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Xiao Yihun, the master of Xingyiquan, walks through another world.

In this world where warriors are rampant, Xiao Yi gained the martial soul against the sky, and opened a road to crush countless geniuses in the world and become a powerful soul emperor.

Shatter the heavens and the earth, break the sky, and surpass the heavens and the world.

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Short Title:SEMG
Alternate Title:魂帝武神
Author:Little Eight
Weekly Rank:#299
Monthly Rank:#366
All Time Rank:#136
Tags:Alchemy, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Male Protagonist, Martial Spirits, Sword Wielder, Transmigration,
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21 Comments on “Soul Emperor Martial God
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  1. Fkng sh*t not worth reading Xiao yi is a waste young master with the worst martial spirit in the history got killed by his fiancee and cousin and our mc form earth crossed into this waste with another top tier martial spirit which devours others martial spirits and adds the essence to the waste martial spirit which increases its rank but still it's a waste martial spirit no matter what is its rank it just improves fire control and ntg else I m now at ch 2500 so far his martial spirit turned into a black rank and grown two horns and unlocks the long yan fire which is a true dragon fire so mc thinks it might be a legendary fire dragon of the continent which is still in its beginning stage but still it's a waste of time no abilities and for the bingluan martial spirit it still has a crack idk when it gonna repair and it is still purple rank and from the beginning mc can't use the sword at will and it only saves him in life and death situation idk wtf is author thinking .All the geniuses use and show their martial spirits while our mc has a stupid martial spirit of no use and other doesn't listen to him, I mean what's the point of writing a martial spirit novel when mc can't use its power until ch 2500 and idk if he gonna unlock the power in near future . Author just stop writing shitty novels like this where mc can't use his martial spirit true power in the entire story and gonna unlock his martial spirits true power at the end of the novel and shows his dominance So guys this novel is not worth reading and it's ntg but a waste of time where mc gets humiliated all the time and always gets pursued by old monsters and survives because of plot Armor. Lol and people who gave 5 stars might be fake or they must be masochist's who like mc getting humiliated and beaten like an idiot

  2. Thanks bro, can you recommend a novel where the MC is not retarded and all the beautiful women are his allies or fall in love with MC?

  3. Well if u want smart mc then better go for king of gods it's around 1500 chapters where mc is weak at 10 to 50 chapters and later he keeps up with the geniuses and he is hard working protagonist but not good with women u can say he is a piece of wood who only wants strength

  4. Supreme rebirth it's quite good though I'm currently at chapter 830 But *martial peak* is a must read novel in my list as it always gets the no1 most viewed and most popular novel in most of the websites. I've already updated with the martial peak novel it's currently at ch 5992 Another important novel you may be interested is "against the gods" The plots of this novel is twisted but insanely good... Hope you like both of it

  5. Kontlo ni mc tai apanya raja pembunuh ngebunuh lawan aja gabisa bisa banyak gaya pula, bikin musuh sana sini tipikal mc idiot raja pembunuh taiii naiif

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