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Simply put, this is a story of an independent Skynet Terminator who traveled to another continent to develop mechanical technology and fight against indigenous cultivators. When the refining martial artist is facing the mechanical body; when the qi is released against the plasma energy cannon; when the guardian array is facing the strong magnetic shield…Who is strong and who is weak? mechanical! mechanical! This is a brand new mechanical era…

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Short Title:SIAW
Alternate Title:天网终结者在异世界
Author:Snow Fairy
Weekly Rank:#4449
Monthly Rank:#3955
All Time Rank:#4717
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Genderless Protagonist, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Magical Technology, Xianxia,
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  1. I created an account just to help byou guys read raw version without the inti theft chapters annoying you, so you better appreciate this and pass this good deed forward. 1)Get the title and put it on Google translate English to Chinese. 2) copy the Chinese translated characters and paste on the search engine. You will see all chinese, so you better have that Google translate updated. Now, i didn't search for too long but what i found was even other chinese websites has this anti theft problem BUT I FOUND a website where i can read the Raws of this novel WITHOUT the annoying anti theft pages. M.biquni.com Please keep in mind there are some pop ups but shouldn't be too much of a problem, using the method i told you you could search other websites to your liking. Pass the deed forward, other people could use your help someday.

  2. You don't need to do something that complicated... trying to translate the name into Chinese often goes wrong, plus in "details" it has the correct alternative title in Chinese.

  3. What's this? why almost all chapter became like this ? Are the administration not check them again after upload the chapters?

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