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Going back to 2008, Gao Bo became the head coach of Luton Town who was deducted 30 points at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season, 30 points were deducted. It is almost a team that is considered to be relegated. Gao Bo used his football knowledge and footba.... Read more

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~ Happy New Year everyone. Chapter 1011 He is the king of the world (the finale) Chapter 1010 Wayne Rooney! !

Chapter 1009 Intermission Chapter 1008 Expand the lead Chapter 1007 Who said that the sneak attack can't come for the second time! Chapter 1006 Terrible opponent Chapter 1005 Surprise attack Chapter 1004 Moving like a rabbit Chapter 1003 Did you see through? Chapter 1002 The eyes of the world Chapter 1001 Maracana

Chapter 1000 You are my champion Chapter 999 The whole world is ethics Chapter 998 Smile and cry

Chapter 997 Let's go to the top of the world Chapter 996 The situation is very good Chapter 995 Waiting for opportunity Chapter 994 End of first half Chapter 993 Siege Chapter 992 Perfect start Chapter 991 Towards the World Cup finals! Chapter 990 What can happen in half an hour Chapter 989 Just to attack

Chapter 987 The hand of God, the mortal enemy relationship between England and Afghanistan Chapter 87 The hand of God, the mortal enemy relationship between England and Afghanistan Chapter 986 Dutchman is crying Chapter 985 Kill suspense Chapter 984 Advance 4 Chapter 981 Advance 4 Chapter 983 Big head wins Chapter 982 The only choice Chapter 981 Won the bet Chapter 980 Unexpected onslaught Chapter 979 Offensive battle Chapter 978 Gao Bo in Van Gaal's Eyes

Chapter 974 Anxious Chapter 973 One thousand nine hundred and sixty six-2014 Chapter 972 We long to stand on top of the world Chapter 971 The uncrowned king that cannot be ignored Chapter 970 Just trust him Chapter 969 Red Dot Package Chapter 968 tease Chapter 967 How to defeat the beast Chapter 966 The top 8 opponents are already waiting Chapter 965 Group 1 and opponent Chapter 964 Key position, 1 sword seals the throat. Chapter 963 Veteran in question

Chapter 962 Hart's attributes Chapter 961 Unpopular and qualifying Chapter 960 ended Chapter 959 Yeah! I bit someone! Chapter 958 Restless Chapter 957 1 sword seal throat Chapter 956 Strike while the iron is hot! Chapter 955 Immediate results Chapter 954 Old England eukaryotes Chapter 953 Unexpected adjustment Chapter 952 crisis? Chapter 951 Their head coach is Gao Bo

Chapter 950 The group's biggest opponent Chapter 949 Victory over Italy is nothing Chapter 948 Win the game Chapter 946 Bad Boy Cassano Chapter 945 withdraw troops? ~ Ask for a period of time off Chapter 942 Penalty kick Chapter 941 Adjustment Chapter 940 The sorrow and joy that affects two countries Chapter 939 boom! ! Chapter 939 War begins Chapter 938 opponent

Chapter 937 Full-scale war Chapter 936 World Cup kicked off Chapter 935 Warm-up match against Peru Chapter 934 I do what I say Chapter 933 23 rosters Chapter 932 The most lucrative temporary labor contract in history Chapter 931 Official announcement ~ I'm currently conceiving the World Cup plot Chapter 930 Pessimistic England Chapter 929 England, and the World Cup? Chapter 928 Accident Chapter 927 The FA's attention

Chapter 926 champion! Defending champion! Chapter 925 Anti-offside Chapter 924 The role of a superstar Chapter 923 Lao Tzu is the best in the world! Chapter 922 Kaka Chapter 921 Of course Chapter 920 Silent communication Chapter 919 Kaka's Champions League final Chapter 918 The final that will make history Chapter 917 For the championship Chapter 916 Restless football Chapter 915 Super shock bomb

Chapter 914 Mourinho's resentment Chapter 913 Stable Manchester City Chapter 912 1 foot unexpected world wave Chapter 911 Confident Chapter 910 The cooperation of genius Chapter 909 Get fooled! Chapter 908 Gao Bo's strong confidence Chapter 907 Guardiola started to go to extremes Chapter 906 attack! attack! ! attack! ! ! Chapter 905 Manchester United fighting for dignity Chapter 904 Irrefutable reason Chapter 903 Once only the eyes of football

Chapter 902 Like crazy Chapter 901 Best sparring Chapter 900 luck Chapter 899 Victory recorded in history Chapter 898 Can't wait to be over the nightmare Chapter 897 massacre Chapter 896 transfixed Chapter 895 Ancelotti's hesitation Chapter 894 Bayern's strong team background Chapter 893 experienced Chapter 892 Gotze's low-level mistake Chapter 891 German regret

Chapter 890 City group plan Chapter 889 Strong Manchester City Chapter 888 Semi-finals, opponents! Chapter 887 The brightest star on the court Chapter 886 3 minutes Chapter 885 too easy Chapter 883 Won't let the boss down Chapter 882 Gao Bo is very angry Chapter 881 Line up to welcome ~ Sorry Chapter 880 Advance to the semifinals Chapter 879 champion!

