Of course there will be such a reaction.

The 'invisibility' skill can not only make people's bodies transparent.

Body, voice, and even breath can all be hidden.

Among assassin hunters, only a very small number of people can use this skill.

No matter the level, only a very small number of people can be lucky enough to get this skill when awakening.

'Let's make it quick!'

Jiang Haotian walked around behind the E-rank hunter.

There was no defense behind him.

'That's all. '

He thought it would be a tougher battle.

If the opponent can handle this stealth skill, he won't win so easily.

Sure enough, the difference in experience determines success or failure.

'go to hell!'

Jiang Haotian's dagger aimed at the rib seam of the E-rank hunter, and stabbed hard.

at this time!


The two collide with each other and sparks fly.

Jiang Haotian's eyes widened in surprise when his stealth skill was released.

"What, how could this happen!"

The dagger of this E-rank hunter accurately blocked his own attack.

Jiang Haotian stared at the E-rank hunter in front of him in surprise.

However, the guy said lightly.

"It's finally out."

"What did you say?"

Looking at the E-rank hunter in front of him, Jiang Haotian suddenly felt an unspeakable fear from the bottom of his heart.



【Urgent mission: destroy the enemy!】

There are people around who are hostile to the player.

Please eliminate all these people to ensure your own safety. If this instruction is not followed, the heart will stop beating.

The number of enemies that need to be eliminated: 1 person.

Number of enemies eliminated: 0 people.

Seong Jin-Woo confirmed the urgent mission information, and heaved a sigh of relief.

'Fortunately not in vain. '

He was a little worried that if Jiang Haotian would not take the initiative to attack, he would not be able to receive this urgent task.

So he verified it a little bit, and it was as he expected.

The moment Jiang Haotian released his murderous aura, this message appeared.

He didn't really want to chat with the other person or pretend to be panicked.

'But I really didn't know he was invisible...'

To be honest, when Jiang Haotian disappeared from his eyes, he was really surprised.

'Stealth' is a rare skill.

However, when he concentrated, he could clearly perceive Jiang Wutian's actions.

This is all thanks to my own perception ability.

He originally increased this ability value just to be able to make better judgments, but he didn't expect it to have this purpose.

'What luck. '

On the other hand, Jiang Wutian was quite frightened.

"No, why?"

Now, as long as Cheng Jin-Woo solves the guy in front of him, he will happily enjoy the rich rewards of the task.

"It's going to be a fight anyway, you have to get what you deserve'

Now it's his turn.

His attack has only just begun.

The two short swords were in a stalemate under the control of both sides.

The strength of both sides seems to be about the same.

Cheng Jin-Woo's eyes were shining with a dangerous light.

"I should look for other breakthroughs."

Then Cheng Jin-Woo immediately raised his leg and stepped on Jiang Haotian's foot.



Chapter Thirty-Three Runes

Jiang Wutian, who was concentrating all his attention on the dagger, suddenly felt the sharp pain from the back of his foot, and quickly took a few steps back.

Cheng Jin-Woo did not let go of this opportunity.


[Start skill 'running]

[Movement speed increased by 30%, when using this skill, the magic power is reduced by 1 point per minute. 】

Cheng Jin-Woo quickly shortened the distance between the two of them.

Jiang Wutian's eyes widened.

'Can you still speed up?'

Jiang Haotian was struggling with Cheng Jin-Woo's original speed, but Cheng Jin-Woo accelerated his speed again.

Seong Jin-Woo, who shortened the distance instantly, pierced the opponent's thigh with 'Kasaka's fangs'.


Jiang Haotian focused on defending his upper body, ignoring the attack from below.

【Effect of successful activation: paralysis】

[Because the target's resistance is too high, the paralysis is invalid. 】

[Effect of successful activation: blood loss]

[The opponent will lose 1% of their physical strength every second. 】

'very good!'

'Kasaka's fang effect is starting to work. It's a pity that the paralysis effect cannot be activated, but the battle has become a little easier.

But Jiang Wutian is always a high-level hunter!

His counterattack should not be underestimated.

The dagger he threw flew towards Cheng Jin-Woo.

Whoop, whoop.

Cheng Jin-Woo attacked Jiang Haotian's vitals while avoiding the dagger that was flying towards him.

Clang, clang!

Both sides had cold sweat on their foreheads.

'Equal speed!'

'The speed is the same!'

Both sides marveled at each other's speed, and started a speed competition at extremely close range.

The attacks of the two are extremely lethal, and each attack seems to be able to instantly tell the winner.

Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!

This is a cruel offensive and defensive battle that makes the blood flow from the bystanders.

'To break the current situation. '

Cheng Jin-Woo's eyes widened.

[Activation skill: murderous aura'. 】

Jiang Wutian, who met Cheng Jinwoo's eyes, trembled all over.

[Effect: Terror has been activated. 】

All abilities of the opponent will be reduced by 50%, and this state will last for one minute.


Cheng Jin-Woo was already convinced of his victory.

And Jiang Haotian opened his eyes wide in horror.

'Why does the body...?'

After looking at Cheng Xiaoyu, Jiang Wutian felt as if he fell into the water, and his body was extremely heavy.

The speed I was proud of also began to slow down.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The number of wounds on Jiang Wutian's body continued to increase.

'How, how is it possible!'

Jiang Haotian felt very flustered.

This should be the role of Buff.

He once heard that some assassin hunters can also use buffs when using magicians.

'Isn't assassination his special skill?'

No, what is his speed?

Jiang Haotian couldn't think any more.

The confusion in Jiang Haotian's mind turned into fear. Because Seong Jin-Woo was rushing towards him. Jiang Haotian's dagger aimed at Cheng Jinwoo's eyes.

call out!

Cheng Jin-Woo tilted his head immediately, but the short knife still scratched his cheek.

But these injuries were nothing to Cheng Jin-Woo, for the final blow, he had already expected them.

Jiang Wutian's expression gradually became stiff.

'Damn it. '

Seong Jin Woo who was standing in front of Kang Oh Cheon mercilessly sent the dagger into Kang Oh Cheon's chest.