The second brother, for the sake of Xuan Qingshan, for the magical world, has suffered from the ordinary people can not bear, Where can I have the slightest surrender of Xiaosu? It’s just my son..."


Ye Shaoyang raised a palm and interrupted his words. He stood up and stretched out and said: "That's it, you continue to teach, Xiaomu, if there is any change, I will tell you later, talk. Others? Xiaomeng, Xiaorui, why didn’t they come together?”


Ye Xiaomeng chatted a little bit, and wanted to open the topic several times, all of which were interrupted by Ye Shaoyang. In the end, Su Yu suddenly interrupted and said: "On that day, I am doing it to Ye Xiaomu, and you want to kill me. Come on, it doesn't matter to my parents."


The scene suddenly cooled down.


Several people who were eavesdropping in the next room also held their breath for a moment, and stared at each other with their eyes wide open.


Ye Shaoyang's smile suddenly froze, and then sighed, reluctantly said to Su Qinzhang: "You, I have not mentioned this thing, just want to pretend not to know, just passed, you ... have to spread out This is really..."


The big guy also immediately understood the pains of Ye Shaoyang.


If you don't know, you can not express your position. This is also the face of their husband and wife. They take great care of Su Yu.


Once spread out, as the actual boss of Xuan Qingshan, Ye Shaoyang must express his position. If he expresses his position, then he should not be partial. After all, Su Yu is not a common mistake. The punishment is lighter. It is not good for other fellow disciples in the future. Account for.


Ye Xiaomeng hurriedly said: "Brother, Xiaoyu is wrong in this matter, and it has almost caused terrible consequences. The other party is Xiaomu... I am very sad about this matter. It is because I am too arrogant, I have developed it today. The character, so today I will bring him to you, how to deal with him, brother, you can do it."


Ye Shaoyang took a deep breath and spit it out. He turned to look at Su Yu. He just wanted to speak. Su Qinzhang said: "Two brothers, I have already abolished his cultivation. From now on, he is an ordinary person..."




Ye Shaoyang was shocked. "What are you doing here!"


Su Qinzhang smiled bitterly, "collecting foreign enemies, hurting the same door, according to Xuanqing's rules, when the abolition of repairs, the eviction of the mountain gate will never be hired, I am doing things according to the rules of the door, this is already light, after all, he is still trying to kill Xiaomu ......"


Why is this suffering...


Ye Shaoyang was stunned and his eyes softened. He said to Su Yu: "I know that you really don't want to kill Xiaomu or Suyan. Otherwise, they are already dead. This is why I have been looking for you for a long time. You I was deceived and did something wrong, but I am yours, and you are a teacher. You are my child. You know. Now you are no longer a mage, but your family is still there. I hope you... don’t hate Your parents."


Su Yu shook her head. "I don't hate anyone. Actually, this is quite good. I used to confuse what happened to the head. You know, it is a kind of temptation. I know that I can't do it right, but I can't help but think. It’s not mine, I still want to try it, I can’t control myself. Now it’s good. After a hundred, don’t think about it anymore. To be honest, I am... although it’s unwilling and lost, it’s very easy.”


Ye Shaoyang looked at his eyes, listened to his tone, knew that he was telling the truth, and let go of his heart, and comforted him. He said to Su Qinzhang and Ye Xiaomeng: "Since you have been punished, I have nothing." Say, Xiao Su, I actually thank you for this. You have handled a trouble for me. After all, it is your son. I know that you are very difficult..."


Su Qinzhang smiled reluctantly, stood up, grabbed Su Yu's shoulder and said: "He is my son. I can't cover it if I make a mistake, but he always belongs to my son. Just change it."


Ye Xiaomeng shed tears on the side.


Ye Shaoyang knows that she is sad, although Su Yu just lost her cultivation, but he also knows that Ye Xiaomeng is a high-spirited person. When she met before, she privately spoke to her son.


"I want him to be a great mage like your brother!"


That was what she said at the time.


At that time, although she was disappointed, she did not completely lose her hope. Now, Su Yu has become an ordinary person. That is to say, her cultivation has been completely abolished for many years. Ye Shaoyang is not a party, but she can fully understand her feelings.


Finally, their family left three, and Ye Shaoyang asked Su Qinzhang to come over later to discuss the business. This matter about Su Yu has passed.


After that, until the evening, the invited guests continued to go up the mountain and lived in the hotel on the mountain. In addition, there were many people who came to see the fun, at their own expense, and stayed at the hotel in the scenic area.


Like the last event, the scenic spot that had no one in the off-season was suddenly filled.


It is said that a similar ceremony was held not long ago. This time, there should not be so many people who are willing to come to participate, but the recent changes have spread all over the entire magical world and shocked everyone. This ceremony, many people They all came to watch the lively attitude, hoping to see some changes at the ceremony.


Before going to bed at night, Lao Guo went to see Ye Xiaomu again. I didn't expect to see Chen Xiaoxu in the inn of Ye Xiaomu. He actually came back, but in the face of various questions from Lao Guo, he basically did not say What, only the day will give everyone an account.


The rain is coming from the wind.


The ceremony has not yet arrived, but the atmosphere is already there.