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Sign in to the Heavenly Master Palace, the Downhill Is Invincible

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Traveling across other worlds, Xu Cheng became the little celestial master of the Heavenly Master Palace, the leader of the Taoist School in the world.

One of the seven semi-sages in the world, the ancestor of the heavenly master, the ancestor of the palace is about to die, and Xu Cheng will become the executor after leaving behind before the retreat.

Originally thinking of completing the arrangement of the ancestors and having a small life, he did not expect to pass through the welfare outbreak, Xu Cheng activated the “super god sign-in system”.

Sign in at Liuyun Caolu and get rewards [Wuji Congenital Skills]!

Sign in at the main hall of the Tianshi Palace and get rewards [Tiangang Boxing Technique]!

Sign in at the library and get rewards [Bai Shou Tai Xuan Jing]!

Ten years later, the Patriarch’s arrangement was finally seen through, and the world’s righteous demons gathered in the Heavenly Master Palace for an explanation.

“What do you want to explain?”

Xu Cheng, who was disturbed by his practice, walked out from the back mountain with a cold face.

In an instant, the world changed color!

The strongest celestial master of the celestial master palace descends!

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Short Title:SIHMP
Alternate Title:签到天师宫,下山已无敌
Author:Shi Huanghou
Weekly Rank:#644
Monthly Rank:#828
All Time Rank:#1926
Tags:Alchemy, Cultivation, Kingdoms, Low-key Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System,
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22 Comments on “Sign in to the Heavenly Master Palace, the Downhill Is Invincible
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  1. They mostly have changed the author because after this novel became "you pervert" and blushes at every turn instead of advancement of the plot After hundreds years of cultivation the mc become the protagonist of japanese typical harem

  2. I'm only on chapter 77 but I have no idea who's a friend, enemy, or what's the plot? This is, even more, plainer than Buddha Palm!! I'll read this once a few hundred chapters come out.

  3. He is trying to be low-key and not show streng but is all over the place xD like is OK if you wanna be lowkey but at least try not to stand on the front and pretend like you are fearless if you are not going to make a move. Am on chp 51 and the Mc doesn't even have a goal or motive he just do things out off boredom. Also he has lvl 9 quasi sagues subordinate and if he shows them most of the unnecessary bs could be avoided around chp 40-50 or further on because everyone pretty much fears his grandfather who is at their lvl and act because they think he is dead so showing a little bit of streng could solve many unnecessary problems. Also one thing is to strengthen your close friends and family but this guy even give streng to people who wants to kill him

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