Chapter 878 Embrace the champion with victory Chapter 877 Manchester City European High 1st Gear Chapter 876 It's all in vain Chapter 875 Simeone's error of judgment Chapter 874 Manchester City's offensive arsenal Chapter 873 Completely passive Chapter 872 Start ~ About the update Chapter 871 Whose home is this? Chapter 870 Simeone Chapter 869 30 consecutive victories Chapter 867 Make points

Chapter 868 confidence Chapter 867 Give me away Chapter 866 Win the championship? Chapter 865 Dedicated to the boss Chapter 864 Power suppression Chapter 863 Spike Chapter 862 Midfield change Chapter 861 I have Chapter 860 The real test is about to begin Chapter 859 Interesting opponent Chapter 858 Perfectionists and promotion Chapter 857 Move on towards the goal

Chapter 856 7 crown king's ambition! Chapter 855 Cool to the end! Chapter 854 Another crown Chapter 853 Leave it alone Chapter 852 suppress Chapter 851 lightning Chapter 850 Pass goal Chapter 849 Can't lose the final! Chapter 848 Wasting an opportunity will lead to retribution! Chapter 847 Just shoot Chapter 846 Manchester United's father Chapter 845 League Cup Final

Chapter 843 Establish advantage Chapter 842 Dream start Chapter 842 Champions League reignited Chapter 841 Kaka in recovery state Chapter 840 Can't hide past 1 but not 15 Chapter 839 Half a city is crazy Chapter 838 Too impulsive Chapter 837 Like a broken bamboo! Chapter 836 Persuade Chapter 835 Mourinho's plan Chapter 834 When the winning streak is in progress Chapter 833 The art of digging

Chapter 832 Advance to the final Chapter 831 Unstoppable Chapter 830 Happy troubles Chapter 829 Kill the game! Chapter 828 Slaughter again Chapter 827 Picturesque offense Chapter 826 coming! Chapter 825 The Red Army is not afraid of difficult expeditions Chapter 824 18 consecutive victories! Chapter 823 ambition! Chapter 822 Who will stop Manchester City? Chapter 821 666!

Chapter 820 Face forward Chapter 819 Defensive counterattack without counterattack Chapter 818 Chill and zipper Chapter 817 Weaknesses against Arsenal Chapter 816 Every victory is worth fighting for Chapter 815 Smash with money! Chapter 814 Renewal issues Chapter 813 Erhuang dream? Chapter 812 Number one is number one Chapter 811 Streak record! Chapter 810 Qualify early Chapter 809 Rotation and Kaka's comeback

Chapter 808 Confident Manchester City Chapter 807 Embarrassed Chapter 806 Have a psychological shadow Chapter 805 Instigated... ~ Pushing the book-after Dong Fangzhuo, Wu Lei is domineering! Chapter 804 brutal reality Chapter 803 The memories of AC Milan fans kill Chapter 802 Clubs and national teams Chapter 801 Perfect debut Chapter 800 Bombing Chapter 799 Champion coach Chapter 798 High blacks

Chapter 797 How to choose? Chapter 796 Star making movement Chapter 795 Victory recorded in history Chapter 794 Dare to fight back? Chapter 793 Pass the ball into the goal! Chapter 792 Cautious Manchester United Chapter 791 Only the anger of the winner will be heard Chapter 790 Need a stronger test Chapter 789 Who will stop Manchester City? Chapter 788 King of Europe Chapter 787 New season league opening Chapter 786 1st crown of the season

Chapter 785 Derby after all Chapter 784 Counterattack Chapter 783 Anger to win 1 crown Chapter 782 Flexible frontcourt turnover Chapter 781 Ominous signs Chapter 780 Training camp Chapter 779 Manchester City's 2 lineups Chapter 778 Disrupt each other ~ 777 Sanchez Chapter 776 Is the power of one person all right? Chapter 775 Preparation for transfer! Chapter 774 High wave ambition

Chapter 773 King of europe Chapter 772 Is there any hope? Chapter 771 This is to seal the victory Chapter 770 Crucial... 3rd ball! Chapter 769 2 goal lead Chapter 768 If you dare to pull, I dare to fall! Chapter 767 Red card Chapter 766 Diving! Chapter 765 Press friction Chapter 764 desire! Chapter 763 The stage of the decisive battle Chapter 762 The power of tranquility

Chapter 761 The atmosphere of the final Chapter 760 Double crown! Chapter 759 Martinez's kneeling lick Chapter 758 Manchester in blue! Chapter 757 champion! ! champion! ! ! Chapter 756 The championship is crazy! ~ 755th Champion Melody Chapter 754 opponent Chapter 753 Go to Wembley! Chapter 752 Desperate Bayern Chapter 751 Secure the victory! Chapter 750 Potential final opponent

Chapter 749 The most exciting first half Chapter 748 attack! Constant offense! ! Chapter 747 The rhythm of the goal battle! Chapter 746 Precision strike Chapter 745 Bayern Munich Chapter 744 Hearty Chapter 743 violent Chapter 742 Gao's hair dryer Chapter 741 Small white deer alley Chapter 740 Preview of the FA Cup final Chapter 739 Triple Crown? Chapter 738 Mourinho's plan

Chapter 737 First half Chapter 736 Is it just luck? Chapter 735 What's wrong with love long pass? Chapter 734 Faint Chapter 733 This is a promise Chapter 732 Opponents in the semifinals! Chapter 731 Champions League Final 4! Chapter 730 1 half ecstasy 1 half sad Chapter 729 Critical hit Chapter 728 Penalty! ! Chapter 727 Heat up! Chapter 726 The key goal!

