Chapter 690 Vicissitudes of life, things and people have changed (finale)


People who went shopping outside came back one after another, and Qin Jingru and Qin Jingmeng also came back.

Chen Xiaoxu has been hiding in Zhang Li's room and dare not face Jiang Ping'an, because she is very afraid of him.

The courtyard became lively. Chen Xiaoxu saw groups of people through the window and became even more nervous.

These people are either Jiang Ping'an's women or his children.

 This matter is not something that an outsider like her can know.

The more she thought about it, the more nervous she became, and the more she thought about it, the more scared she became.

 At this time Zhang Lei came over.

Chen Xiaoxu glanced at her and found that she had a rosy complexion and had put on a new set of fashionable clothes.

"You...I..." Chen Xiaoxu hesitated, not knowing what to say.

She is not like this usually. She is always talkative and has endless things to say, but now she is so nervous that she has nothing to say.

 Zhang Lei smiled and said, "No, it's mine."

“I don’t regret coming to him, but I still ask you to keep it a secret.”

With that said, he took Chen Xiaoxu to the kang and sat down to talk.

“He asked you to come over and warn me?” Chen Xiaoxu asked worriedly.

Zhang Lei shook his head and said: "No, for a person like him, even if you go out and talk nonsense, it won't help."

"After all, he and his woman are both willing to do it, and they are not seeking public benefit for personal gain, so it will not affect him."

Chen Xiaoxu took a deep breath, nodded and said: "That's true. I'm really talking nonsense, but I still want others to believe it!"

 After a pause, she glanced at Zhang Lei a few times and asked in a low voice, "What do you think? What are you planning on?"

“Because he’s handsome and because he’s capable, isn’t that what we women want?” Zhang Lei said with a smile.

Chen Xiaoxu pursed her lips and said, "Isn't that too unfair?"

“If you really want to start a family, wouldn’t it be good to find someone to marry and live a stable life?”

 Zhang Lei said meaningfully: "You don't understand..."


 Early morning.

 In bed, Chen Xiaoxu's tears were still wet, and her face was full of grievances.

"You did it on purpose. You knew I didn't dare to speak out, so you bullied me." She said resentfully.

Jiang Ping'an: "Misunderstanding, how did I know that Zhang Li arranged you to the rainwater room?"

"You also know that I drank a lot last night and came here in a daze."

“She said she was afraid that you would find her at night, so she arranged for me to come here.” Chen Xiaoxu said, wiping away tears.

“I didn’t expect that even though I was hiding here and there, I still couldn’t escape you, are so bad...”

Jiang Ping'an held her in his arms and said softly: "Don't cry, it's already like this, what else can I do?"

  "Follow me obediently from now on. I won't let you be wronged. Does it still hurt?"

“I feel aggrieved right now. After applying the medicine, it doesn’t hurt much anymore.” Chen Xiaoxu pouted and said.

Jiang Pingan laughed, pecked her little mouth, and said:

 “That’s okay, come over with Zhang Li and the others later, and you’ll have company together.”

“Bah! I think you are doing it on purpose, why don’t you admit it?” Chen Xiaoxu raised the corner of his mouth slightly and gave him a gentle punch.

Jiang Ping'an nodded and smiled: "Yes, yes, I did mean it. Sister Lin, are you willing to forgive me?"

"I'm not your sister Lin. Call me Xiaoxu. You are not allowed to have random thoughts." Chen Xiaoxu gritted his teeth and said.

As she spoke, she hugged him again, smiled, and whispered, "You smell so good."

“Hehe, I really didn’t notice it, even though you are thin...” Jiang Ping’an chuckled.

Before he finished speaking, Chen Xiaoxu interrupted with a blushing face: "Don't laugh at me, I'm giving you an advantage!"


 Ten years later.

Jiang Ping'an has many descendants.

 Most of the children are married and have families and businesses, and the family business has operations all over the world.

Despite this, Jiang Ping'an's family is very low-key, making money quietly, and has a growing foundation.

There are also some children who are willing to work within the system, and they have been promoted one after another.

 And through various situations such as marriage, we have created an invisible network of interests.

 A few years later, after entering the new century, Jiang Ping'an's family's career officially entered the fast lane.

Jiang Ping'an also retired and only held the title of consultant in the central committee, but he was still able to provide advice and suggestions.


Jiang Ping'an clasped his hands behind his back and looked at the familiar yard. Decades of life experiences flashed through his mind one by one.

 He looks to be in his mid-thirties, but still looks young.

 Tall and straight figure, excellent temperament, not angry and self-assured, has been in a high position for a long time, and has a strong aura.

There were people standing behind him, all of whom used to live in the courtyard.

Today is Jiang Ping'an's birthday, so Yi Zhonghai, Liu Haizhong, and Yan Bugui asked for instructions and said they wanted to come back and have a look.

They are all old. If they don’t even take a look, they might leave one day.

  Front yard.

“This is Leader Jiang’s home, right across from mine.” Yan Bugui said to the junior with a smile on his face.

“When Leader Jiang first joined the steel rolling mill, he was assigned to our courtyard, and I took the whole family to help with the cleaning.”

Jiang Ping'an turned around and smiled: "Don't be ridiculous, I gave you five cents, it doesn't count as help."

“Yes, yes, I paid you money, hehe...” Yan Bugui laughed.

"But you stayed at my house for three days in a row. If you really want to count, I still lose."

Everyone burst into laughter, especially many of the younger generation. They really didn’t know that Jiang Ping’an had such an interesting side.

Jiang Ping'an raised his eyebrows and said, "Who told you to take advantage of me? It's not easy to take advantage of me."

As he was talking, a group of people came to the middle courtyard.

“When it comes to me, I will live in this room.” Yi Zhonghai pointed to the room where he used to live.

“The one next door is Yushui’s house, the one opposite is Jia’s house, and the main house is the one with the pillars.”

“Don’t tell me, although the conditions were difficult at that time, the people were simple and neighbors often helped each other.”

“Just like Ping An, during those difficult years, I often saved corn noodles and gave them to him.”

Silly Zhu interjected: "I also gave him the rainwater's food, and then the rainwater ate mine."

“Fortunately, I worked in the canteen at that time and could often bring leftovers home, otherwise my life would be really difficult.”

 Yi Zhonghai said: "As I said, Ping An does not take advantage of the rain."

“In fact, he secretly ate those grains with rainwater and replaced them with fine grains.”

“If you really want to say it, Yu Yu was able to grow up happily and later went to university, all because of peace.”

He Daqing sighed: "There is no regret medicine in the world. If I had known this, how could I have gone to another place with the White Widow?"

 When he first left the capital, his salary was not low, and he could often earn extra money, but it was a pity that it was all at a disadvantage to the White Widow.

“What’s the point of saying this?” Yi Zhonghai waved his hand and said.

Looking around, he sighed: "We are all old, things have changed and many people are gone."

Aunt Yi died of a heart attack, and within a year, Mrs. Jia and Zhang also died.

There are many familiar faces that have become a pile of dust.

 Come to the backyard.

Xu Damao pointed to a room lamely and said, "This is our Xu family's house."

He was accused of murdering Si Zhu. Si Zhu found out later and discredited him when he came out and broke his legs in an alley.

Xu Damao was already old, but because he was not rescued in time, he did not recover over the years and became lame.

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