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Skeleton’s Training Manual

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Lu Wuyi opened his eyes and realized that the world had changed.

The world in front of him had no splendid magic, nor had it developed to the extreme.

Yes, there are only summoners who contract to summon monsters.

And he happened to be such a summoner, although he was not a professional yet, although his initial summoner was a bit scumbag.

But it doesn’t matter, because he is carrying a hanger!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:STM
Alternate Title:开局召唤一只小骷髅
Weekly Rank:#1998
Monthly Rank:#1991
All Time Rank:#1509
Tags:Battle Competition, Beast Companions, Charismatic Protagonist, Comedic Undertone, Game Elements, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Revenge, System Administrator,
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11 Comments on “Skeleton’s Training Manual
  1. That's just some guy messing with the tags. The Tags can be edited by anyone. It made me hesitate too when I first came across it. Then I realised someone is deliberately changing tags. There is no Tag such as Manly Gay couple.

  2. Tidak ada harem(setidaknya 100 chapter kebawah).mempunyai teman masa kecil yang gendut(kamu pasti tahu bagaimana akhirnya). Gold finger tipe pembaca/smart.tidak ada tamparan wajah(walaupun ada, saya tidak terlalu memperhatikannya).komedi dalam narasi(kupikir cukup lucu).plot cerita agak unik(maksudku cara menulis narasinya)

  3. A 20 yo typical city male Protagonist. Blockhead. Tunnel-sight. Big dreams. Emotionally challenged. Inherited the "gold Finger" analytical system that can read summon creatures details @ Touch range. Also, inherited the body and memories of a lazy rebellious rascal. And the world weakest summon - a stunted skeleton. Let's see how he lazily yet stubbornly stumbles about in this new world he transmigrated into.

  4. I almost thought you were criticizing the novel on the first half. And half of what you said can make people misunderstand and think think is just typical monster trainning novel. The golden finger isn't that cheat. It only reward mc for how much he work hard. And the best part about this novel is character interactions that are so vivid and realistic. I'd recommend that this is a good novel from what I've read so far.

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