On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year in the 15th year of the Lunar New Year, the Ghost Festival is also the night of the full moon. The Yellow Calendar is written like this: the wolf enters the room, the yin is very strong, and everything is not suitable.

Huai Shang County, Yuzhou, a remote mountain village called “Yejia Village”. According to custom, in the evening, every household burned a thick amount of paper money in front of the door. One ancestor sacrificed the ancestors, and the other was the lonely ghost who passed the road. With the money of the family, they would rush on the road. Difficult with this family.

After burning the paper money, every household closes the doors and windows, rests early, and believes in the channel of the Buddha, and prays for peace.

In the middle of the night, it rained, hitting the leaves, and learning about the ropes, such as the ghosts and nights, the wind whimpered, such as crying, but also added a strange atmosphere for this unusual night.

On the village road, a vague figure loomed in the rain and wind. He walked out of the village and went straight to the back hill and walked into a graveyard.

This cemetery is the ancestral home of Yejia Village, and it is the dead ghost of Ye Family for hundreds of years. The shadow finally came to a grave without a monument, and a ghost was inserted in the grave. The ghost hand was usually swept in the wind.

The new land on the grave, and the soulless soul that has not fallen, shows that this is a new grave.

"Two sisters, today is your first seven, is catching up with Ghost Festival, I see you coming." The voice is hoarse, listening to no more than forty years old.

In the silence for a moment, the man untied a red silk umbrella from his back, opened it in the grave, blocked the night rain, carefully took out the three musk, lit it and put it in the dirt under the umbrella, regardless of the mud, kneel down He took three heads, got up and took out a folded flat shovel and began to dig the grave.

The grave was originally a new soil, and it was soaked in rainwater. It was very soft. In less than 20 minutes, a long hole was dug, and a layer of mud was wiped off. A bright red coffin board was exposed, such as blood.

Most of the coffins are painted dark red, painted red is the person who dies horizontally, the resentment is too heavy, the red is thicker, the better the effect of Zhenxie.

Not only that, but in the coffin, there are still thirty-three red thick lines, criss-crossing, like a net, the whole coffin is firmly wrapped, it seems that people in the coffin climbed out.

The man bowed to the coffin in the end, and said in his mouth: "Two sisters, I will help you." Take out the dagger, cut off the red line, and then use the crowbar to knock open seven seven-inch coffin nails, take a deep breath. Tone, open the coffin -

A female body wearing a white shroud, lying on the bottom of the bed.

Under the faint light of the incense, but the face of the female corpse was pale, and the eyes of a pair of turbid eyes were round and round, like dead fish, and the expression was terrible, and there was a cold and scent in the body. Dead air.


The man took a breath of cold air, but he was prepared. He saw this scene, but his legs were soft, and he hurried down. He licked three heads against the female body. The trembling said:

"Two sisters, you die in the bed, one corpse and two lives, but the gangs are vocalizing the rules of the ancestors, regardless of the humanity, the life and the children and the children are taken apart, buried in two places. Today is your return to the night, I am Ye Dabao Adventure to dig out your poor baby and return it to you..."

Say, take a cloth bag from your arms and untie it, but it is the body of a baby!

Putting the body on the female body, Ye Dabao stepped back and kneeled on the ground, waiting for it. Suddenly, a woman’s crying sounded in the wind and rain.

The female body "teng" sat up from the coffin, tightened her arms, ten dry fingers, tightly gripped the baby's back, facing Ye Dabao, his face opened with a strange smile.

Ye Dabao knees on his knees and then worships: "Two sisters, I have fulfilled your wish. I will help you fill the grave later. I can’t see it. Please look at my hard work and satisfy me. wish!"

After the words, the three musks were pulled up from the feet, and they were placed under the face of the woman's body. The chin of the woman's body was smoked with smoke, and the other hand had already prepared a copper pot, which was followed.

The female corpse actually stretched her neck forward, motionless, and cooperated with Ye Dabao.

The corpse oil dripped into the copper basin. After ten minutes, the pelvic floor was full. The brow of the female corpse wrinkled a little, and the face was horrible.

Ye Dabao hurriedly removed the incense and copper pots, put the copper pots in plastic, put them in his arms, and saw the female corpse slowly lie back in the coffin, holding the baby in his arms, with a satisfactory color, and his heart was too loose. Tone.

"Two sisters, you have a baby. After seven or seventy-nine days, you will become a mother and a child, and you will have revenge. Dabao will cover you, you will live and cultivate."

Ten minutes later, Ye Dabao looked at the grave that had been reburied by himself. He couldn’t see a trace of flaws from the outside, and he worshipped and turned and hurried down the mountain.


A month later, Ye Jiacun, the village head of Yejia Village.

The fire in August was the hottest time of the year. Others opened their doors and ventilated. They used electric fans. The back room of Ye Dagong’s house was closed, with three coal stoves inside.

On the bed, a child of five or six years old, wrapped in a thick quilt, still frozen in purple lips, shivering and shivering in the mouth.

Ye Dagong stood in the room for a moment, it was full of sweat, sighed out of the door, and forced to wipe off the sweat and tears on his face.

"Hey, Shaoyang, he..." A young woman in her twenties came forward and stared at Ye Dagong with a pair of crying eyes. She was Ye Dagong’s daughter-in-law, the mother of the child in the house.

"The little soldier came back and said."

Ye Dagong shook his head helplessly. When he was a barefoot doctor for decades, he was also a little wrong with his grandson's illness. For half a month, he carried his grandson to run through the county and city hospitals. Going, the result is hard to find out, Ye Dagong began to suspect that the grandson was not sick at all, but provoked some kind of evil. Before the goddess who came to the village had done the ritual, it had no effect, so early today morning. Send your son to the city and ask the Supreme to come back.

As he said, his son Ye Bing came back and brought back an old man dressed as a Taoist.

"Who is this……"

"I was the leader of the city who came to the city. He heard about the situation of Shaoyang, and he is willing to come and see."

"There is a long way to go." Ye Dagong bowed his hand and bowed, and looked up and down with a pair of eyes.

This old road looks like sixty years old, people are very thin, sharp-nosed monkeys, eight-character eyebrows, triangle eyes, the old robes on the body can no longer be old, carrying a canvas bag, as soon as the room enters, the eyes sloppily turn around, there is no fairy The feeling of the wind tunnel bones.

Ye Dagong’s brows are wrinkled. There are too many swindlers in this year. The monks and monks also have fakes. He looks at the old Taoist priests as if they are capable, but the so-called sick and rushing doctors, since people have come, always try one. Try, I am very polite, please go to the back room to see the grandson.

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