Jiang Wutian stared wide-eyed.

At this moment, the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Bright red blood flowed from the corner of Jiang Haotian's mouth. This is the blood coming up from the chest cavity.

Jiang Haotian grinned.

Why did I meet a second-awakened hunter in the D-level dungeon today?

'It's very unlucky. '

The dagger in Jiang Wutian's hand fell to the ground with a clang.

Panting heavily, Jiang Wutian leaned over and whispered something in Cheng Jinwoo's ear.


After Cheng Xiaoyu listened silently, he pulled out the dagger from Jiang Haotian's chest.

Jiang Haotian fell powerlessly to the ground like clothes falling from a hanger.


【You have completed the urgent task: destroy the enemy!】

A notification message popped up, but Seong Jin-Woo didn't seem happy.

Sure enough, killing people doesn't feel good.

Although the other party wants to kill himself first.

[The task reward has arrived. 】

【Do you accept it?】


Cheng Jin-Woo would not have done this without this reward.

While comforting Baek Ji like this, Cheng Jin-Woo confirmed the reward.


[Task rewards are as follows]

Reward 1: Ability +5


Cheng Jin-Woo felt a little surprised.

Compared with when Huang Dongshi and his party were eliminated, the rewards were much less.

'But obviously it's harder this time?'

Doesn't it have nothing to do with the difficulty level, but only with the number of heads?

Cheng Jin-Woo was very confused.

At this moment, Cheng Jin-Woo suddenly discovered something.

There is a bright light the size of a coin on Jiang Haotian's body.

Seong Jin-Woo opened his eyes wide.

'Could it be...?'

Although it is unbelievable, this light is the same as the light on those monsters.

The magical beast that emits this light has a magic spar on its body, and at this time, Jiang Wutian's body also has the same light.

'What could it be?'

Seong Jin-Woo tried to calm himself down, and stretched out his hand to Gwang-ryu.


Sure enough, he was right.

[Discovered 'Rune Stone: Invisibility', do you want to pick it up?]

'Runite, runestone words...!'

Cheng Jin-Woo's heart beat faster.

The skills used by Jiang Haotian turned into runes and appeared on Jiang Haotian's body.

Stealth is a rare skill that only very few hunters can apply. If this is really a runestone...

' Pick up. '

A stone with words appeared in the hand.

【Rune Stone: Invisibility】

You can get this skill by crushing the Rune Stone.

You can get skills by crushing the runes.

This is a real runestone.

Crush it, and you can gain stealth skills.

Seong Jin-Woo had never heard of the existence of runestones with invisibility skills. So the value of this runestone cannot be measured by money.

Two voices came from behind.

"How are you?"


Cheng Jin-Woo put the rune stone in his pocket.

The two looked at Cheng Jin-Woo with disbelief.

Not long ago, this person was trembling in a D-level dungeon, but now he actually defeated a B-level hunter Jiang Haotian.

As a C-level hunter, Song Zhiguo knew what this meant.

Cheng Jin-Woo looked at his body and said, "Well, I'm fine!"

There seems to be no problem.

And there is no pain in the body.

But when he turned his head, the blood on the chin flowed down.

Cheng Jin-Woo touched his cheek and found that the wound on his face was still bleeding.


"Let me treat you."

The green light condensed on Xiaoxi's fingertips, and the wound on Cheng Jin-Woo's face gradually disappeared.

An E-level hunter beat a B-level hunter without any injuries.

Compared to the B-rank hunter wanting to kill himself, Cheng Jin-Woo's victory seemed to have a greater impact on the two of them.

"How could you..."

Song Zhiguo seemed to have lost his ability to speak.

Seong Jin-Woo knew what the two wanted to say.

So, he spoke first.

"I'm very sorry, I will definitely explain to you when the time is right, so don't ask anything for now, okay?"

Listening to Cheng Jin-Woo's sincere voice, Xiaoxi nodded.

Song Zhiguo also nodded.

"You have said so, and there must be a reason."

Then, Cheng Jin-Woo turned his head to look in the direction of the boss. Although some things have delayed it, the plan to hunt the boss has not changed.

Cheng Jin-Woo wanted to hunt the boss alone as much as possible. And there is one more thing that they should not know.

Cheng Jin-Woo looked at Song Zhiguo.

"This kind of thing happened, and it is impossible for the group battle to continue. The two of you go out and contact the association first. I will stay here to find other survivors."

Song Zhiguo roughly had a premonition of what Cheng Jinwoo wanted to do.

"He's trying to close the portal."

Song Zhiguo also thinks this is the best.

"Just do it. Xiaoxi, let's go out first."

Under Song Zhiguo's persuasion, Xiaoxi hesitated for a while, and then ran towards Cheng Xiaoyu.

"You said you wanted to treat me to dinner, haven't you forgotten?"

Cheng Jin-Woo smiled.

"Of course I didn't forget, I haven't received the rest of the money yet."

"Then we have a deal. I'll wait for you outside."

Seeing Cheng Jinyu nod his head, Xiaoxi retreated in peace.

Even when Xiaoxi was about to reach the exit, she still looked back at Cheng Xiaoyu every step of the way.

Cheng Jin-Woo heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that the two of them had left.


He still wanted to hide it for a while longer.

But it was still found.

Both of them saw it, and he could no longer just play along casually.

And I don't want to threaten Xiaoxi and Uncle Zhiguo. ·

It should be considered self-defense for him to deal with the B-rank hunter. And there are two witnesses, so there shouldn't be too many problems.

The question is how does an E-rank hunter defeat a B-rank hunter?

'The second awakening should be the most convincing. '

Let's just say it.

Let's just say that I have undergone a second awakening, and then take another test.

No one will believe the system, upgrades, etc., so there is no need to say it.

After making up his mind like this, Cheng Jin-Woo was both a little happy and a little disappointed.

'Although I really want to become stronger, after being tested...'

But not everything always goes as you want.

'What's the level now?'

Since it is comparable to Jiang Wutian, it should be slightly higher than B-level, right?

Although I feel that I have become a lot stronger, hunters from B to S ranks are indeed very strong.

'However, let's think about these things after we go out. '

Now it's time to tackle the BOSS.

Seong Jin-Woo felt the fluctuation of D-rank magic power in this dungeon, but so far there have been some E-rank goblins. In that case, the remaining magic power fluctuations should be sent by the BOSS.

If so, then I should be able to get enough experience points.

'But, until then...'

Seong Jin-Woo needs to confirm a few things.

Cheng Jin-Woo's senses were fully opened, and he began to perceive the atmosphere in the dungeon.

"found it."

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