"Here, here, there is here"

The letter summoned a map of a large area, and Frank sketched it with his fingers, drawing a big circle in the direction of the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Covering more than half of Central Asia, it is almost wrapping the entire area of ​​Europe and Asia.

"In this direction, I can model a pseudo sanctuary with an exorcism function, modeled after Kama Taj's temple sanctuary in the world. And as long as the devil in this area does not want to If you are purified by the power of the sanctuary, you will only have to do everything you can to escape the area."

"Hell, they can't go back. According to current estimates, the evil spirits **** have been swallowed up by Dommam. And even if Dommam is now planted in an unknown presence, It is impossible to say that the evil spirits **** are spit out to the whole. So they are homeless, and in this case, their only choice is to come to Europe or go to Asia."

"Of course, this may cause trouble for some people, but as long as you are prepared, I believe that the remaining dregs in these hells will not be a climate. And in a good place, the place in Central Asia can be saved. Yes, isn't it!"

After a lot of indulging, Ao Chuang is clearly judging the benefits. Of course, he quickly came up with a result.

"On the European side, I can arrange a line of defense to prevent the devils from entering. As far as Asia is concerned, I can also get in touch with Asian countries by knowing the EU and give them some necessary help. You are right, As long as these devils are exposed, it is indeed impossible to become a climate. So specifically, how is your sanctuary planned to be established?"

Although little is known about magic, Ao Chuang knows that magic of this scale is definitely not casual, and it can be done with a mouth. If Frank has the ability to move to the sea like the Supreme Master, then it is still said, but since he does not have such a level, and at the same time wants to make such a big move, then the external force required is naturally not small.

This is also estimated to be where he has to ask for himself, and in this respect he certainly does not want to have any omissions.

“Specific? It takes too much help.”

It is one of the purposes of asking for help, so since Ao Chuang asked, he naturally wants to open this mouth.

“All the infrastructure materials for steel and cement. I need you to use the greatest strength to help me build three cities there. Of course, I will not let you contribute alone. I have given Jarvis the order to let him pull it out. Stark Enterprise has all the resources it can use to match our actions."

"According to the technology we have at the moment, as long as no one is stalking from it, then at most one month, we can build a prototype of three cities in this area. As long as the city is built Then the foundation of the sanctuary is considered to be hit!"

"Is there such a need?" Hearing Frank's plan, even the Austrian creation could not help but frown.

He believes that Frank does something to do this, and the meaning of labor and wealth. Because if it is only for the purpose of building a sanctuary, is it not possible to directly build several places like military bases or churches? Why do you have to build a city? This is obviously unreasonable.

Moreover, even if it is said that it is necessary to build a city, this is not something that can be decided by patping the head.

Human cities, which have not experienced decades or even centuries of accumulation, can change to this scale today.

The convergence of resources, manpower and even wealth is not a problem that can be achieved overnight. And if you want to condense this huge number into just one month, even if it is placed on the financial expenses of several big countries, it will definitely be a headache.

Ou Chuang does not say that he can't afford the money. He has a large amount of resources in the hand and a hatchery machine for the golden guards. As long as he bites his teeth and tightens his belt, the money is still squeezed out.

The main problem is not the overhead, but what he has to do to allow the EU and even several countries in Central Asia to agree to do so.

Under the banner of international humanitarian assistance? Do not make jokes. Now Europe is a mess, and all kinds of reconstruction and recovery work are urgently needed. At this time, you have the resources and ability to go back to your neighbors to play humanitarian aid. Believe it or not, the next day, the people who have not been angry can give orders to the government buildings of various countries.

Tell the truth? This situation in Europe does not necessarily have such a long-term vision.

For European governments, it is now more important to stabilize the interior than to address external threats. Moreover, this threat has not yet fallen on their heads, just to let the neighbors go bad. In the spirit of the dead and the poor, they will also be watching the lively heart.

Retreat 10,000 steps, even if these European countries are willing to take a long-term view, starting from the overall situation. Agreeing with his assistance to this place, then whether the regime that controls the region is willing to accept such assistance is also a question worth discussing.

In terms of reason, they have no reason to refuse. After all, Aochuang is doing this to protect the lives of all people, including them. But from another perspective, the construction of an emerging city is almost inevitable to absorb the talents, materials and wealth around. In other words, if the city wants to grow up, it must absorb the blood of the region itself.

And if the city belongs to them and they have jurisdiction and governance over these cities, then this is naturally the case. However, the resources are mobilized from the European side. The construction is carried out by the Austrian Chuang. You have not done anything. Just a simple **** move and want to claim that you have sovereignty over these cities. It’s too much to put other people in the eye.

In terms of the consistent urineiness of this area, they are expected to have such an idea of ​​occupying the nest. Just for sure, the EU will never allow such a thing to happen.

It is estimated that from the very beginning, it will be strictly guarded against death and the various regulations will be given to the dead. Even further, it is not impossible to directly insert the army into the army.

Knocking? The strength gap is here, you just want to slap on others and may not give you this opportunity. Now, it’s not the time that everyone will be scrupulous about the age of good looks. In the face of real benefits, no one will make you white.

