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Space Spirit Spring: Farmer Girl Cleverly Headed Home

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[Sweet pet + rebirth female Qiang Shuang Wen]

Su Haitang is reborn!

The spiritual spring of space is close to you. It is not a dream to make a fortune and wealth. The chief target is very reliable, and the future is bright!

It’s a pity that my parents are partial to their younger brothers and sisters and are greedy, and calculate her that there is no bones left! Not as good as the one picked up!

Once again, she smiled and watched the clown jump around.

Imitate the road of sister, want to make sister nowhere to go?

too naive! Do you have room for Lingquan to help cheat and breed good breeds? Lost on the starting line!

First start to grab the head and become the target? Silly girl, sister never depends on men! You have been infected, sister is not rare!

I don’t want to make a Cheng expedition halfway, protect her, love her and love her, like a pearl like a treasure!

Su Haitang breathed a sigh of relief, this time he finally lived out a good shape!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SSSFGCHH
Alternate Title:空间灵泉:农女巧当家
Author:Wood voiceless
Weekly Rank:#508
Monthly Rank:#434
All Time Rank:#2264
Tags:Academy, Artifacts, Beautiful Female Lead, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Farming, Fast Learner, Female Protagonist, Fox Spirits, Handsome Male Lead, Interdimensional Travel, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Magical Space, Military, Multiple Realms, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Nationalism, Past Trauma, Poor to Rich, Previous Life Talent, Proactive Protagonist, Rebirth, Slow Growth at Start, Space, Talent, Tragic Past, Weak to Strong,
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16 Comments on “Space Spirit Spring: Farmer Girl Cleverly Headed Home
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  1. I dropped this after ch.120 because i lost interest.And Author doesn't give a damn about information or character feeling.This one is less annoying than other stories at least.

  2. I dropped this after ch.120 because i lost interest.And Author doesn't give a damn about information or character feeling.This one is less annoying than other stories at least

  3. ok.i haven't read it tho.but from the name of the story,this is the genre I really like.so,i'll add this into library first. after reading,i'll give review🤗 (btw i'm not good at English)

  4. after reading ch.1 and ch.2,I feel dizzy man! I've been reading so many machine translation and this still made me confused like 😵 ok! First of all,our mc is girl! And her name is Su Haitang. She's daughter of Su family(shitty family).she got beaten to death at the day of her sister wedding with some rich man.her mother is shit.her sister is lotus😉(not to mention useless shit-head brother).But mc already have a space in her first life...so i think she's stupid enough to got tricked again and again.So the start is similar to every other stories.After she dead,she got reborn back to 18year old with her space.I'll give this a try bcz i wanted to see some character growth or face slap!!

  5. ok!l knew it.I knew that was coming😑 The plot twist is same with every other story. spoiler= ofc!She WaSn'T their real daughter. istg mc was stupid shit-headed

  6. Yeah...Sometimes I doubt myself if I was masochist, why I read this novel, although the novel is fiction itself but the shitty family I felt irritated, why do that to mc? Jealosy?Envy, or becsuse they are insane that can tell good or bad, or people really can't 3scape the baptism of 7 deadly sin. And what about mc, why can't even tell the true nature of her white wolf family..And what I felt irritated the most is why the plot is being copied by other novelists...I knew that I hate this novel plot, but why I can't help but read it...Am I masochist please tell me...😭😭😭😭 Lol😜😜😜😜😝😝

  7. not gonna lie! me too! i really feel irritated while reading these kind of stories but I can't quit it😩 I've a thing for "poor to rich/weak to strong/ugly to beautiful/fat to fit" with rebirh thing.YES I admit! I like reading face slap thing but these stories help me to win in fight tho(e.g.how to talk black to white)🤣

  8. She got magical space before her rebirth? And still got fcked? There is no hope for this MC.... did she leave the family after reborn or still pulling their aggro by being close?

  9. she leave her family.but she still good to her grandmom who was good to her. ok i want to gave some spoiler. she wasn't thir kid.she was from other family her real family condition is really good in imperial capital.oh, the lotus sister was also reborn tho.that lotus sister planned everying in previous life but author didn't explain about this matter clearly.

  10. So that lotu(shit) daughter is some type of.." It's a novel/game world and I am the MC.. Now beg me you peasants" type of girl.. Like is she transmigrated or reincarnated..??

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