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【Exquisite Fantasy】A generation of Dandi was accidentally reborn and became a wasteful son-in-law that others don’t want.

Just when he could not accept this humble identity, the sedan chair at the door came again.

What? remarry? Second marriage?

Whose son-in-law am I? I won’t do it!

At the moment when he saw the bride, Luo Wushu resolutely married into a wealthy family, and since then embarked on the road of no return to doting on his wife.

The hoe came, and the corner of the wall stood tall.

Not to mention alchemy, in order to pet his wife, music, music, painting and calligraphy, omnipotence, martial arts formations, omnipotent.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:SILDZ
Alternate Title:赘婿丹尊
Author:Luo Wuchen
Weekly Rank:#1336
Monthly Rank:#1031
All Time Rank:#2909
Tags:Alchemy, Betrayal, Cultivation, Harem, Male Protagonist, Unique Cultivation Technique,
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25 Comments on “Son-in-law Dan Zun
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  1. "The hoe came, and the corner of the wall stood tall" and there is harem tag ? Did i misunderstood bout 'digging corner of the wall' mean ? Isn't mean only 2 people no 3rd party in their relationship but why harem ? Did your wall build from mud ?

  2. If this wasn’t Polygamy I might still tolerate and like this ...Sigh... He’s a SIMP Mc. I have no idea what’s going through Author mind when he made this

  3. Its probably the stupidest and most generic novel ever. At the beginning common plot points are reused over and over. Mc is supposedly 'reborn old monster' with the mentality of a 10 year old. Since he thinks his wife who has no respect for him looks like a woman he lost in his previous life he just follows her around like a licking dog. Offends everyone possible while being a licking dog. Says he wants to focus on being a martial artist instead of an alchemist but somehow struggles with resources and is slower to cultivate than other people with 'backgrounds'. There's no logic in the entire novel and it just becomes a circus of shitty plot induced face slapping. Like if it was a bit logical he would just be an alchemist, get money, cultivate, get his bitch and that would be the end of the novel. but nope this novel has to have him go about the most shitty round about way while offending everyone possible.

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