1011 He is the King of the World


"Rooney! A sharp and fatal blow!"

"The German team just got back a goal! England will be another city! This is a great blow to the morale of the German team!"

England's players are celebrating their goals frantically. Gotze's goal gave them a sense of crisis. Now Rooney's goal can be said to be a reassurance for everyone!

"Pretty!" Gao Bo celebrated with a fist from the sidelines. This goal was so crucial!

Beside him are the coaching staff members who are equally excited and celebrating.

"Three to one!!! Great job!!! Gao Bo coaches the World Cup champion, only the last 20 minutes are left!~!!!"

In the commentary booth, Duan Xuan and the members of his commentary team were particularly excited! !

They are even like Gao Bo's coaching team, high-five, hug and congratulate each other!

Gao Bo’s achievements, as compatriots, are proud of them!

On the other side, Loew finally couldn't sit still. This loss not only meant that the German team was two goals behind again. The loss at this point in time was a great blow to the German team's morale.

Loew put his gaze on the bench, and finally his gaze stayed on Xuerle.

Huerle immediately went to warm up, time is running out, and there is not much time left for the German team.

"Xu Erle got up to warm up! Love is going to give it a go!" said the commentator.

Gao Bo also noticed the movement of the German team's bench, with a confident smile on his face. Gao Bo had already expected the opponent's response.

In fact, there are not many cards that can be played on the forward line on the German bench.

Because these Germans on the field are their best players.

Gotze was replaced in midfield, and Hurle and Podolski were sitting on the bench.

If Loew is going to step up his offense, he has only this option.

Therefore, Gao Bo also decided to substitute.


Soon people noticed that Sterling, Lallana, and Barkley all stood up and went to warm up on the English bench.

This caught Loew's attention, he was a little confused about Gao Bo's choice.

Although these three are midfielders, they have different characteristics. Sterling is obviously an offensive player, and both Lallana and Barkley can contribute to the midfield defense.

Who is Gao Bo going to replace?

In other words, what adjustment does Gao Bo plan to make?

Could it be that three people were changed in a row?

This is unlikely...

Therefore, only after the substitution is completed, can Love know whether Gao Bo's team is inclined to attack or defend.


The England team completed the substitution before the German team substitution.

Barkley played, he replaced Adam White.

In fact, Adam White made a great contribution in this game. Not only did he participate in the offense, he also frequently returned to defense, using his running and speed to interfere with the German team's offensive organization.

Physical energy is exhausted.

The purpose of replacing Barkley is obviously to strengthen the thickness of the midfield.

Now the game has been in for more than seventy minutes, and Adam White is almost out of power.

After a long time, England completed their second substitution of the game.

After this substitution is completed, the game time has reached 78 minutes.

Gao Bo still has two substitution places in his hands.

All the players on the England bench have gone to warm up, and they may be sent on the court at any time.

In addition to the tactical significance, the replacement now also means delaying time.

The eighty-second minute of the game.

Gao Bo threw out the second substitution.

Lallana played and replaced Rooney!

Continue to strengthen the midfield! ! !

When necessary, Gao Bo will not be stingy on defense!

Now we have two goals ahead, we only need to defend, and after the last ten minutes, the championship is in hand!


In the last ten minutes, the German team launched a nearly tragic attack.

Podolski came off the bench and replaced Hummels.

However, in the face of England's strong defense, the German team's offensive is like waves hitting the cliff, returning repeatedly without success!

On the contrary, England had an excellent opportunity to counterattack. If Neuer hadn't saved Vardy's shot bravely, England would probably expand its lead again!

The German team's offense, Rooney was pulled to the ground by Montari in the frontcourt, the German team's free kick opportunity!

Cross took a free kick into the penalty area, Boateng headed for the goal, and the football slammed into the crossbar, which also chilled the hearts of the German team.

The last half minute of stoppage time was about to pass, after Gotze's nearly vented long shot was slightly higher than the crossbar.

The referee blew three whistles at the end of the game.

competition is over!

England three to one German team!

They are world champions!

England's bench players rushed onto the court with the coach to celebrate the championship.

Gao Bo turned around and walked towards his opponent Love.


After the whistle sounded at the end of the game, Love stood on the sidelines and shook his head helplessly.

Losing to such an opponent is really unwilling. If you can do it again... the German team will definitely win!!

The opponent's strength is not as good as the German team, but their two sneak attack goals are really deadly.

This is a sneak attack!

However, victory is victory, failure is failure,

"Congratulations. Mr. Gao Bo." Holding Gao Bo's hand, Love politely congratulated.

"Thank you. Mr. Love." Gao Bo responded politely.

Loew said nothing more, he patted Gao Bo on the shoulder, turned and walked away, he was going to appease his players, his players were savoring the taste of failure.

Just as Loew turned and walked away, reporters swarmed up. The reporters surrounded Gao Bo for fear that he would run away.

"Mr. Gao Bo! First of all congratulations to you for winning the World Cup..."

"Mr. Gao Bo. Can you talk about your current thinking?"

"England won the championship, is this what you expected, Mr. Gao Bo?"

"This is the last UEFA Champions League game where you coached England. It ended with a world championship. Do you have anything to say about it?"

"Mr. Gao Bo..."


"Mr. Gao……"

"Mr. Gao Bo..."

Countless topics, microphones, recorders, and mobile phones were stuffed in front of Gao Bo's mouth~www.mtlnovel.com~ Even if he says a word casually now, he can still make headlines, even if he farts now is the most delicious!

As the youngest World Cup champion coach in world football!

At this moment, he is standing on top of the world, he is the brightest star this night!

Gao Bo stepped on the strongest German team in history and successfully reached the top!

On this night, the whole world seemed to crawl under his feet.

He is the king of the world!

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