1010 Wayne Rooney! !

At the 55th minute of the game, Gao Bo walked from the coaching bench to the sidelines.

This shows that England has a problem with the scene now.

After the start of the second half, the German team strengthened its offensive momentum and at the same time strengthened the press.

These are all within Gao Bo's expectations. The opponent is two goals behind, naturally it is impossible to take the initiative to slow down in the second half to delay time.

What makes him a little uneasy is the performance of Mario Gotze off the bench.

Five minutes after the start of the second half of the game, veteran Klose stepped off and Mario Gotze replaced him. He was cruising in the frontcourt, waiting for the opportunity. He did not return to defense, but as a free attacker in the frontcourt. Not fixed!

In five minutes of his playing time, he had already completed two shots. Once Mario Gotze appeared on the left. After instigating an offense, he responded to the pass from his teammate and completed a small angle in the penalty area. He took a shot, slightly higher than the crossbar, and next time, he dribbled the ball from the right side after passing two consecutive shots. Under Milner's interference, the shot was high.

This is not a good sign for England.

Mario Gotze is physically strong and has a good technical consciousness. He is the kind of player who can break out in an instant and change the game on his own.

Gao Bo immediately reminded his players to strengthen their defense against Mario Goetze.

Nonetheless, England's line of defense is still a problem.


After Schweinsteiger made a wall-to-wall coordination with Kroos in the frontcourt, the football was passed to Mueller.

Muller continued to pass, and this pass broke the English defense.

Henderson came up to intercept, he chose to tackle the ball on the ground, but did not tackle the football, let the football slip past his feet!

Mario Gotze's beautiful running position, interspersed from behind Maguire.

"No offside!"

"Beautiful pass!"

"Mario Gotze! Beautiful pass!"

"German team's chance! Anti-offside success!"

Goalkeeper Joe Hart decisively chose to abandon the goal.

The fans and spectators held their breath, this is a duel between the goalkeeper and the shooter!

Football is rolling, Mario Gotze and Joe Hart are speeding up desperately, the goal is football!

Joe Hart made a judgment in his mind. He was not sure to grab the football before Mario Gotze. He chose to tackle the ball on the ground.

Mario Gotze jumped up in the exclamation from the stands.

Then people saw the football jump up and fly towards the goal!



Before Joe Hart was about to shovel the football, Mario Gotze caught up with the football, and he took the first toe.

All eyes focused on the goal.

The football flies to the goal and is falling.

England captain Gerrard was chasing back desperately. Seeing the football fall on the goal line, he continued to jump to the goal. Gerrard struck down the ball for the last time and lifted his feet as hard as he could. Stop him before the football gets into the net!

He failed!

The football stepped into the net first.

Subsequently, Joe Hart, who fell on the ground, also slipped onto the turf and into the net.



"Mario Gotze! Gotze! Gotze! He scored! One to two! Gotze got a goal for the German team!"

"Goetze has done something! This is a very critical goal! The German team sees hope!"

Mario Gotze excitedly rushed to the sidelines and celebrated the goal with his arms, which aroused huge cheers from the German fans.

On the German coach's bench, Loew also got up from his seat and applauded excitedly to celebrate the goal!

One to two!

The German team is only one goal behind!


"Wocao!" Gao Bo cursed angrily.

Despite his vigilance, he still failed to stop Mario Gotze's goal!

This is a manifestation of the opponent's personal ability.

Clever positioning, beautiful shooting.

The overall strength of the German team was also reflected in this attack.

"This loss is a dangerous signal! England must be careful. Germany, which is only one goal behind, will be even more crazy!" The England commentator also reminded worriedly.

The German players are celebrating a goal.

Gao Bo took advantage of this opportunity to call Rooney to the sidelines and give the opportunity to him.

"Opress the German team!"

"Let them feel that the goal is not safe!"

"Absolutely can't make the morale of the German team members!"

Gao Bo immediately made a decision. This time the German team's offense gave him a wake-up call. How weak is the German team he faces, but it is known as the strongest German team in history!

The toughness of the German tanks has been fully demonstrated in their previous races.

Five minutes have passed since the game kicked off in the middle circle.

The Germans want to continue to expand their results while the momentum of the goal is just in full swing, and want to equalize the score as soon as possible.

The England side has strengthened the oppression of the German midfielders!

Use a tough defense to deal with the German team.

The two sides fell into a brutal strangulation in the midfield.

At this moment, Milner completed a steal on the court.

This was when Ozil was dribbling the ball. When observing, Milner immediately grabbed the ball and squeezed Ozil away with a strong physical confrontation, and abruptly broke the ball from the opponent's foot! !

Özil fell to the ground, spreading his hands.

And the referee waved his hand!

No foul! !

After stealing the ball, Milner immediately gave the football to Rooney, who came over.

Rooney, with his back to the attacking direction, did not turn around with the ball, but chose to pass the football horizontally. Gerrard got the ball!

And Rooney, who finished the pass, ran forward without looking back!

Rooney's air cut movement caused a momentary panic in the German team's defense, which suddenly lost possession of the ball.

I don't know whether to focus on Gerrard, who is holding the ball, or to quickly deploy a defensive line to intercept Rooney who may receive the pass.

However, this time is short, and the German defensive players quickly made a division of labor.

Someone pounced on Gerrard with the ball!

Someone followed Rooney who was running ahead!

Gerrard chose to pass!

However, what the German team players did not expect was that Gerrard did not choose to pass the ball to Rooney!

He passes the ball diagonally!

Adam White, who withdrew slightly in the second half, moved sideways to receive the pass!

Then, Adam White pulled the ball directly and turned around. When everyone thought he would take the ball forward, he passed the football!


Vardy opened his arms and entangled Hummels in the penalty area! !

Adam White gave him the ball accurately! !

Vardy saw a figure rushing into the restricted area in his light!

It's Rooney! !

He didn't stop the ball, he straightened his foot and sent the ball to Rooney's running position!


"Offside!" shouted the German commentator.

"Offside!" the German team fan shouted!

"Offside!" A German team player desperately chased back while raising his hand while looking at the linesman.

"No offside!" the England fans shouted!

"Valdy's wonderful pass, against offside! Rooney!!!" The English commentator yelled suddenly, almost jumping up excitedly.

No whistle sounds!

Neither the referee nor the linesman said anything!

Rooney, who caught up with the football ~www.mtlnovel.com~, did not adjust at all. He rushed in front of Boateng who was desperately returning to the defense and raised his right leg!

A big volley!


Neuer jumped to the rescue!

He looked desperately at the football in the air and told him intuitively that he couldn't save the ball!


The football passed over Neuer's left hand!

Then he went unabated and hit the net behind him!

There was a snow-white wave!


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