Chapter 725 Guardiola's first move Chapter 724 Guardiola's nemesis Chapter 723 1 Win straight to win the championship Chapter 722 The Champions League semi-finals are beckoning! Chapter 721 Fierce league competition Chapter 720 Impact of suspension Chapter 719 Finalized! Chapter 718 Different understandings of genius Chapter 717 Let him try Chapter 716 Hope in young people Chapter 715 Did I said wrong thing? Chapter 714 Celebrate victory in the stands

Chapter 713 The man who slipped three bars! Chapter 712 Ji Shengyu He Shengliang... Chapter 711 Front waist back Chapter 710 problem Chapter 709 To Chelsea! Chapter 708 The importance of fitness card Chapter 707 Why can't you have both? Chapter 706 Easy Chapter 705 Walk in hell Chapter 704 Welcome to hell Chapter 703 The Champions League knockout is coming Chapter 702 1 terrifying behemoth

Chapter 701 How about 1 Chapter 700 The media environment in England Chapter 699 block! Chapter 698 Resigned the head coach... Chapter 697 Record-breaking...failure Chapter 696 Coach, you can arrange it... Chapter 695 He is back! Chapter 694 Can't take care of it Chapter 694 Regardless of the head Chapter 692 Anger and confidence Chapter 690 Downturn Chapter 690 change

Chapter 689 Kaka's competitors Chapter 687 Short center Chapter 686 No front? Chapter 685 Welcome to Manchester Chapter 684 God's will Chapter 683 Winter Window's number one goal Chapter 682 Stretched Chapter 681 The game is the most important Chapter 680 Half-time champion! Chapter 679 Dennis Chapter 678 Lead the Premier League! Chapter 677 Winner is king

Chapter 676 Secure the victory! Chapter 675 Full bloom! ! Chapter 674 Wonderful! Chapter 673 Penalty! Chapter 672 Seize the opportunity! Chapter 671 Strong Manchester United Chapter 670 Go smart Chapter 669 Manchester Derby Chapter 668 A game worth 6 points! Chapter 667 Big wins and injuries Chapter 666 Aftermath Chapter 665 Last laugh

Chapter 664 Accept 1 tie? Chapter 663 Was targeted Chapter 662 Know it! Chapter 661 Sudden him! ~ Chapter 660 Critical situation Chapter 659 The best Chapter 658 Chelsea stronger than in history Chapter 657 with no doubt Chapter 656 Reassurance pill Chapter 655 cautious Chapter 654 Boas

Chapter 653 Fierce momentum Chapter 654 Madman 2 Chapter 652 Temperature difference Chapter 651 Unexpected and unexpected Chapter 650 This is the strong team Chapter 649 Robin-Volley-Van Persie! Chapter 648 Smiling tiger Chapter 647 Cheer up! Chapter 646 No one can't be less Chapter 645 As simple as breathing Chapter 644 unpredictable Chapter 643 Gemini

Chapter 642 signal Chapter 641 Manchester City's helper Chapter 640 Everyone has the right to dream Chapter 639 Real Madrid seeing the dawn of victory Chapter 638 Just win Chapter 637 shadow Chapter 636 Rotation Chapter 635 I have a relationship with Real Madrid Chapter 634 Liverpool is not our opponent Chapter 633 cruise missile Chapter 632 Attacker behind the striker Chapter 631 Gao Bo's confidence

Chapter 630 Surprise your opponent Chapter 629 Win easily Chapter 628 Bow left and right! Chapter 627 At 1 o'clock Chapter 626 Premier League opening Chapter 625 Say... Say what you say! Chapter 624 The starter with many goals! Chapter 623 Domineering Chapter 622 This is the opponent Chapter 621 Premier League chaos Chapter 620 Saito! Chapter 619 Cleaning and signing

Chapter 618 Hello, Manchester! Chapter 617 Goodbye, Madrid! Chapter 616 select Chapter 615 Where is Gao Bo? Chapter 614 Walk away Chapter 613 There is no place to stay here. Chapter 612 Envy makes people crazy Chapter 611 gloomy Chapter 610 This is the first one! Chapter 609 King of Europe! ~ Push 1 good book Chapter 608 Standing shoulder to shoulder with the legend

Chapter 607 Bayern desperately Chapter 606 This is Atletico Madrid's counterattack ~ Section error, modified content Chapter 610 This is the first one! Chapter 604 Second half Chapter 603 Desperate Bayern! (No. 1 Chapter 602 Feng Shui turns Chapter 601 Kneel down Chapter 600 Point.... Penalty kick! Chapter 599 BOOOOOM Chapter 598 Strategic deception Chapter 597 Game start!

Chapter 596 This is the top stage! Chapter 595 Be cautious Chapter 594 Arrive in Munich Chapter 593 The highest salary in the world? Chapter 592 Defending champion Chapter 591 Fight for the league championship Chapter 590 Towards the league championship! Chapter 589 Opponents in the final Chapter 588 Reach the final! Chapter 587 Lore! Lore! Lore! Chapter 586 Dead or Alive Chapter 585 attack! ! attack! ! !

Chapter 584 It's a glorious defeat? Go to hell! ! Chapter 583 Messi! ! Chapter 582 1 Everything is going in a good direction Chapter 581 Drunk Chapter 580 Find yourself Chapter 579 Use goals to apply pressure! Chapter 578 This is the beginning of a miracle Chapter 577 Gushing fire Chapter 576 Come on! high! Chapter 575 Cross this hurdle Chapter 574 Wait and see! Chapter 573 Absolutely deny fate!

