Chapter 1 Head Coach Gao Bo

   On April 17, 2008, Old Trafford was full of voices.

   This is the home stadium of Manchester United, the holy place in the hearts of Manchester United fans, and the theater of dreams.

   The fans were sitting in the stands, some players in training uniforms were passing each other on the court, and the score was displayed on the big screen: Manchester United 0:1 Chelsea!

   It’s time for the intermission!

   At this time in the visiting team's locker room, a man about 185 cm tall wearing a white shirt, black suit pants and a black tie was talking to the players wearing Chelsea jerseys.

   But this man is not Grant who replaced Mourinho as the acting coach of Chelsea this season, but an Oriental.

   Gao Bo has already been soaked with sweat behind his shirt. This is the second round of the 2007-2008 FA Youth Cup final. Manchester United U18 is at home against Chelsea U18! And Gao Bo is the head coach of Chelsea U18! !

   "We did a good job in the first half! We continued to play like this in the second half!!"

   "Stand more compactly, don't let them find space in the middle, and force them to the sideways!!!"

   "The attack after stealing the ball must be fast!!"

   Gao Bo writes and draws on the tactical board, and the Chelsea U18 players nod frequently.

   The current situation is very favorable for Chelsea. They relied on a hard defensive counterattack at home a week ago and defeated the Manchester United U18 youth team with famous young talents such as Welbeck and Cleverly 1-0!

   And now at Old Trafford, with a counterattack in the first half, Chelsea once again took the lead. They now lead Manchester United 2-0 in total, and they also have an away goal!

   Manchester United must score three goals in the second half to complete the reversal!

   It can be said that Chelsea U18 is already the winner!

"Don't think that we have a great advantage. This is their home court. In the second half, you must focus on defense! Don't be afraid of their crosses from the side, but in the middle, they must never have a chance to shoot!" Gao Bo The expression is not as easy as winning.

The youth team’s games are often different from the adult teams. Young people’s emotions are ups and downs. What is shown on the court is that the games often fall into a certain emotional state, and the youth team’s games often score some big scores-this is A manifestation of young people's immaturity.

   For Gao Bo, he led Chelsea U18 to eliminate the youth teams of Tottenham, Manchester City and other teams to reach the finals, which will add a lot of color to his coaching resume.

   The Gao Bo at this time is no longer the Gao Bo one month ago, but to some extent, the two people are the same person again!

   Things are so complicated to say that Gao Bo, who has always been calm, feels at a loss at this time.

  All the divisions are just after the Gaobo college entrance examination.

   Gao Bo is an orphan. Before he was taken into the orphanage, he had only a blue blanket covering his body and a note recording his name and date of birth: Gao Bo was born on August 30, 1981.

   The days in the orphanage were not good, but Gao Bo was smart since he was a child. He went to high school with excellent grades. After the college entrance examination, he received the admission letter from the University of London.

History seems to have diverged at this moment. The former Gao Bo was unable to afford the tuition fees of the University of London and the cost of studying in the UK, so he stayed in China and went to university. After graduation, a Fortune 500 company became an employee from the bottom. A middle-level manager, and just when he was celebrating his promotion to be a company executive, Gao Bo, who had never been drunk, was so drunk that day. The time of that day is: May 2018 30th!

   And when he woke up, he found that he had another memory of Gao Bo.

Before receiving the notice from the University of London, this Gao Bo’s experience was exactly the same as the other Gao Bo. He was adopted by an orphanage. He went to the first grade at the age of six, and went to junior high school at the age of 12. Then went to high school... college entrance examination... was admitted to the University of London.

And this different life of Gao Bo began here. Gao Bo’s affairs were reported by the dean of the orphanage to the education department, followed by an interest-free loan to allow Gao Bo to complete his studies at the University of London. Baker College Sports Management and Football Business.

  After getting his master's degree at the University of London, Gao Bo also went to get the UEFA A-level coaching certificate-in this era, this is a certificate that many coaches in the top five European leagues have not passed the test.

   It is precisely because he has this certificate that he was able to find a job in a big team like Chelsea...

   Fortunately, the memories of the two Gaobo are in the same brain, and the personalities of the two are not very different, so that his colleagues did not see any clues.

