After Rooney divided the sides, he also pressed the penalty area into the penalty area! !

At this time, a vacuum zone with a width of more than ten meters appeared on the front line of the German team's defense!


This is a void! ! !

And Milner?

He made a move to make a high pass, but his eyes were out of sight, but he kept looking at the middle!


Coming up! ! ! !

Milner passed the ball laterally without hesitation! ! !

Gerrard began to adjust his pace! !


The narrator began to shout.

Gao Bo clenched his fist slightly.

Gerrard was already good at long shots, but today, his victory in the first half was arranged for two full-backs... and Gerrard! ! !

Therefore, today Gao Bo's focus is on Gerrard's long-range ability. With the addition of cards, Gerrard's heavy artillery is now even more terrifying.

If there is anything outside the penalty zone in a single round, now Gerrard is probably the number one in the world! ! !

The German player turned his head to look, and saw Gerrard's straight right foot, which was slammed into the football! !

This is the first time that Gerrard has reached such a high position in this game! !

This is also his first shot! ! !

And when the football flew out, all the Germans had a bad premonition in their hearts...The a cannonball, it flew towards the goal! !


Neuer was actually ready to pounce Gerrard for a long shot.

But when Gerrard's shot came out, the hairs on his back stood up.

This ball is too fast!

In the blink of an eye, the football rushed to the distance, as if a tennis ball suddenly became a football in front of him.

Neuer raised his hand subconsciously!


The football hit his arm! ! !

Very numb! ! !

Neuer also seemed to have been hit by something, and turned back.

And football?

This is the focus of Neuer's attention! !

The football was beaten by him, hit the crossbar, and then bounced to the small penalty area...

As soon as Neuer was about to breathe a sigh of relief, he immediately became nervous.

In the stands, the German fans gave a short cheer. Before they had time to cheer for Neuer, they saw a red figure appearing on the spot of the football! !

It's Vardy! ! !

Hummels almost desperately, shoveling his feet towards the football!

If Vardy finishes the shot, don't think about it... The German team is definitely in danger! !

At this time, Vardy also realized the danger on the side.

He also fell to the ground, shovel shot! !

In this way, even if Humels shoveled on his feet, he would not shovel to the fragile position of the ankle, at most, let him shovel to the calf!

The two are sliding on the ground!

It's like two snowmobiles colliding.

When the sharp spikes made a cut in Vardy's right ankle.

His left foot has hit the ball into the goal.


In the stands, England fans had already stood up from their seats as early as when Gerrard took a long shot.

When they saw that the football was blocked by Neuer, they thought that the attack was out of play. ,

Unexpectedly, Vardy appeared in a key position and succeeded in making a supplementary shot! !

This goal is undisputed! ! !

Two to zero! !

England are two goals ahead! ! !

. . .


England fans in the stands jumped up from their seats, raising their arms to cheer for their goal hero.

In the penalty area, the ball is shot to the goal. This goal is not beautiful, but it is so crucial!

This is the team's goal to expand the score!

Moreover, in the World Cup finals, any player who scores for the team is a hero of the team!


When Gao Bo saw that Gerrard's long shot was blocked, he felt a little regretful!

In this tactic, the team executed it quite successfully and completely played out what was arranged before the game.

But whether you can score a goal depends on the situation on the spot.

Neuer is worthy of being regarded as the goalkeeper who can compete for the world's number one. His response is very fast, and the defensive range is large, and the strength is very strong, even the heavy artillery like Gerrard can block it!


He blocked Gerrard's long shot, but he couldn't block Vardy's supplementary shot! ! !

When he saw Vardi before football, he knew it.

This ball is there!


The fans in England broke out with huge cheers and bursts of energy. It seemed that an earthquake was happening on the stadium, and even the camera lens trembled.

Amidst the cheers of the mountains and the tsunami, Vardy broke free from the drag of his teammates, ran all the way to the coach's bench, and gave a strong hug to Gao Bo. Everyone knows that he was discovered by Gao Bo. This English shooter who could only go to the construction site to move bricks, has always been very grateful for his mentor.

"Aha! Vardy broke the net with a supplementary shot!! Great job, Vardy! Great job, two to zero! England now leads Germany by two goals i!" Letkinson also said excitedly, "From these two goals Looking at it, Gao Bo’s tactics are very successful. He successfully deceived Love. In the duel between the two famous coaches, Gao Bo is now in the leading pole position!"

After embracing Gao Bo, Vardy returned to the court and accepted the hug from his teammates.


The English were cheering for their expansion of the lead, while the fans of the German team i were relatively silent at this moment.

At this moment, everyone understands what it means to be two goals behind the opponent before the half is over in a game like the World Cup final. Obviously, it will be extremely difficult for England to make a comeback, and when this opponent is led by Gao Bo In England, the difficulty of the German team's comeback will be even more unimaginable.

"The German team is now in a dilemma. They want to make a comeback and they must score at least two goals in a row to equalize the score! At the same time, be aware that they can never lose again!

"The German team is in big trouble!"

"England and Kobo dealt a heavy blow to Germany and Love! Love and the German team need to do something as soon as possible!"

When Gerrard opened his bow and arrow in the penalty area. UU reading

Love knew that he was deceived by Gao Bo again!

In a game, it was played by opponents twice in a row. More importantly, England's luck was too good. They made two consecutive changes and scored two goals!

Loew frowned, and he tried to keep his frustration out of the court.

He needs to stay cold and hurry up and figure out a way as soon as possible. What should the current German team do?

Two goals are behind!

This is troublesome now.

Loew sat back on the coach's bench and stared at the field. He was thinking and observing. He wanted to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible.

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