Chapter 572 Scale of punishment Chapter 571 Ominous Premonition Chapter 570 We have won the championship Chapter 569 Win Chapter 568 Come again! Chapter 567 Hunter and prey Chapter 566 Signs of offense Chapter 565 Dull first half Chapter 564 Rat trap Chapter 563 This is derby Chapter 562 The most important battle Chapter 561 Consecutive lore

Chapter 560 all I want! Chapter 559 The passionate youth army! (8000 words big Chapter 558 out on a limb Chapter 557 Zlatan-Scorpion's tail-Ibrahimovic! Chapter 556 Desperate milan Chapter 555 Round 2 Chapter 544 The man living on the offside line Chapter 543 Penalties and Penalties Chapter 542 First record Chapter 541 Cautiously Chapter 540 Strange opponent Chapter 539 San Siro and Meazza

Chapter 538 No unexpected scripts Chapter 537 Top 8 opponents Chapter 536 There is no absolute justice Chapter 535 To the end Chapter 534 I have evidence Chapter 533 Expose sin to the sun Chapter 532 hand ~ Liver burst notification Chapter 531 We can save one more time Chapter 530 4 Chapter 529 Secure the victory! Chapter 528 carry on

Chapter 527 what happened? Chapter 526 This is a pack of wolves Chapter 525 Microphone Chapter 524 Where is Gao Bo Chapter 523 We are stronger due to suffering Chapter 522 Some people don't want us to win Chapter 521 The fuse of the storm! Chapter 520 Moscow's severe cold Chapter 519 History writer Chapter 518 Undefeated! Chapter 517 58 unbeaten games! Chapter 516 Approaching that amazing record!

Chapter 515 Locked group number 1 Chapter 514 Melo Challenger Chapter 513 Unbeaten in 49 games! Chapter 512 Qualify early Chapter 511 Fierce competition for the top spot in La Liga Chapter 510 1 win Chapter 509 Complete containment Chapter 508 See Hart..... Chapter 507 accident? Chapter 506 opponent Chapter 505 Manchester City Chapter 504 Conquered the Sao Paulo Stadium

Chapter 503 Naples Chapter 502 5 kills Chapter 501 End of first half Chapter 500 One is better than one! Chapter 499 Fear of being dominated by Atletico Chapter 498 Atletico VS Barcelona Chapter 497 3 The era of carriage Chapter 496 Joy of victory Chapter 495 We only accept victory Chapter 494 Only now! Chapter 493 Kanter! ! Chapter 492 Fight with a pack of wolves!

Chapter 491 Waterloo? Chapter 490 Bad luck Chapter 489 Champions League game 1 Chapter 488 Encounter ~ Episode 487 Chapter 486 39 unbeaten games Chapter 485 Make a good start Chapter 484 Group of death Chapter 483 So I still have so many titles Chapter 482 mission Impossible? Chapter 481 Wonderful and not wonderful Chapter 480 Acceptable results

Chapter 479 Real Madrid's tenacity! Chapter 478 Won the bet Chapter 477 Equalize! Chapter 476 This is Bernabéu Chapter 476 Dilemma Chapter 475 Real Madrid's Revenge Chapter 474 The status is too early? Chapter 473 Pass is for goal Chapter 472 Assemble! Chapter 471 New lineup Chapter 470 Atletico Madrid's summer transfer window Chapter 469 Gao Bo's new contract

Chapter 468 Boss, do you want me? Chapter 467 Salary increase and pre-season preparation Chapter 466 10 million euros? Chapter 465 I want to stay Chapter 464 Gao Gui, you are on the news network! Chapter 463 Undefeated in La Liga! Chapter 462 Times are different ~ Ask for a day off and make it up tomorrow. Chapter 461 New championship declaration Chapter 460 Real starting point Chapter 459 Champion-Atletico Madrid! Chapter 458 Relegation team? I played the relegation team!

Chapter 457 I want it all! Chapter 456 The final goal of the season-the league championship! Chapter 455 This is the first Chapter 454 competition is over Chapter 453 Can you be a little bit ashamed? ! Chapter 452 This one kick shot! Chapter 451 Real Madrid's confidence Chapter 450 Mature teams and classic counterattacks Chapter 449 Kaka! ! ! Chapter 248 Kaka Chapter 447 Mourinho's spirit of adventure fifth Chapter 446 Collapsed

Chapter 445 The gradually collapsed city wall Chapter 444 Coach fight Chapter 433 Mourinho's strategy Chapter 432 Set ball Chapter 431 Real Madrid's defense Chapter 430 1 trigger Chapter 429 Desire for championship Chapter 428 Let fate go to hell! Chapter 427 Preparing for the Copa del Rey final Chapter 426 Cheer up? It's useless! ~ 6 more Chapter 425 Unbeaten in the season?

Chapter 424 No more suspense? Chapter 423 The league champion at your fingertips! Chapter 422 Lore! Lore! Lore! Chapter 421 All-or-one throw Chapter 420 Spear and shield Chapter 419 The balance of victory Chapter 418 1 must win! Chapter 417 About to lose? ! Chapter 416 First hold the 4th more Chapter 415 Real Madrid's counterattack third Chapter 414 Madrid Derby 2 Chapter 413 Forward

Chapter 412 Want to get points? no way! Chapter 411 magic potion Chapter 410 too strong? Chapter 409 No slack! Chapter 408 Renew? Chapter 408 1 epic victory Chapter 407 The boy's first time! Chapter 406 1 accidentally broke a record Chapter 405 Barcelona's last dignity Chapter 404 Red Dot Package Chapter 403 Hold the victory Chapter 402 Shattered Barcelona's confidence

Chapter 401 Barcelona locker room conflict Chapter 400 End of first half Chapter 399 Happiness! ! Chapter 398 Defensive counterattack? ! Chapter 397 It's your turn Chapter 396 1 minute 39 seconds Chapter 395 Mars hit the earth Chapter 394 Meet Chapter 393 Prepare for the fourth defeat Chapter 392 Barcelona is ready Chapter 391 The most critical battle Chapter 390 Close to the Copa del Rey final

~ Season 389 undefeated and double crowns Chapter 388 Half-time champion Chapter 387 Conspiracy is conspiracy after all Chapter 386 Atletico Madrid players' worth Chapter 385 3 kill Barcelona Chapter 384 1-foot shot from a long distance Chapter 384 Goalkeeper with super level performance Chapter 383 Ways to break the deadlock Chapter 382 Deadlock Chapter 381 Good performance Chapter 380 Starting list Chapter 379 bluff?