   Gao Bo took a week to accept the fact that he traveled from 2018 back to 2008. When his mentality adjusted, he quickly entered the role-these two Gao Bo are the same person after all.

Gao Bo realized that with his own experience in this life, it is most appropriate to go in the direction of the football coach. Now he has a very good starting point, and as long as he takes Chelsea U18 to win the FA Youth Cup, he Even if his football career had a very good start.

   Gao Bo is an optimistic person. After accepting the fact of crossing, he quickly devoted himself to the job of football coach.

   This is Gao Bo's dream job!

   Gao Bo is still very satisfied with what he said just now-his aura is good and his strategy is also okay. This time his performance is simply impeccable!

   Being a person for two generations, especially the experience of growing from a small employee to a company executive, made up for the shortcomings of Gao Bo, who was only 27 at this time.

In fact, even his assistant, assistant coach Wrights, also feels the maturity of his boss. The young Chinese coach was obviously immature when he first came to Chelsea, but he grew up very fast. From his aura It looks like a handsome man...

   When the future celebrity Gao Bo was about to explain the details of the second half, the door of the locker room slammed open! A pile of Roshan squeezed in from the crack of the door, rushing in front of Gao Bo at an extremely fast speed, with his fingers on Gao Bo's nose.

   "Damn it!! Why don't you let George play this game!!!"

   "I warn you!! I must see George on the court in the second half of the game!!!"

   "Do you know football or not, you are an Asian? When did Chelsea find an Asian to be the coach... Ga..."

   Roshan dialect hadn't been finished, and he made a noise like a duck pinched by his neck.

   Because Roshan was really pinched by his neck.

   Gao Bo pushed Roshan down on the wall with one hand. After his body hit the hard wall, the fleshy mass on his body was still rippling like water.

   When the wave calmed down, everyone in the locker room was stunned by the sudden change...

   "Who is he?!" Gao Bo was a little annoyed. This is the locker room. The team locker room is a sacred place. How can outsiders come in and out casually?

   "Gao...Gao Bo-kun, he is the Kent director..." The team doctor Haruko Sakuragi quietly walked over and exhaled in Gao Bo's ear.

Sakuragi Haruko has short hair with long ears and delicate features on the round face that is commonly seen in Japan. If you ignore her swollen chest in sportswear, you might think that this is just one. A girl of fifteen or sixteen. But in fact, Haruko Sakuragi is a master's student in sports medicine at the University of London and also a team doctor for Chelsea U18. He is 26 years old this year.

Gao Bo suddenly remembered that before this game, some Chelsea director called him and asked him to arrange for a player to play. However, Gao Bo obviously ignored this kind of back door. .

   "That's it, thank you, Haruko."

   "'re welcome..."

   Haruko blushed.

   Gao Bo quietly glanced at Haruko’s bulging chest in his sportswear, and hurriedly took it back. He is Haruko’s boss now. If someone else finds out about his nasty nasty, how will this team bring it in the future...

With this distraction of Gao Bo, Roshan seized the opportunity to break free from Gao Bo's hands. He took a few breaths and yelled in anger, "You are dead!! Yellow-skinned monkey!! You are dead!" Do you know who I am!!! Do you know who my father is!!!..."

   However, this time the Chelsea director also did not finish.

   Gao Bo, who had turned his back to him, turned around and pinched one hand on Kent's neck. Then, with everyone stunned, Gao Bo dragged the Roshan out of the locker room like a dead duck, and kicked the door up again.

   "Who is George?!" Gao Bo, who was panting because he dragged a few hundred kilograms of weight, supported the wall and asked.

   "The kid who just joined the U18 a month ago did not make the big list in this game." Assistant coach Wrights admired Gao Bo said.

"Oh... That's good." Gao Bo clapped his hands. Even if George was on the roster in this game, he would never get the chance to play. He used off-court factors to interfere with the head coach's decision. This is absolutely evil!

Gao Bo sorted out his somewhat messy black suit, changed his clothes and smiled, turned around and smiled at the dumbfounded players: "Okay guys, you performed well in the first half. I am proud of you... ."

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