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Siheyuan: The Final Winner

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Jiang Ping’an returned to the era of scarcity and lived in a courtyard full of animals. How should he survive?

As neighbors with Qin Jingru and Qin Huairu, and in the same village as Liang Ladi, what story will happen between them?

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Short Title:TFW
Alternate Title:四合院:最后的赢家
Author:Lord Prime Minister Cao
Weekly Rank:#198
Monthly Rank:#315
All Time Rank:#7391
Tags:Ancient China, cunning, Farm, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Magical Space, Male Protagonist, Netori, offical, Rebirth, Shameless Protagonist,
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14 Comments on “Siheyuan: The Final Winner
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  1. fizzo tersedia di ps Judul : Ordinary Person in the Middle of Chaos( Reality & Virtual) Genre : Fantasi , CountDown Apocalypse , System , Game , Action , Hewan Mutan , Pedang , PetPartner , Soul Sl*ve , Sedikit Dew*sa Note : Slow Plot. Apk : fizzo

  2. Man Mc is degenerate as fk. Forget about his womanising habit, the issue is who the fk keeps on borrowing money even though he can afford everything himself. Who in that day where people can't eat properly will lend this much money to a stranger. Shameless mv.

  3. Kenapa harus harem jadi alur cerita gampang ketebak genre harem pertanian gak ada otak ni penulis merusak saja .andai pun si mc gak punya sistem masih bisa pertanian apalagi dijaman mc tu harga tanah murah

  4. the story take place in the era of the great famine caused by Mao's policies and people's commune (communism system)___ the greatest famine and the most devastating manmade catastrophe___ doubt the author dare to address the real problem there, much less the cause___ and the cultural revolution : i can't really respect chinese people as long as they keep denying the truth of this tragedy.

  5. When you support a revolution like Libya you say the temporary pain and sacrifice is worthwhile but when a revolution is done to overthrow one of your puppet regimes it is reported as bloody and barbaric. Stop being a hypocrite and admit that this was a very successful revolution that has brought billions out of poverty. I am a British conservative, not a CCP licking dog, but I am not narrow minded enough to give credit where credit is due.

  6. it was indeed a very successful revolution. the purpose of that revolution was to take control over china by force, get rid everybody who disagree with mao, call it a revolution for goodness of china and to shut every chinese mouth from speaking the truth about it. the result is exactly as intended. quite successful, i never deny that (therefore your accusation is baseless and false)___ the revolution killed tens of millions people, even if you want to take it as freeing them from poverty, note that the poverty (actually it's famine and severe economic collapse, it's beyond poverty) was caused by mao himself which already killed tens of millions people before the revolution started___ the revolution also included cannibalism incidents that killed (ate) hundreds of thousands people. that's a straight up immoral, inhuman___ but, seriously tho. nobody gotten out of poverty by cultural revolution except ccp's licking dogs__ the goods (especially foods) were fully controlled by ccp for many years after the revolution until their economy stabilized. only ccp could eat to their full while people starving and at ccp's mercy. almost similar to every cn apocalypse scenario, the weak and hopeless people do anything (including selling themselves) just to get food ticket or a tiny piece of dried meat while ccp and the dogs abused their power. even the lowest dogs could easily threaten normal civilians into doing whatever they want___ and no chinese dare to fart half a fart about this.

  7. Study history well, Great leap forward and cultural revolution caused more poverty than it existed. Only after Deng Xiaoping came, the CCP and economy slowly started changing.In 1981, the Chinese Communist Party passed a resolution and declared that the Cultural Revolution was "responsible for the most severe setback and the heaviest losses suffered by the Party, the country, and the people since the founding of the People's Republic."

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