Chapter 378 The strength of Navas? 6th more Chapter 377 Not strong Chapter 376 4th more from Manchester United Chapter 375 Winter break third Chapter 374 The way of ruling others in their own way Chapter 373 Quiet Camp Nou ~ 372 For Victory Chapter 371 Only teams that are hungry for the championship can compete for honor! Chapter 370 Give up the Copa del Rey? Chapter 369 Gao Bo's Soul Chicken Soup Chapter 368 Dilemma Chapter 367 Penalty? !

Chapter 366 The match of the Copa del Rey Chapter 365 Atletico's bench thickness Chapter 364 Come to an abrupt end Chapter 363 Fisherman profit Chapter 362 Champion? Chapter 361 Sign for the King's Cup Chapter 360 The important thing is the next game Chapter 359 Go away Chapter 358 Incredible game Chapter 357 The game in history Chapter 356 You're welcome Chapter 355 do not stop

Chapter 354 Bernabeu's Boo Chapter 353 1 more Chapter 352 Depressed Ronaldo Chapter 351 This is the disagreement! Chapter 350 Unilateral sling 6th Chapter 349 Dismount Chapter 348 War begins Chapter 347 Good strategy for training beasts 3rd Chapter 346 War of words 2nd more Chapter 345 Hard to deal with opponents first Chapter 344 Venue director Chapter 343 When will Atletico Madrid lose?

Chapter 342 7 consecutive victories Chapter 341 FIFA virus Chapter 340 Cunning Gao Bo ~ New January, ask for monthly pass! Chapter 339 Mission-10 consecutive victories Chapter 338 Best Coach of September Chapter 337 Destroy the Bat Legion Chapter 336 Goal: League Championship Chapter 335 confidence Chapter 334 competition is over Chapter 333 Volley-2nd goal! Chapter 332 Guardiola's doubts

Chapter 331 Messi! ! Chapter 330 Dignified battle against Barcelona Chapter 329 Focus battle Chapter 328 Copycat version of tike-taka? Chapter 327 Male lion sick cat Chapter 326 This 1 powerful Atletico Madrid Chapter 325 First game of the season Chapter 324 Neglected team Chapter 323 Warm up-Mainz Chapter 322 The little black house for practicing passing Chapter 321 Training plan Chapter 320 Atletico's transfer action

Chapter 319 Get Modric's first guarantee Chapter 318 Big change Chapter 317 Season's number one goal ~ More complete Chapter 316 Ask for higher guidance and continue to predict (One hundred seventy-five/ one hundred seventy... Chapter 315 On the top stage (one hundred and seventy-four/ one hundred and seventy-five)... Chapter 314 Signing (one hundred and seventy-three/ one hundred and seventy-five) fourth Chapter 313 Transfer right (one hundred and seventy-two/ one hundred and seventy-five) third more Chapter 312 Invitation from Atletico Madrid (one hundred seventy one/ one hundred seventy four... ~ End of Volume 1 Chapter 311 I resigned (one hundred and seventy/ one hundred and seventy-four) first Chapter 310 We are the champion (one hundred and sixty-nine/ one hundred and seventy-four) sixth...

Chapter 309 I want him (one hundred sixty eight/ one hundred seventy four) fifth Chapter 308 The suspense of the game ends (one hundred and sixty-seven/ one hundred and seventy-four)... Chapter 307 Resigned? (One hundred sixty-six/ one hundred and seventy-four) third more Chapter 306 Atletico Madrid’s offensive beliefs (165/170... Chapter 305 Touched the triumphant hair (one hundred and sixty four/ one hundred and seventy... Chapter 304 Killing move (one hundred and sixty-three / one hundred and seventy-four) sixth Chapter 303 The end of the first half (one hundred and sixty-two/ one hundred and seventy-four) fifth... Chapter 302 Belongs to Gao Bo’s tactics (one hundred and sixty-one/ one hundred and seventy-four)... Chapter 301 Griezmann! ! (One hundred sixty/ one hundred seventy-four) No. 3... Chapter 300 Luton's Counterattack (One hundred fifty-nine/ one hundred seventy-four) No. 2... Chapter 299 Luton’s way of playing football (158/174)... Chapter 298 We are here for the championship (One hundred fifty-seven/ one hundred seventy...

Chapter 297 Opponent (one hundred and fifty-six/ one hundred and seventy-four) 4th more Chapter 296 Tit for tat (one hundred and fifty-five/ one hundred and seventy-four) fourth more Chapter 295 End of the league (one hundred and fifty-four/ one hundred and seventy-four) third more Chapter 294 League championship (one hundred fifty-three/ one hundred and seventy-three) second more Chapter 293 Opponents in the final (one hundred fifty-two/ one hundred and seventy-three) first... Chapter 292 The end of the game (one hundred and fifty one / one hundred and seventy three) seventh Chapter 291 Massacre at Intair Arena (150/170... Chapter 290 Goal: Europa League final (one hundred forty-nine/ one hundred and seventy-three... Chapter 289 The attack is looking for death! (One hundred forty-eight/ one hundred and seventy-three) The first... Chapter 288 Suffocation to death (one hundred forty-seven/ one hundred and seventy-three) third more Chapter 287 The neck is chained! (One hundred forty six / one hundred seventy three... Chapter 286 First ball! (One hundred forty-five/ one hundred and seventy-three) first more

