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The former top engineering student Wei San transmigrated into an interstellar child who was deprived of education. By picking up garbage and turning waste into treasure, she finally saved a sum of money before the opening season of school and immediately signed up.

She planned to become a Mecha Engineer in the future. It was said that it can make a lot of money and was closely related to her own original specialization. Plan pass √

Unexpectedly, because of her greed for cheap tuition fees, Wei San reported to the wrong major and became a mecha individual soldier——those violent maniacs who licks blood all day

Wei·Gentle & Quiet·Impoverished·Engineer: “……”

However, the environment could not make her give in, and Wei San decided to learn by herself in her spare time.

During the training period of a certain competition, the media interviewed and photographed the individual soldiers of each school in turn, which was broadcast live on the whole interstellar network. The audience could see that everyone was training desperately, such as gravity pressurization, close combat, long-distance entanglement and so on.

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Short Title:SAPPS
Alternate Title:砸锅卖铁去上学
Weekly Rank:#744
Monthly Rank:#725
All Time Rank:#1456
Tags:Academy, Carefree Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Engineer, Female Protagonist, Friendship, Futuristic Setting, Hard-Working Protagonist, Lack of Common Sense, Military, Money Grubber, Orphans, Poor Protagonist, Shameless Protagonist, Transmigration,
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  1. Guys, you should try reading this one 暴力输出女配, from the same author of the novel Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School. 暴力输出女配 gave me the same vibe as the novel Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School. At first I thought the novel was just about martial arts masters, it wasn't until chapter 100 that the MC and his friends started studying at the least famous academy, and around chapter 130 they started getting sent to study at the biggest and best central academy in Tiandu. I thought there would be a battle between academies like the one in Smash All Pots and Pans To Go to School, except that FL met ML earlier than the other friends and they joined a group and ML followed FL to enter the same academy. Only there is no comedy here. Here's the link to the novel https://www.52shuku.vip/yanqing/pm/h2fV.html

  2. It’s impossible a novel has 5 stars with over 20 reviews. This is beyond a miracle and thank god it came out long ago where reviews weren’t literal bots that spam 5 or 1 star in the first 2 seconds of the novels release

  3. I recommend this novel to read.https://m.shubaow.net/276/276995/ 👍💯😁 Novel ini bukan tentang zombie melainkan tanaman mutan, plot nya cukup menarik. Ingat, Jangan ragu-ragu ataupun kecewa diawal, jangan berhenti ditengah, tetap lanjutkan. Kalian akan paham nantinya. Penulis akan mengajarkan kalian tentang agronomi, hortikultura, genus tanaman, jamur, dan lain-lain. Tetap ada komedi di novel ini tetapi mungkin tidak sebanyak seperti novel diatas, lebih banyak pertempuran yang menegangkan. Tingkat romance antara Mc dan Ml sama seperti novel diatas, tidak banyak, tapi tetap seru. Ml yang pertama kali menyadari perasaannya, lalu Mc yang pada awalnya hanya merasa aman dengan Ml tetapi Mc akan menyadari perasaannya dibagain mendekati akhir novel. Saya merekomendasikan novel ini untuk dibaca. Mc juga punya IQ dan beberapa keterampilan diri.

  4. Judul aslinya ini 第九农学基地/pangkalan agronomi kesembilan, link yg saya cantumin sebelumnya sepertinya udh gk bisa lagi, jadi kamu search aja pake nama judul yang asli jangan yg indo. Oh, ada satu lagi yg baru-baru ini aku selesai baca dari author yg sama juga, judulnya 不要乱碰瓷/jangan sentuh porselen. Klo yg ini roman antara ml sama fl nya sering ada cuma sama-sama pada gk inget dan gk sadar aja tapi bagian action nya tetep oke gk ngaruh sama sekali. Pokoknya yg suka novel pertarungan or action plus roman dikit banyak 3 novel ini wajib dicoba. Walaupun sebenarnya di bagian orientasi sama awal-awal novel kesannya biasa aja gk terlalu bikin aku tertarik,tapi klo udh baca ke tengah-akhir selalu mikir "nih author bikin plot selalu gk ketebak dan beda dari yang lain" out of the box banget, penjelasannya juga detail, keren pokoknya.

  5. Asli sih 3 novel ini selalu aku lewatin awalnya karena ragu-ragu, aku milih yg lain yg orientasinya lebih menarik, tapi yg lain zonk yg 3 ini tuh emas berlapis lumpur, genre yg aku suka dan pengen banget. Authornya juga langka. Bisa-bisanya ketutup sama lumpur 😭, untung jiwa coba-coba aku, kesabaranku, dan pantang meneyerah sebelum selesai baca masih ada, klo nggak mungkin aku gk nemuin novel yg menuhin preferensi aku.

  6. It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future <- you can read this one. It's also interstellar genre with mechas and military academy. She will pretend to be a boy to get her father's inheritance etc. etc.

  7. Great novel really funny! Found the ending a little abrupt I really want to know what happened to MC and I wish there was a little more romance! Did the MC and ML get together I think they're honeymoon period would be cute and funny to read. Hoping for extras or a sequel!! 🤞🤞

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