Xiao Bai sat down cross-legged again, then closed his eyes and felt it.

Xiao Yi had already turned around and left, walking not far away, his steps seemed to stagger slightly, and then he sat down cross-legged.

Although I don't know what Xiao Bai wants to do.

But all he can do is to protect him until he leaves this frozen star safely.

The blood inflammation state has disappeared.

But Xiao Yi was actually weak in his body.

No one noticed that he staggered so well that he was hiding, and no one knew that he was actually weak in proximity.

The blood inflammation state is indeed strong.

He burned all his strength and all the ways he had cultivated like a hodgepodge, and merged them together.

In the blood inflammation state, his body is like a ‘refining furnace’, refining all the power in his body into blood inflammation power, and then spreading throughout the body.

But the same is true. His battle is like pouring out all the power in his body and the combat power of all the ways he cultivated at the same time.

It is equivalent to the outbreak of multiple combat power.

The power consumption is so huge that outsiders don't know it.

When the blood inflammation state disappears, all of this disappears from the flame, and then returns from the cooling, and everything returns to the original one.

Shenhuo Channel, God Wind Channel, Immortal Dao Body, Small World, Qi Spring, Demon Body, Physical Power, etc., everything returned to normal.

However, the power consumed was actually consumed.

He is still capable of fighting today.

But with this combat power and the power consumed, it would take a lot of time and effort to restore the peak.

"Huh." Xiao Yi exhaled secretly.

Just at this time.

Not far behind, Xiao Bai's exclamation of joy came.

"Perceived, the purest ice power in this world."

Xiao Bai said as he slammed his fist to the ground, his arm was completely inserted into the icy debris.


In the next instant, a pure ice force erupted from the ground.

This seems to be a place full of spiritual energy, and it is erupting extremely pure and huge spiritual energy in an overwhelming manner.

It's just that this is not aura, but ice power.

"What a pure ice power." Xiao Yi's eyes were surprised.

"It is already comparable to the power of heaven and earth, no, it is basically the same."

Xiao Bai's expression of joy, no other movements, only quickly absorbed these ice power.

"Bing Shen Jue, give me a breath." Xiao Bai shouted violently.

"It's done, it's done." On one side, Xiao Ji and Xiao Xiang looked overjoyed.

"The real carp leaped over the dragon gate and turned into a dragon."

"Xiao Bai, from now on, there will be endless emptiness, and I am afraid that there will be no more enchanting evildoers that can compare with you."

"Yeah." Xiao Bai nodded, with unstoppable joy and smile on his face.

Xiao Yi squinted and stared.

He discovered that while Xiao Bai was absorbing the huge ice power, the martial spirit power in his body was also surging.

"Something's wrong, this is the awakening sign of Wuhun."

Not far away, Xiao Bai heard Xiao Yi's voice and smiled, "Yes, brother Yi, I am awakening from Wuhun."

Xiao Yi frowned, "You haven't performed the second Martial Spirit Awakening yet?"

The second Wuhun awakening was a trouble for almost ninety-nine percent of Tianjiao in the Yanlong Continent.

But for the great forces here in Infinite Void, it is not difficult at all to help their Tianjiao perform the second martial soul awakening.

Not to mention a hegemonic power like Yanlong League.

Xiao Bai smiled, "The second Wuhun awakening, I have already completed it."

"Now, this is the third martial soul awakening."

"The third time? Impossible." Xiao Yi frowned.

According to his cognition, Wuhun only had two chances to awaken.

Xiao Bai smiled, "You don't know anything about Brother Yi."

"Martial soul is unique to our human beings."

"Normally, Wuhun has only two chances to awaken."

"The first time, after the martial arts enlightenment of our childhood, the first martial soul awakened and possessed the martial soul."

"The second time is to rely on the martial arts sacred pill and the like. In short, it must be a combination of huge martial arts and huge pure power, so as to hit the shackles and let the De Martial Soul have a second awakening."

"Wuhun, there are two opportunities to awaken, this is the limit of heaven and earth."

Xiao Bai paused and smiled, "So, what if you break this limit?"

Xiao Yi's eyes were startled.

This truth couldn't be more simple.

Everything in the world circulates in heaven and earth, and is limited by the laws of heaven and earth.

If you can break the limits of heaven and earth, it is naturally...omnipotent.

Xiao Bai smiled and said, "If the limits of the law of longevity can be broken, then those who break it will naturally have unlimited longevity, and even endow other creatures with longevity."

"Now, if I can break the limits of Wuhun's world, then naturally I can perform the third impossible Wuhun awakening."

Xiao Yi's heart was stunned.

Yes, like the one from the Yanlong Region, it obviously broke the limit of the world of the law of longevity.

Therefore, it can have an almost unlimited lifespan, and even endow the eight heavenly monarchs with the same almost unlimited lifespan.

The one who really helped, was never a matter of life, but just that it had existed for too long and it was too old.

Heaven, can't take its life; it just died slowly by itself.

Xiao Bai's words broke Xiao Yi's thinking.

Xiao Bai continued, "Normally speaking, it is impossible to break the limits of heaven and earth."

"There are only a few powers in the world that can be so capable."

"The power of the five dragons is one of them."

"What I have absorbed now is the power of the Soul Dragon Soul. With this power, the spirit will awaken for the third time."

"The Soul of Ice Dragon." Xiao Yi muttered to himself and smiled indifferently.

"Such a chance against the sky can be found than you, and you are also considered more powerful."

"But." Xiao Yi glanced at the sky slightly, "In this world, an ice dragon was born?"

Ice dragon, but one of the five dragons.

Xiao Bai shook his head and said with a smile, "To be precise, it is this star that once fell an ice dragon."

"Countless years ago, this star was nothing but an incomparably desolate star that had not yet been born, let alone a creature."

"But, in those long years, I don't know one day, the void suddenly oscillated, spreading to the entire endless void."

"Then, it seems that this void is venting its anger."

"On this day, a full-blown ice dragon suddenly fell."

"And the place of fall is this ordinary star."

"The body of the ice dragon fell, and the huge star instantly turned into a piece of ice and snow."

"The ice covers the entire star."

"Even the indescribably thick ice layer replaced this star land."

On the side, Xiao Ji showed a look of surprise, "Xiao Bai, these secrets and information about this frozen star, did that woman tell you?"

"Um." Xiao Bai scratched his head.

On the side, Xiao Xiang said with a displeased expression, "Even the secrets and information that our Yanlong League could not find out, but Xiao Bai knows that the only person with this ability is that woman."

Xiao Bai smiled bitterly, "After all, she..."

"Xiao Bai." Xiao Ji and his two expressions were cold, "You can hear clearly, our Xiao family, don't want to owe that woman anything.


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