Chapter 285 The direction that has been destined (one hundred forty four/ one hundred and seventy three)... Chapter 284 How can I win! (One hundred forty-three/ one hundred and seventy-three) The first... Chapter 283 Weak advantage (one hundred forty-two/ one hundred and seventy-three) fourth... Chapter 282 The collapse of the foundation of trust (one hundred forty-one/ one hundred and seventy-three)... Chapter 281 Self-confidence is very important (one hundred forty/ one hundred and seventy-three) No. 2... Chapter 280 Lying grass (one hundred thirty-nine/ one hundred and seventy-three) Chapter 279 Header 2 combos (one hundred and thirty-eight/ one hundred and seventy-three) sixth... Chapter 278 Goal luck? (One hundred thirty-eight/ one hundred and seventy-three) fifth more Chapter 277 Being behind is the touchstone to test the team (one hundred thirty-seven/one hundred... Chapter 276 The leak in the house happened to rain overnight (one hundred and thirty-six/ one hundred and seventy-three)... Chapter 275 Who is the protagonist (one hundred thirty-five/ one hundred and seventy-three) second more Chapter 274 1 as usual (one hundred and thirty-four / one hundred and seventy-three) first more

~ Take a day off today Chapter 273 A little too relaxed? (One hundred thirty three/ one hundred seventy three... Chapter 272 Storm is coming (one hundred thirty-two / one hundred and seventy-three) second more Chapter 271 Ranked 2nd in the league with the highest points (one hundred and thirty one/ one hundred and seventy... Chapter 270 Sign transport (one hundred thirty/ one hundred and seventy-three) sixth Chapter 269 Reached the top 4 (one hundred twenty-nine/ one hundred and seventy-three) fifth Chapter 268 Leading (one hundred twenty-eight/ one hundred and seventy-three) fourth more Chapter 267 Sit firmly on the top of the list (one hundred twenty-seven / one hundred and seventy-three) third more Chapter 266 One foot entered the gate of the semi-finals (126/1... Chapter 265 Anti-guest is the main (one hundred twenty-five/ one hundred and seventy-three) first more Chapter 264 The rhythm of the goal battle (one hundred twenty-four/ one hundred and seventy-three)... Chapter 263 Own goal (one hundred twenty-three/ one hundred and seventy-three) fifth

Chapter 262 Taking advantage of his illness to kill him (One hundred twenty-two/ one hundred and seventy-two)... Chapter 261 Tiger down the mountain (one hundred twenty-one/ one hundred and seventy-two) third more Chapter 260 Bad start (120/172) second more Chapter 259 The start of the game (one hundred and nineteen / one hundred and seventy-two) first more Chapter 258 Low-key (one hundred and eighteen/ one hundred and seventy-two) sixth Chapter 257 The first battle with the biggest power gap (117/100... Chapter 256 Top 8 opponents (one hundred and sixteen/ one hundred and seventy-two) fourth... Chapter 255 Fame! (One hundred fifteen/ one hundred seventy-two) No. 3 Chapter 254 Make the whole city boil! (One hundred and fourteen/one hundred and seventy-two... Chapter 253 Don’t open the champagne. (One hundred thirteen/ one hundred and seventy-two) No. 1... Chapter 252 Breaking down (one hundred twelve/ one hundred and seventy-two) sixth more Chapter 251 Juventus guarded (one hundred and eleven/ one hundred and seventy-two) fifth more

Chapter 250 Luton Blitz Chapter 249 1 group of mad dogs (109/172) third more Chapter 248 Really want to attack! (One hundred eight/ one hundred and seventy-two) The first... Chapter 247 Haruko's worries (107/172) Part 1 Chapter 246 It’s hard for honest people to do (106/172) No. 6... Chapter 245 I want it all! (One hundred and five/ one hundred and seventy-two) fifth more Chapter 244 The second round will be determined (104/172) The first... Chapter 243 1 red card (103/72) third more Chapter 242 Old Dang Yizhuang Piero (102/172) Chapter Chapter 241 Side road explosion (101/172) first more Chapter 240 Change and unchanged (one hundred/ one hundred and seventy-one) sixth more Chapter 239 End of the first half (99/171) fifth

Chapter 238 Leading (ninety-eight/ one hundred and seventy-one) 4th more Chapter 237 Cannavaro is getting old (97/171) third watch Chapter 236 Writing on Cannavaro Chapter 235 First release list (94/171) Chapter 234 2 big wins (94/170) 6th Chapter 233 so what! ! (Ninety-three / one hundred and seventy) fifth more Chapter 232 Juventus are too strong (92/170) 4th... Chapter 231 Laozi is Gao Bo (91/177) 3rd more Chapter 230 The victory of the victor (ninety/ one hundred and seventy-seven) second more Chapter 229 Enter the top 16 (eighty-nine/ one hundred and seventy-seven) steadily... Chapter 228 Staying firmly does not mean giving up offensive (eighty eight/ one hundred seventy... Chapter 227 Round 2 (eighty one/ one hundred and seventy) fifth more

Chapter 226 League standings changes (eighty/ one hundred and seventy) 4th more Chapter 225 The top 16 is beckoning (seventy-nine/ one hundred and seventy) third more Chapter 224 Let the second round lose the suspense (seventy eight/ one hundred and seventy)... Chapter 223 1 basin of cold water (seventy-seven/ one hundred and seventy) first more Chapter 222 I only accept victory (sixty-six / one hundred and fifty-five) sixth Chapter 221 Shino ghost talent (seventy-five / one hundred and fifty-five) fifth Chapter 220 The lean camel is bigger than the horse (seventy four/ one hundred and seventy) fourth... Chapter 219 Is it tolerable or unbearable (seventy three / one hundred and fifty-five) third... Chapter 218 Nothing but 3 (seventy-two / one hundred and seventy) second more Chapter 217 Grab him! (Seventy one + one hundred and seventy) first more Chapter 216 Genius or mediocrity (seventy/ one hundred and seventy) sixth Chapter 215 Negligence and worry (sixty-nine/ one hundred and seventy), the fifth sent...

