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Wang Yi was reborn into a world that swallowed the starry sky. After eighteen years of ordinary and extraordinary, he finally met the conditions on the eve of graduation from high school, activated his own golden finger, and signed in for the first time.

[Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully signing in, signing in for the first time, and signing in to the earth, special rewards will be given to reward the first karma of the Nine Tribulations Secret Code! 】

[Your genetic level has increased three times! 】


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Short Title:SITBG
Alternate Title:吞噬星空之签到成神
Author:Boss Styx
Weekly Rank:#303
Monthly Rank:#169
All Time Rank:#545
Tags:Apocalypse, Beasts, Cheats, Early Romance, Fanfiction, Fast Cultivation, Future Civilization, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Modern Day, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Poor Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Rebirthed Protagonist, Sign-In/Check-In, Slaves, Super Technology, System, Threesome, Transmigration, Wars, Weak to Strong,
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73 Comments on “Sign In To Become a God
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  1. It's stupid, the author is bootlicker of Luo feng, seriously I don't understand why should wang yi help luo feng so much, is he wang yi's son or brother??? Totally pissed me off.. A** licker wang yi.... MF... You should better stop writing this novel if you don't stop ass licking the original protagonist of swallowed star Luo feng.

  2. 98/100, es bastante buena la novela con su forma de desarrollarse, el MC usa todo lo que puede en ventajas para mejorarse y tener autoconfianza en caminar en su camino de fuerza, su dearrollo de esposa e hijos es muy buena y nada de problemas en sima solo un desarrollo facil de entender, es una lastima que son pocos capitulos, no es hipocrita el MC al hora de matar enemigos ya que cual quiera que toque su linea de fondo morira si puede si no esperara hacerse mas fuerte y lo matara. es tanto bueno como malo, bueno para el desarrollo de la raza humana en lo mas que pueda, malo para sus enemigos ya que no deja desarrollarlos en ninguna forma. Recomendada. PDT.. casi no tiene racismo solo un poco de mención o casi nada igual poco de nacionalismo la novela casi no lo menciona.

  3. 98/100.The novel is quite good with its way of developing, the MC uses everything he can in advantages to improve himself and have self-confidence in walking on his path of strength, his development as a wife and children is very good and no problems in the only one development easy to understand, it is a pity that there are few chapters, the MC is not hypocritical when it comes to killing enemies since anyone who touches his bottom line will die if he can if he does not hope to get stronger and kill him. it is both good and bad, good for the development of the human race as much as it can, bad for its enemies since it does not allow them to develop in any way. Recommended. PDT .. it has almost no racism only a little mention or almost nothing equal little nationalism the novel almost does not mention it.

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