It’s not as cheap as it’s not. Therefore, there is a great possibility that the rulers of this region would rather bear the threat of the devils, and would not be willing to see such cities that would weaken their power and violate their interests in their territory.

Of course, you can ignore them and unilaterally do it yourself. Anyway, in the case that they are now self-sufficient, there is no way to stop this from happening. However, this will inevitably fall into a real population. After all, if you really want to say it, this is already a violation of the sovereignty of a country.

This is a question of great justice. Any country in the world, as long as it is a little far-sighted, will not deny this fact. With the banner of this righteousness, the rulers of this region can launch a war of righteousness to bring these cities into their own arms.

Playing down, it is naturally a profitable business. If you can't get it, it's natural to make persistent efforts.

In short, once things develop to this point, it is basically a matter of guilt between human beings. At this moment, whether it is based on the big pattern of the Hydra, or from the self-sufficiency of the Austrian creation. He does not want things to evolve into this way. Therefore, he clearly showed resistance to Frank's proposal.

"Of course it is necessary."

Frank is very clear about what Oracle is scrupulous about, and what he has to do now is to dispel this scruples.

"I know what you think, and it's not surprising that you thought of building my city as extravagant. But I think what you need to understand is that if there is an easier way, I won't choose to do this."

"The Supreme Master can shelter the entire planet with just three temples, because her understanding of magic is unmatched. Look at the mountains in the western United States that rose up because of her spells. How profound is her magic in magic, especially in the magic of the earth. Ordinary people can't compete with it, including me. At the very least, I can't do that now."

"And the sanctuary of this degree, to a certain extent, the demand for magical power is not lower than the extent to which the Supreme Master has moved to the sea and created a huge mountain range. Noisy, then even if it is a hundred years, you don’t want to build a sanctuary that can shelter such a huge site. And for a hundred years, we can afford to wait for the innocent people in this area to wait. Start?"

The answer of course is not acceptable. For a hundred years, it is estimated that at least two or three generations have been cleaned up. Of course, it must be such a long time, there will always be people to deal with these devils. But that is, after all, the uncertainty of the future. Instead of throwing this problem into the future, why not solve the problem when they are able to solve such problems now?

Just because of the reaction of these human rights holders? Just because of the waste of this resource? You know, it’s a living life. Compared with the lives of innocent people, shouldn’t these things be followed by the order?

Frank didn't know what other people are, but his views on Altron were clear. Ao Chuang is by no means the kind of guy who will care for people because of this kind of thing. So as long as he holds this point, he is not afraid that Ao Chuang will not be hooked.

At this point, he expected to be good, because it was Ao Chuang, so knowing that Frank had set a trap inside, he still had to step into the scalp.

"Give me a reason to do this. If your reasons are sufficient, I will find a solution to the troubles that may arise in the middle."

"The reason, it's simple! I need to have enough people to provide the sanctuary with the spirituality to support it."

After understanding the compromises in the Austrian language, Frank immediately took out the reasons he had compiled.

"I don't have the power of the Supreme Master. She can mobilize the power of the whole planet and support the sanctuary's frame with the spirituality of the planet itself. And I can't, my understanding of the Earth's spells is only enough for me on the Earth's context. There are a few portals. However, although I can't do the same level as the Supreme Master, it doesn't mean that I can't take a different approach and use other methods to prop up the framework needed to make the sanctuary. Therefore, the approach I have adopted is to take advantage of people's wishes."

"Using the power of propaganda and public opinion to let the people who threaten the devil in that area know that these three cities will be their only shelter on this land, the only way to protect them from evil. What will they do? I must, as long as it is not the kind of character that is sitting still, will inevitably move forward in the direction of these cities with hope. This hope is the willingness I am referring to, that is, the spiritual foundation that serves as the framework of the sanctuary."

“They expect to be sheltered here. If it’s just a single person, the power of this hope is naturally insignificant. But if it’s tens of thousands, millions of people have the same The vision is to hope that these cities can become the place to shelter them, then the aggregate of this desire is no longer insignificant."

"From the perspective of occultism, the aggregation of this desire has been possible to extend infinitely. And with this possibility, plus the way I use special means to turn the energy produced by mankind into a source of magic. Then it is already satisfying all the conditions needed to structure the sanctuary."

"In other words, only these cities have been established, not only built on the land, but also built into everyone's mind, it can be regarded as a sanctuary. And if this is even the case If the conditions are all unsatisfactory, it is hoped that by virtue of those small means to expel the devils hidden in this vast land, it is too much to treat them as one thing!"

Having said that, Frank also gave a clear explanation for why he was obsessed with building a city. For this explanation, although Austrian is not very convinced, it can't take any counterexamples to veto. After all, the mystery of magic is not something that can be justified.

He didn't have a good way, and he didn't have enough time to argue about it. So he can only choose to believe in Frank.

However, he still does not quite understand.

"What are the benefits of the establishment of these three cities? Don't tell me, you are only thinking about the lives of those innocent!"

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