Chapter 214 The young talents of Ajax (68/155... Chapter 213 Star Factory: Ajax (67/155+... Chapter 212 Top and elimination (sixty six / one hundred fifty-five + fifteen)... Chapter 211 The luckiest thing... Chapter 212 Top and elimination (66/15,515)... Chapter 211 The luckiest thing... ~ Talk about the update plan for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Chapter 210 Long live! ! Luton! ! (Sixty four / fifteen thousand five hundred one... Chapter 209 The storm sweeping the stadium (63/15,510... Chapter 208 reverse! (Sixty-two / fifteen thousand five hundred and fourteen) No. 6... Chapter 207 The price of emotional out of control! (Sixty-one / fifteen thousand five hundred one... Chapter 206 attack! ! ! (Sixty/fifteen thousand five hundred and fourteen) the first...

Chapter 205 The end of the first half (59/15,514)... Chapter 204 Mrs. Belle? ㄎ迨?? Five thousand five hundred and fourteen) The first... Chapter 203 Very good condition! (Fifty-seven / fifteen thousand five hundred and fourteen... Chapter 202 The fans love Dai Gao (56/15,510... Chapter 201 CCTV's attention (55/15,514)... Chapter 200 In the future, you have to break it by yourself (54/15,514... Chapter 199 Red and yellow cards flying in the sky! (Fifty-three/fifteen thousand and five... Chapter 198 M-Highway Germany Chapter 197 Opponents in the top 32 of the Europa League (51/15,000... ~ 10 more in a row! Chapter 196 My players are all fighters (50/15,510... Chapter 195 The line is coming soon! ! (Forty-nine / fifteen thousand five hundred and thirteen...

Chapter 194 Not unexpected! ? (Forty-eight / fifteen thousand five hundred and thirteen... Chapter 193 Takanami Akira Daiba (47/15,513) ... Chapter 192 Physical fitness crisis! (Forty six / fifteen thousand five hundred and thirteen)... Chapter 191 attack! attack! ! (Forty-five / fifteen thousand five hundred and ten... Chapter 190 1 must win! (Forty four / fifteen thousand five hundred and thirteen) Chapter 189 Now... go out and beat them! (forty three… Chapter 188 Haruko’s method (42/15,513)... Chapter 187 The football hooligans (41/15,513)... ~ 10 more tomorrow! Chapter 186 The enemy of the enemy is a friend (forty/fifteen thousand five hundred... Chapter 185 This Liangzi is considered to be knotted (Thirty-nine/Fifteen thousand five hundred... Chapter 184 There is another round! (Thirty-eight / fifteen thousand five hundred and twelve...

Chapter 183 Football needs passion! (Thirty-seven / fifteen thousand five hundred and ten... Chapter 182 We continue to attack! (Thirty six / fifteen thousand five hundred and ten... Chapter 181 Requires 1 point of adventurous spirit (35/15,501... Chapter 180 The end of the first half (34/15,513) Chapter 179 Didn't you say that you can score a goal soon? (Thirty-three / fifteen thousand... Chapter 178 Watching the game of the little tall boy (32/15,510... Chapter 177 Ambition and high ambition to guide (31/15,510... Chapter 181 Need 1 point of adventurous spirit (35/155 + 1... Chapter 180 End of the first half (34/155+13) Chapter 179 Didn't you say you can score a goal soon? (Thirty-three / one hundred and fifty... Chapter 178 Watch the game of the little tall boy (32/155+10... Chapter 177 Ambition and high ambition to guide (31/155+10...

Chapter 10 Update! Chapter 176 Preparing for the Europa League (30/155+12)... Chapter 175 1 wave! (Twenty-nine/ one hundred fifty-five + twelve) Chapter 174 Killing tactics (28/155+12) Chapter 173 Don’t think too much (twenty-seven / one hundred and fifty-five + ten... Chapter 172 Noisy neighbor: Milton Keynes (26/100... Chapter 171 If you want to leave, please take me away. (twenty five/… Chapter 170 Slow growth experience (twenty-four/ one hundred and fifty-five + ten... Chapter 169 Technical knockdown (23/155+12) Chapter 168 John's worries (twenty-two / one hundred and fifty-five + twelve... Chapter 167 Copycats in Barcelona (21/155... Chapter 10 The more is over, tomorrow will continue for 10 more! ! Ask for a monthly pass!

Chapter 166 The most powerful newly promoted horse in the First Division (20/155... Chapter 165 Young Guards: Leeds Chapter 164 Win! (Eighteen/One hundred fifty-five + twelve) Chapter 163 Concise offense (17/155+12... Chapter 162 Who is the weakest group? (One sixteen/ one hundred fifty-five + one... Chapter 161 The small goals of the Europa League (15/155 + 1... Chapter 160 Great eruption (14/155+12) Chapter 161 Unstable state (13/155+11... Chapter 160 Let your opponents see how great Griezmann is (12/100... Chapter 159 Bad start (11/155+11) ~ A one-day performance report will be put on the shelves, as well as tomorrow’s update preview. At the same time, ask for a monthly pass and call... Chapter 156 The efficiency of the FA's mystery

Chapter 155 Penalty shootout Chapter 154 Ferguson time (ten / one hundred fifty-five + ten) Chapter 153 Butter hands? (Nine/One hundred fifty-five + ten) Chapter 153 Pull away! singles! (Eight/one hundred fifty-five + ten) Chapter 151 That's it? (Seven / one hundred fifty-five + ten) Chapter 150 Manchester United Briefing Chapter 149 Different choices and different situations (5/155) Chapter 148 Where did this guy get it? (Four / one hundred and fifty-five) Chapter 147 Community Shield Cup (3/155) Chapter 146 Just by the way (2/155) Chapter 145 The need to boost confidence (1/155) ~ Shelf testimonials

Chapter 144 Does it feel better Chapter 143 Pre-season training Chapter 142 The new season's first position Chapter 141 The new season's first position Chapter 143 The new season's first position Chapter 142 The new season's first position Chapter 140 Anthony Griezman Chapter 139 Do you want to go to england Chapter 138 Go to Brazil Chapter 137 Desperate effort Chapter 136 Wandering home Chapter 135 Find a broker

~ Say something Chapter 134 The distance between the fingertip and the beam Chapter 133 Luton's defensive strategy Chapter 132 Can you hold it? Chapter 131 1 bet! Chapter 130 We attack 1 wave Chapter 129 Fernando Torres! ! Chapter 128 Canter Chapter 127 Kevin Keane's struggle Chapter 126 Counterattack is coming Chapter 125 Gunpowder smell Chapter 124 Not only defensive counterattacks!

Chapter 123 It's nothing more than a defensive counterattack! Chapter 122 Dreams will not be laughed at Chapter 121 We fight for the championship Chapter 120 The leader of the locker room Chapter 119 finals! FA Cup! Chapter 118 Hard work Chapter 117 There can be no unexpected finals Chapter 116 Benitez and Liverpool Chapter 115 League Championship Chapter 114 Top of the list Chapter 113 Prepare for the final Chapter 112 Half 90 in row 0

Chapter 111 finals! ! FA Cup final! ! ! Chapter 110 Mr. Wenger, we do not accept penalty kicks either! Chapter 109 Overtime ~ Questions about rhythm and updates Chapter 108 This is Luton's counterattack! Chapter 107 Where is the counterattack? Chapter 106 Matt's role Chapter 105 Arrangements for the second half Chapter 104 Need to adjust Chapter 103 Arsenal's offense Chapter 102 thrilling Chapter 101 High pressure

Chapter 100 Isn't it an iron bucket array? Chapter 99 Front defender Chapter 98 This is Wembley Chapter 97 Wenger and the desire for champions Chapter 96 Go ahead, Wembley! Chapter 95 This is just a small goal Chapter 94 Semi-finals: opponents Arsenal! Chapter 93 This night belongs to them Chapter 92 Lore Chapter 91 Continuous offensive Chapter 90 Equalized Chapter 89 Counterattack

Chapter 88 Don't miss the opportunity Chapter 87 Officiating at Coventry Chapter 86 Coventry Central Chapter 85 On Coventry Chapter 84 Cat that smells fishy Chapter 83 Sell ​​it at a good price Chapter 82 High wave ambition Chapter 81 Top 8 opponents Chapter 80 Only victory will last Chapter 79 FA Cup Top 8 Chapter 78 Send your opponent a humiliating rout Chapter 77 Targeted countermeasures

Chapter 76 3 goals lead Chapter 75 Go the other way Chapter 74 We are better than them Chapter 73 Tactical victory Chapter 72 Robinho VS Kanter Chapter 71 Do you want to sign? Chapter 70 Try a new formation Chapter 69 The inevitable wave of injuries Chapter 68 It's not that the enemy doesn't get together Chapter 67 Advance to round 5 Chapter 66 Good-hearted guidance Chapter 65 Take it back and wash it up

Chapter 64 Agents and players Chapter 63 What should come will come Chapter 62 Boss's mind Chapter 61 England's new genius Chapter 60 Run! run ahead! ! Chapter 59 This kid is going to be famous Chapter 58 Who is this kid! ! Chapter 57 let's go! Adam! ! Chapter 56 Intermission Chapter 55 Chelsea Chapter 54 This is just a task... Chapter 53 Luton's defensive tactics

Chapter 52 Defend first Chapter 51 Use strong teams to test tactics! Chapter 50 Domestic attention Chapter 49 Chelsea away Chapter 48 Because they are too weak Chapter 47 Scolari and Chelsea Chapter 46 Who said i'm going to give up Chapter 45 Faster December Chapter 44 The top team? But so! Chapter 43 Opponents in round 3 Chapter 42 Luton's Plan B Chapter 41 Get close to round 3 of the FA Cup

Chapter 40 Out of the relegation zone Chapter 39 Data Analyst Chapter 38 Exposed issues Chapter 37 Dream catcher Chapter 36 Shark in the small pond Chapter 35 Lin Sen's shock Chapter 34 The battle of clearing points Chapter 33 Streak and rotation Chapter 32 Downgrade popular and upgrade popular Chapter 31 lottery Chapter 30 Efficiency is king Chapter 29 Don't hold the ball to score

Chapter 28 Who owns the rhythm Chapter 27 League Cup Chapter 26 I found the treasure Chapter 25 Give him a pair of shoes Chapter 24 Luton Youth Camp Chapter 23 Draw card Chapter 22 I go with cheers..... Chapter 21 Steal-counterattack Chapter 20 I came with a boo Chapter 19 The starting point of a great coach Chapter 18 are you crazy Chapter 17 Angry Roy

Chapter 16 The pace of the new season Chapter 15 Football that brings victory! Chapter 14 Jeffrey ~ Update time Chapter 13 The last 1 piece of the puzzle Chapter 12 I give you 2 choices Chapter 11 Team building Chapter 10 Coaches and players Chapter 9 Team assembly Chapter 8 Recruit players Chapter 7 Enter working state Chapter 6 The situation is serious

Chapter 5 We will not downgrade Chapter 4 Football Card System Chapter 3 Coach signed at the pub Chapter 2 Spirits like water Chapter 1 Coach Gao Bo

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